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Here is the new Turkey

Turkey has recently implemented one of its most serious intelligence operations in its history. Whether it was accomplished with arms or without arms, with negotiations or without negotiations or with an intermediary person or not, no matter how it w... more

A ‘founder’ and a great cause in TÜSİAD

We are not making any epic show when we say a new Turkey is being founded. We are not talking in vain when we say “World War I has just ended” and that a great chance awaits Turkey for breaking this century-old tutelage at this historical momentum wh... more

Worthless people

Solely following the US and British media gives you enough of an idea to realize the type of an operation currently being conducted against Turkey.In fact, you really don''t need to expend much effort for this. Just following four media outlets and ... more

3rd Iraq War and Sending ISIL to Hell!

In my previous article, I had said; ''Don''t request soldiers from Turkey. Use the soldiers belonging to the Baghdad administration and the military units of the Northern Iraq administration as a land force. However, even if you do this, the land ope... more

ISIL trap for Turkey…

Is there a trap being set up against Turkey via a joint operation on ISIL? There is a serious situation present and Turkish public opinion is being forced to some certain things. What kind of a relation is there between the ones who planned the hosta... more

The new tender for the "parallel" organizations

Does serving up the news reports incessantly on how Germany and USA wiretapped Turkey target sabotaging the operations against the parallel organization?In what way do some figures interfere with Turkey through these news reports? This issue does no... more

A mobilization call for the "New Turkey"

The change, which can slightly open the doors to serious political crises, faction conflicts and new political pursuits that are connected to resentments and disappointments in normal times, was carried out successfully in a single day.The Ruling Par... more

The final great assault!

The traditional political expression had come to an end in Turkey… The period of coming into power by means of the past"s habits, rage and personal accounts. And with it, the political language, the political identities and characteristics had come t... more

Prime Minister Davutoğlu and Turkey Revolution…

New Turkey is not a slogan.It"s not a party expression or a political show.New Turkey is a project. This is the re-designing and re-establishing of Turkey after a century.New Turkey is the declaration of the end of the World War I and the constructio... more

Who gave the wiretap recording to the commander?

The confession of Colonel Zeki Üçok, the retired military prosecutor, was published in the Star news. The fact, that Üçok was detained by the police and spent four years in prison on charges of the sledgehammer case and the fake certificate of disabi... more

Then who is the partner of the German Intelligence in Turkey?

The first detection that I made, when the wiretapping scandals in Turkey were revealed, was this: The Turkey leg of the NSA (U.S. National Security Agency), which causes great rumble worldwide, had been deciphered.Likewise, the details of the wiret... more

Erdoğan, the new PM and two big struggles…

Erdogan has two essential objectives during his Presidency. Since I''ve heard these two matters directly from him, I can relay them contentedly:Completing the Resolution Process and fighting with the Parallel Structure that had carried out the recent... more

Who will be the Prime Minister!

For the past 12 years, Turkey had met political power, economic prosperity and communal stability. From the "we are nothing" pessimism, we had reached a splendid self-confidence and comfort. The discriminative, dismissive and humiliating tone of the ... more


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