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Kobane and Sykes-Picot: Who will draw the borders this time?

The sentence “the issue is not Kobane, it is Turkey” has enough clarity in itself to explain everything. The persistent emphasis placed on this sentence by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his complaint of “haven’t you been able to comprehend this ... more

Can the Peshmerga stop ISIL?

Kobane has become a war over a symbol. It has turned into a war of lies and propaganda despite being of little value in terms of military strategy or the fight over control in Syria.Public opinion about Kobane is being formed through the personal set... more

The Muslim Brotherhood Crescent and the Shia Crescent

The Nidaa Tounes party emerged on top in yesterday’s elections in Tunisia, which was the country where the Arab Spring first started and succeeded. The Ennahda Movement, that counts the legendary campaigner Rachid Ghannoushi as one of its founders, c... more

The flip-flopper of the South: the only solution is a safe zone

The man is trying to twist major States around his little finger. An organization brings its devious games to the complex Middle East equation and manages to gain the support of the Western world. Furthermore, it also manages to attract the support o... more

ISIL-PYD proxy war, northern Iraq-Mediterranean corridor

While the Kobane clashes pose a security test for Turkey, and regional conflict zones are shaped on the basis of the emotional sensitivities of the Kurds, we haven’t found the opportunity to ask ourselves “what lies behind all this.”We haven’t been a... more

Is ISIL just terrorism? Then what about the Kurd-Arab war?

The ISIL issue is not just about terrorism.It is not just terrorism or an organization in a narrow sense where the chaos is limited within the borders of Iraq and Syria.It might or not be wiped out but regardless it will leave a lasting impact on the... more

The ugliest form of violence is being brought into our homes…

It was popular to dwell on the thesis “why is there so much bloodshed in the realm of Islam” during the Cold War period. Muslim countries, which were turned into the frontlines of the competing global blocs, would be strengthened militarily while the... more

​Words that will have an impact on a century

The 21st century is one of settling accounts. It is a century of challenging and breaking away from the 19th century, marked by decline, and the 20th, marked by tutelage. It is a century to strive for freedom, resurrection, self awareness and being ... more

We know you very well! Your problem is not Kobane

Attempts are being made to turn the encirclement of Kobane (Ayn Al-Arab) by ISIL and the resulting YPG (Syrian Kurdish militias)-ISIL clashes into a settling of accounts with Turkey, rather than portraying it as a power struggle being carried out in ... more

What is ISIL? Is the organization a catalyst for regional war?

There is serious confusion regarding the ISIL matter all around the world, not only in Turkey. What is this organization, how did they become so strong in a short time and why can’t anybody stand against it?To be honest, this confusion includes our p... more

​The Safety Zone motion: boots on the ground in Mid East

Turkey is going through a radical change in terms of its Middle East policy. The strategy which confined the problems to its landscape and ousted Turkey to the best of its capacity is now changing. Until now, Turkey has always preferred to stay polit... more

​That logo, power and mental revolution

Turkey has changed its logo “Made in Turkey” which has been used for 64 years. Turkey transformed the logo “Turkey” into its national trademark, which was conceptualized with the slogan “Discover the Potential” and embellished with Anatolian motifs i... more


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