Are the Peshmerga going to protect our border? Are Saudi-UAE troops going to protect it? Is this the new Kobane scenario? Forget it, especially ahead of the elections!

As soon as Turkey gave the signal for the operation east of the Euphrates River in Syria, things started heating up. The overt and covert supporters of the "terror corridor" are in a frenzy. Unbelievable stalling tactics and all sorts of proposals and promises have been flying around.

Those trying to build a "Turkey front" from the U.S. to Israel, from Europe to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, are trying everything to weaken efforts. The organizations under their control are being activated, and the influence groups under their control are being released on the ground.

The "stall, postpone and buy time" plan, which is the sole field they have been investing in since the start of the corridor project, is only recently being formatted and revised with suggestions. All of their plans are built on stopping Turkey to leave it defenseless. Some groups in the country have already taken position with this aim.

Why the Patriot missiles now? What is all this so-called cordiality about?

The U.S. is suddenly approving the sale of the Patriot missiles, presenting information and developments that will please Turkey with respect to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), talking about "Turkey's security," and making statements such as, "We are in a conjunctural cooperation with the PYD [Democratic Union Party], it is temporary."

There are groups inside the country that are promoting these sort of statements, discourses and information. They are mostly working on taking President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's discourse regarding the operation east of the Euphrates off the agenda. They are trying to abate it, weaken it and make it ineffective. U.S. attempts, the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)-affiliated PYD's covert agenda, and the position taken by these groups complement one another; it is now obvious that they are part of the same plan.

What do Peshmerga and Arab forces mean? They are all running to the PKK's aid

One development that is the most extreme and biggest trap set against this country is the claim that Peshmerga and Arab forces will be positioned along the entire Turkey-Syria border. Arab forces refer to nothing other than the project the U.S. is implementing together with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In other words, they are going to position a new anti-Turkey structure on our borders, alongside the PKK.

Masoud Barzani's media outlet, BasNews, claimed that Turkey and the U.S. reached an agreement regarding the positioning of Peshmerga and Arab forces east of the Euphrates. This is exactly what the report says. Whatever that means!

If this is true, and if it is being promoted by certain groups in this way, it means that in our intervention aimed at the east of the Euphrates, a new front line composed of the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the PKK and Peshmerga will be established. This line is a new stage of preparations aimed at distracting Turkey and then striking it, rather than securing it. The revision of plans aimed at the completion of the corridor and convincing Turkey is sacrificing it for a new game.

Remember the Kobane trap! Peshmerga came with celebrations. What happened after that?

Such a plan is utterly unacceptable. A plan like this cannot be implemented in the country in any way. Turkey's operation preparations cannot be postponed in such a way, and this plan cannot be presented as legitimate for the security of our country.

Remember the Kobane (Ayn el Arab) incidents. When the PKK/PYD was in a deadlock against Daesh, it led to massive unrest in the country. Minds were taken hostage. Daesh was used to legitimize the PYD. Peshmerga fighters were deployed to the region through Turkish territory with celebrations. What happened after that? Where are the Peshmerga? Who has control over Kobane?

Are we going to be protected by Peshmerga forces! Are we going to be protected by Saudi-UAE troops!

The Kobane scenario was one of the worst evils committed against Turkey. Massacres took place in the country for this aim. When we opposed this back then, we were subject to intense pressures and reactions. Did those who make pressured us later say anything about Kobane? All together, they pushed Turkey into a quagmire and succeeded. If it was not for that incident, the terror corridor would not have been as successful.

Now, they are drawing up a new "Kobane scenario." They are trying to impose the new U.S. formula on Turkey, they are trying to take attention away from the transitivity between the PKK/PYD and the Peshmerga, and strengthen the kilometers-long front line on the south of our border in this way.

So are U.S. soldiers going to protect us now? Are Saudi Arabian troops going to protect us? Are we going to be protected by UAE troops? Are we going to be protected by the Peshmerga? Are all the mercenaries of this front going to protect us?

Turkey shot itself in the foot. Where are those who cried out the most those days?

Let us remember the Kobane incidents well. Turkey was tricked in Kobane. It shot itself in the foot. It paved the way for Turkey's siege with its own hands. Whoever cried out the most back then, whoever activated the public, whoever resorted to tears, whoever confused Ankara's political mind, those same groups would take action when Operation Euphrates Shield reached the PYD. And they did. After the Euphrates Shied and Afrin operations, when the matter came to the east, they took action all together.

Especially before the elections... They have lost their minds

It is now a fact that all that is happening in Syria and everything we are involved in is a part of the trap set against Turkey. Maps to divide the country have long been drawn; the kind of statelets that will be founded have been determined; the preparation period is over; and the implementation period has started. All this is the continuation of that plan.

Of course Turkey is not going to rise to the bait. Of course it is not going to fall for the Patriots. Of course it is not going to pave the way for the new scenario trying to be implemented in the country through Syria. Those who are playing out this scenario, especially ahead of the elections must have lost their minds!


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