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The siege from within…

For days I've been talking about the developments around Turkey, and what kind of dramatic results they would create for our country in the near future. I don't know how effective this was, how many people could become aware, and if the security circ... more

You'll understand when the map of Turkey changes...

Turkey has the right to establish a "security zone" on the other side of the border. In line with international law, it is entitled to this based on the justification that it faces numerous threats. This right cannot be questioned by anyone. It also ... more

The danger is colossal, do you realize it?

The other day, extremely disturbing news spread regarding Egypt . It was alleged that the “Muslim Brotherhood was calling people for an insurrection, and that they would launch an armed insurgency.” All of a sudden, everyone accepted this and civil w... more

Organization-states: Is ISIL moving to East Turkestan?

Organizations in our region are like “Trojan Horses". This was always the case. But in the past few years, the issue grew into something much more different. Organizations were moved way beyond the limits of the scope of organizations. They acquired ... more

ISIL Islamism, HDP Kurdism and mobilization for Turkey…

Critiques towards Israel's policies used to be labelled as anti-Semitism accusations. Now, the desire is to label any questioning of PYD's ethnic cleansing programs in Northern Syria and HDP's parallel position within Turkey as “Kurdish enmity". The... more

The Kobani attack, that zone, Aydın Doğan-PKK alliance…

ISIL forces roll into Kobani with a convoy and carry out a number of attacks. An unbelievable campaign starts afterwards. An example of flagrancy, which goes beyond the borders of the country, is exhibited by the “Terrorist Turkey" hashtag. The Kurdi... more

What does Aydın Doğan have to do with the Kurdish Zone!

What kind of business is this? The Syrian wing of the PKK, the PYD, is carrying out ethnic cleansing to the core. It is changing the demography. It burns villages, and is emptying out towns and cities. In a way, it conducts deportation and ethnic cle... more

The identity war was served into Turkey on June 7…

A project is carried out just south of Turkey, to cut its connection with Syria, the Arab/Muslim world, and all of the countries to its south, to suffocate it, and to close its main opening map of the past decade onto itself. The intense agenda bef... more

Children of Abel, resist!

The global invasion front won in Egypt. The “hit men” of the U.S. and Europe won. Because each coup initiator in this geographical area is a hit man of the West. Democracy, freedom and human dignity lost. The Egyptian people's pursuit of freedom, hon... more

The plan to destroy Turkey: Military intervention is a must

The flood of Turkmen and Arab people piling up at the zero point of our borders, forcing the wire fences and trying to seek refuge in Turkey is not only an indicator of a humanitarian tragedy. Tomorrow this flood will perhaps pour hundreds of thousan... more

There is a 'Sisi Coalition' plan for Turkey

There is a willpower that turns the most extreme, sharpest political and ideological circles into a single front against AK Party. This willpower, which corrodes the identities and makes them vague, implemented a splendid project against Turkey's end... more

AK Party came in first again; why are you rejoicing?

Don't be sad; don't grieve; don't despair; don't consider these results a fiasco. This party, which had been the rulership for the past 13 years, once again became the winning party of Turkey in yesterday's elections. They received votes over 40% and... more


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