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Difficult to subjugate Turkey…

Turkey can talk about being an independent country only when it manages to extract itself from the relationships of dependency it has with Western institutions and transform them into relationships that are equal and bilateral. Until now it has alway... more

ISIL might strike Turkey

ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) placed Jordanian pilot Muaz Kasasbeh in a cage and burned him alive. The world was left speechless in the face of such a display of barbarity. Jordanian King Abdullah was enraged and said, “We will attack t... more

The man who doesn’t tremble with fear!

If a political leader doesn’t care about becoming isolated in the eyes of global power centers, elites and the world in general, is capable of bravely voicing this indifference on every platform and furthermore voices issues that makes the power elit... more

Turkey-Iran war, 38 journalists threatened

If the attempts of Dec. 17 and Dec. 25, 2013 had succeeded, perhaps Turkey and Iran would now be involved in an increasingly destructive war! The Turkish public was being conditioned for a war against Iran as per Israel’s desire, and all hell would ... more

ISIL murder, Jordanian execution and globalized violence

Jordanian pilot Muaz Kasasbeh was brutally killed by ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), who placed him in a cage and set him on fire. For us who have been witnessing all kinds of murder in Iraq and its environs since 2003, this represented ... more

The ‘Syrianization’ of Yemen and Egypt…

A war of geography is being waged “by resorting to organizations” all the way from Nigeria to Afghanistan. This reality, to which not many are paying attention, is actually the most important pillar of a scenario for spreading chaos and destruction i... more

Kurdish-Arab war, Turkish-Iranian war

To what should we attribute ISIL’s expanding and intensifying its conflict against the Kurds? A lot of thought should be given to why an organization, which is growing in strength daily in Iraq and Syria despite withdrawing from Kobane after a long p... more

World map changes when Turkey spreads its wings

When Turkey spread its wings after the passage of a century, we saw that a very different geographical region opened up in front of us and that the map of the world was far wider than what we had been taught.When Turkey spread its wings, we saw that ... more

Iran’s coup in Yemen: what does it have to do with Turkey!

On the day that President Tayyip Erdoğan embarked on his trip to Africa, an Iranian coup, in every sense, was carried out in Yemen. The Shia Ansarullah Movement (Houthis), which is backed by Iran, took over the presidential palace and critical cities... more

Presidential system for New Turkey

Yesterday’s meeting of cabinet ministers held at the presidential palace in Beştepe is not the same thing as a president chairing a meeting of cabinet ministers during times of emergency. The chairing of the cabinet meeting by the president, who for ... more

A dirty alliance has been formed!

Apparently those who abuse the sanctities of Muslims have a lot of friends in this country! Apparently there are so many seemingly conservative people who are bosom buddies with them. Apparently these quarters are friends, not of Islam’s values, but ... more


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