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What does that photograph from Paris tell us!

The world stood by France in the wake of the Paris attacks. The highest-ranking officials of many countries, including Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, represented their nations by joining hundreds of thousands of people in a march and displayed a cle... more

Put aside your fraudulence and hypocrisy first…

The European public was shocked at the terrorist attack on employees of the Charlie Hebdo magazine, which was an attack on Muslims, Christians, Jews, and all that is sacred.But I doubt if it came as a shock to European governments, intelligence agenc... more

You will rejoice if bombs go off in Istanbul!

An anti-Turkey campaign is underway and in full swing. An evil campaign that looks like a joint operation is being carried out in an organized manner within Turkey, and in places such as the United States, European countries, the remotest regions of ... more

The nation’s men, the organization’s men

The battle being waged by the community against the state has taken on a completely different dimension, influenced by the personal ambitions of power held by some hungry wolves.(The community and parallel organization are terms used to refer to the ... more

The external parallel threat and the Red Book…

There is talk that during its final meeting of 2014, the National Security Council (MGK) decided to first declare the “parallel structure” an “internal threat” and then to conduct research on the extent to which it poses an “external threat.” Followi... more

Zekeriya Öz was about to get beaten up that day

Turkey has overcome a major trauma that began in the last days of 2013 and had an impact on 2014. For an entire year, the state, country and nation battled against an organization, which for the most part has its roots abroad, but with extensions tha... more

‘Agreement reached on Assad-less solution’

Nothing in the Middle East will be resolved and there will be no normalization until the Arab-Israeli problem is solved. This has been the case for 50 years now.The occupation of Iraq rocked all the foundations of the region. The country experienced ... more

Our palaces, lodges, weapons and pens…

Take a look at the geographical region and countries where once the Ottoman Empire ruled or held sway during the last years of its reign i.e. the years of World War I…From Iran to Yemen, Istanbul to Basra, Palestine to Syria; an intelligence war is b... more

Beware, a new dirty campaign is commencing!

A wave of hate and ugliness has been gaining in strength in recent days in places that range from Australia to the United States and from Germany to the Middle East’s Islamic countries.Schools are raided and children are murdered. Cafes are raided an... more

We failed to topple Erdoğan but we will topple Putin!

It is odd that the United States and Europe resort to the propaganda methods and discourse of extreme right groups when it comes to their intervention in the Middle East. They resorted to the spirit of the “crusades,” and furor reserved for racist gr... more

There is no such person as Fethullah Gülen!

Place wiretaps on the prime minister, president, chief of general staff, ministers, high-ranking bureaucrats, businesspersons, journalists and representatives of non-governmental organizations. Deliver the contents of these wiretaps to certain places... more

They are blackmailing Turkey

First they said “Turkey could be shunned, or even declared an enemy, due to its cooperation with Russia.”They mobilized in the immediate aftermath of the Dec. 14 operation and increased the dose of their anti-Turkey statements. They said “Turkey coul... more


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