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Iran Invades the Gulf, Iraq Invades Kuwait

While following President Erdoğan's Kuwait visit, I kept thinking about the security problems Kuwait and the Gulf countries will be facing in the upcoming few years. For instance, I was beset with the concern of whether the Kuwait invasion in Aug. 19... more

President Erdoğan should pay attention to this call

In my Friday piece titled, 'Urgent call for a peace model before tanks attack the Kaaba,' I presented a suggestion. Actually, it wasn't a suggestion, but a call. It was a warning about a disaster picture we are going to witness, be obliged to face, o... more

Urgent call for a peace model before tanks attack the Kaaba

Not long - only four or five years – ago, I had expressed the urgency of establishing two major structures under the names Istanbul Crisis Center and Istanbul Peace Center. I had made calls regarding this matter. The state of affairs in the region an... more

You are afraid!

They are attacking from all sides: They are striking through terrorism. They are striking through the economy. They are striking through sects. They are striking by insulting values. They are trying to strike through civil war scenarios. They are sub... more

Iran's 'Crusades' and the new Mecca War...

There are news disclosed concerning the endeavour to form some sort of a Sunni Bloc between Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, that there are discussions in this regard, that these powers will begin an operation in Syria after the military operation in ... more

Which businessman made a deal with Menderes' pro-coup executors?

I believe, as Yeni Şafak, we have contributed greatly to revealing the dirty files of the history of the Republic. The Fethullah Gülen documents as well as the “poisoning documents" indicating the depth of the “Atatürk-İnönü fight" caused intense deb... more

The Turkey struggle: Why did you panic?

The goal was to halt Turkey's rising power. To cut its hands wherever it reaches, to bring down the bridges of goodwill, to erase each and every single trace of footsteps where it went, to assimilate the societies where it has imposed confidence in o... more

This is the antidote!

Today, Turkey will discuss the candidacy lists which will compose the new members of the Parliament. I am anticipating that the new members, who will bring a breath of fresh air to politics, will carry on the accumulated knowledge and bring the impre... more

Fethullah Gülen's obscure world and secret relationships

The greatest obstacles blocking Turkey's escape from the hundred-year-long period of tutelage and re-establishing herself are the humps on her own back. These structures, which were prepared and formed over decades throughout the Republic's history, ... more


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