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Take this man away from here already!

We were supposing that we got over the ''Custom-made Presidency'' era. We were thinking that the custom-made establishment era had passed.We were saying that ''Project names'' had no ''response in the society of Turkey'' anymore.We believed that the ... more

"Custom-made President" candidate Ekmeleddin is a project…

Sometimes you need to ask the questions openly…Does this hostage situation of Turkish citizens in Iraq have any relevance to the internal political developments, especially the Presidential elections?Does ISIL"s "Caliphate State" declaration and the ... more

The name of the new front: Turkish-Kurdish-Sunni

An organization, which suddenly appeared out of nowhere, is forcing the Iraqi army to lay down their weapons and taking control of cities one by one. They are insistently targeting oil-gas regions, pipeline routes and taking every region they can rea... more

As Iraq is divided into three, the maps will change…

Two questions exist: Will Iraq be divided into three? Will ISIL attack Turkey?There are tens of questions that are still developing. If Iraq is divided, will Syria be divided as well? How will of all these reflect on Turkey? In which direction will t... more

Fear of Turkey

A hundred years ago, they tried to push us out of Anatolia. This didn''t happen, they couldn''t succeed, we did not leave, and we fought back. For this reason, they have confined us to Anatolia and have broken our connections to the region throughout... more

Sunni uprising and sectarian war

Just as Al-Qaida had blinded us in the matter of comprehending the global operations on the Muslim generation, ISIL discourse had also blinded us in the sense of comprehending what"s been happening in Iraq. Sadly, the Turkish media have been drawing ... more

It"s not ISIL, it"s the new "Sunni Arabic State" project…

Not only Turkey, but also the world is confused on the subject of ISIL. But I don"t think no one approached this incident as shallowly as the Turkish media did.We are experiencing a "specialist terror", which, is unable to exceed the Al-Qaida, terror... more

Iraq and Syria to be divided

Why did I speak so certain? Turkey"s southern region went under a large-scale of instability. Since 2003 the unsteady situation has gradually spread to all of this regional belt and detailed information in publications on divided land maps are occurr... more

Stand firm and don"t be scared

We don"t envy anyone anymore. We don"t covet their acts. We don"t desire what they possess.We don"t feel desperate when we see their so-called attempts to mark a period. We don"t get upset because of that. We don"t feel sorry for our country or peopl... more

If Erdogan falls, Turkey will fall

Everything they touch turns to ashes. An infertileness, a bad luck surrounds everywhere.Everything they design, think and pass through their minds, damages the country and the people, make them suffer and brings forth anger and rage.It drives them cr... more

There are serious evidences!

As though my code name was Hasan.As if I"m a "spy of Iran". As if I was meeting with Iranian spies in Turkey. In the case file it says; "Ibrahim Karagül is the journalist named Mustafa Karagül". It"s said that I"m a "Traitor".An institution or a foun... more

They have bluntly betrayed Turkey

On February 24, 2014, when we published a list of names of thousands of people who were wiretapped in Turkey, it had a groundbreaking echo. Turkey then realized that the raids on December 17 and 25 were actually a coup attempt through our media repor... more

Tailored terror and the German impact

What has been happening for the few last days in Okmeydani is simply due to the fact that it is a ''tailored'' terror. These events are a part of the problem that builds up a plan against the national security in Turkey. After the resolution process ... more


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