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“The Islamic civil war”

I know how dangerous this concept is and how destructive and abrasive it is to use this expression. I am aware that  spreading this concept may format our minds, making us become accustomed to the terrifying scenario of today.However, there is a grea... more

Cosmic Room secrets: Turkey won the first two great wars

What do those who exploit governmental power and infiltrate places, where the most confidential intelligence secrets, domestic and external plans, future designs and secret history of the state are preserved, look for? What could their goals be? What... more

Campaign to contain Turkey: We must set a new game

The Gezi Protests and the December 17 coup attempt were two major demolition plots devised by those trying to prevent the “2023 Re-establishment” project of Turkey from materializing. In one of these, they wanted to bring sectarian identities to the ... more

Imperial Iran and Saudi Arabia's Civil War!

I think the most troubled country of the region is not Iraq or Syria, but Saudi Arabia. A speedy containment policy and a destabilization strategy is being implemented, and each passing day, the extent of these is becoming more threatening.Iraq and S... more

Stopping Turkey would start an 'Islamic civil war'

The actual games against Turkey are played from within. Her hands are tied up from within. Her every single move oriented towards the exterior is blocked from within. The fundamental enemies of systematic transformation, economic take-off, foreign po... more

Culture terrorists

Ok, but say something.Present something concrete, visible, credible and useful.Create a project, thesis or expression rather than gossip. Create one so everyone can look after it, value it and argue over it.You had presented nothing over Twitter oppo... more

Turkey’s grand march, new generation statesmen

It seems like the June 7 elections will result in a great opportunity to become acquainted with the new political actors in Turkey, the reinvigoration of cadres, and the entering into the political fray of people with fresh ideas and capabilities.The... more

Süleyman Şah operation: Turkey counters plot

Turkey carried out an incredible military/intelligence operation Saturday night. A team consisting of members of the special forces and MIT (National Intelligence Organization) operatives launched an operation at 2300 that lasted around nine hours an... more

Difficult to subjugate Turkey…

Turkey can talk about being an independent country only when it manages to extract itself from the relationships of dependency it has with Western institutions and transform them into relationships that are equal and bilateral. Until now it has alway... more

ISIL might strike Turkey

ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) placed Jordanian pilot Muaz Kasasbeh in a cage and burned him alive. The world was left speechless in the face of such a display of barbarity. Jordanian King Abdullah was enraged and said, “We will attack t... more


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