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There is a 'Sisi Coalition' plan for Turkey

There is a willpower that turns the most extreme, sharpest political and ideological circles into a single front against AK Party. This willpower, which corrodes the identities and makes them vague, implemented a splendid project against Turkey's end... more

AK Party came in first again; why are you rejoicing?

Don't be sad; don't grieve; don't despair; don't consider these results a fiasco. This party, which had been the rulership for the past 13 years, once again became the winning party of Turkey in yesterday's elections. They received votes over 40% and... more

This is what you are about Merkel!

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany has signed a deal with Egypt's junta leader worth eight billion Euros. She sold all values such as democracy and freedom, -which they had been marketing to the world for the past five decades- to a Siemens ten... more

100-year-long patience, last flag, last hope!...

Turkey is the last independently flying flag in the region we live in. Do not let this flag fall again. If it falls, the nation will fall, the country will fall, all the oppressed will fall, history will go back to its old state, the opportunity we h... more

You, traitors of the country, who judges you?

By saying Turkey “assisted the Turkmens", they caused great consternation.They complained about Turkey to the U.S. and Europe.They derogated themselves as far as complaining about this country to terrorist organizations. By claiming that Turkey “supp... more

The new Selahaddin is Turkey

Why did they name the airport built in the southeastern Turkish district of Yüksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi? Why is Islamic discourse put forward in such a dominant manner against the Ba'athist discourse of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP)? Why is the... more

Come on, call NATO to duty

The June 7 elections have given shape to a rather intriguing front which we need to take seriously regarding our thoughts concerning Turkey's future. Opposition parties which have no concrete projects or emphasize a political discourse and perspectiv... more

'Feudal lords' turned into suicide bombers

Turkey is waging such an extraordinary political battle, that the struggle we refer to as the “Last Independence War” fixed to the June 7 elections will determine if our country will bring an end to its century-long painful history. The winner or the... more

The feudal era is over, Aydın Doğan…

You read about Aydın Doğan's whiny statement, which at the same time assumes the reader is gullible, and which disregards societal memory, portraying a patriotic image, purified of all past sins and which emphasized the rhetoric of the oppressed publ... more

The last War of Independence…

Military coups, coup attempts, a wave of terror, the attempt by organizations to replace states, civil conflicts, sect/identity-based divisions, and the intellectual terrorism which conducts the sale of these, as well as the death penalties announced... more

Those saying 'You will be tried' meant 'You will be killed!'

For months, we have been receiving countless amounts of insult, curse and threat messages. This is probably the case for everyone who stands against the December 17 coup attempt. We no longer care about such examples of worthlessness, rudeness and im... more

Davutoğlu confident of victory...

As the Yeni Şafak team, we were invited by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu as guests to watch his election rallies in Hatay and Mersin. We attended both rallies and had the chance to speak with people, and we also had a genuine talk with PM Davutoğlu ... more


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