Are they substituting you in place of the PKK? Don’t you dare come here, you will be disgraced! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Are they substituting you in place of the PKK? Don’t you dare come here, you will be disgraced!

A new “Panic Operation Plan” was planned in fear that Turkey will turn toward the east of the Euphrates after the Afrin operation. The U.S., U.K. and Israel are apparently going to form an “Arab Force” before Turkey turns toward there and place it in the region it plans as the terror zone. This time, it is going to substitute states in place of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), in place of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), and in place of Daesh.

A force comprised of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and United Arab Emirates (UAE) troops is going to be positioned in the region and thwart Turkey. We know the issue there is not terror, the plan being applied there is completely to close off Turkey’s southern gates, to stop our country, to corner it from the south. It has been designed as a hundreds-of-kilometers-long “front” for us. We know that this is the “front” Turkey severed with the Euphrates Shield and Afrin operation.

They want to break out an ‘Arab-Turk’ war

It appears the PKK, PYD and Daesh were insufficient that this time they are pitting the countries in the region against Turkey. They are trying to siege Turkey through them. This is the first step of a very huge and dangerous plan that will destroy the entire region.

This plan contains the bad intentions of those planning a kind of “Arab-Turk” war. This plan is one of the most serious steps of dividing the entire region into two as Arab and non-Arab Muslims. It is signaling a deep divide, a new polarization in the region.

Don’t do this, you will be supporting terrorism

I am calling out to these countries: They are going to substitute you in place of the PKK. They are now giving the roles they had given terrorist organizations to you. Say “no” to them!

If you abide by that plan, you are going to become countries that overtly support terrorism. You are going to be known as countries that stand behind the PKK and PYD. Even though we know you supported all attempts against Turkey, including July 15, we had never thought you would do it so openly.

If you take place in this project, you will be openly released on the ground against Turkey. From now on, you will be held responsible for all the terror attacks targeting our country. You are going to be accused of “establishing a front” against our country.

The plan to ‘stop Turkey’ is a trap for you

A strange wave of Arab nationalism has been formed through Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed. This is a British project. It is being applied by the hand of the U.S. and in accordance with Israel’s interests. They used to tell them, “Iran is a threat for you.” Now they are saying, “Turkey is a threat,” “We must stop Turkey.”

These countries wanting to send troops to northern Syria has nothing to do with Syria. Syria would not want them and Turkey would not want them. Only the U.S. and Israel do. Their intention is to siege Turkey. This is the issue. This plan has nothing to do with Iran. If, for example, the issue is Iran, they can go to Iraq, settle there, or at least go to northern Iraq. Why are they going to come north of Syria; there is no legitimate explanation for this.

Don’t you dare do it. They are releasing you on borders and taking your heart hostage

This will be the discourse: Positioning the “Arab Force against Terrorism” in the region. That is how they will promote it. Yet, all the terrorist organizations there are the U.S.’s allies; they personally declared this. So what will happen now? What will Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE say to Turkey? Are they going to say, “We are going to threaten you from your borders”? Then how, with which theory will we object to Iran sieging Saudi Arabia from Yemen?

Don’t you dare come here or send troops, do not try to strike Turkey through the U.S.-Israel, do not settle on our borders, and do not try to palm this off as a fight against terrorism. That force cannot remain there; you will not be able to hold your ground; the results will be extremely humiliating for you. Do not sacrifice the Arab nation as the U.S. and Israel’s hitmen, do not release them on the front against a Muslim community, a Muslim country. They are dragging you into an adventure. And while doing this, do you know what else they are doing? They are taking the heart, the center of the Arab people hostage.

You need Turkey. They are invading you from within

Just as your countries are turning into garrisons, while they are hosting foreign armies on these lands, leading them and showing them the way, your states are going to turn more into organizations, become their toys and their legitimacy is going to be questioned more blatantly.

Turkey is not a threat for you. You need Turkey. You may not understand this now, but in a few years, you are going to understand that fatal truth. Do not allow the Arab youth to be dragged from front to front by the U.S. and Israel.

They are invading you from within; what sense is there in keeping watch on the borders of the Arab world; they are pulling out your heart; you are ones they are actually trying to destroy. Turkey is not the one threatening you; the ones you stand with, they are invading you. What difference does it make if you form an army on the outside?!

Are we going to get Hajj visas from the U.S., the U.K. and Israel now!

If this goes on like this, the opinion that “Islam’s sacred sites are under threat” is going to spread through the entire Muslim world and an entirely different matter is going to gain prominence.

A while later, is the Muslim world going to have the U.S., U.K., Israel approve visas for Hajj visits? What is this? Do you have any idea the kind of upheaval this will lead to?

All the dirty work that was done there until now is going to be blamed on you. You are going to be seen as the boss of terrorist organizations like the PKK and PYD. You are going to be accused of financing terrorism, and using it against Turkey.

Zayed, were you the one who paid for the weapons, the armory in Afrin?

Were the underground labyrinths, those shelters, tunnels we saw in Afrin built with your money? Mohammed bin Zayed, was that tender given to you? What kind of war were you preparing for against Turkey? Were you the one who paid for weapons that would serve an entire army? Were you the one who built those concrete blockhouses, those armories with the U.S. and Israel’s instructions?

We went and saw them. Were you the one who built those underground storages, kilometers-long tunnels together with the U.S., built completely according to NATO standards and as a preparation for the state against state war?

These are grave accusations, and very harsh crimes.

What are you doing on Turkey’s border? Are you at war with this country? Who are you protecting against whom? Who are you assaulting against whom? Do you think we don’t know this has nothing to do with Iran? Those imposing an “Arab-Turk” war on you are making plans to destroy the entire region, don’t you understand? You do understand, we know, but you are intentionally leading a foreign invasion project.

You will be disgraced…

Salman and Zayed, you are in a very bad game. They are going to destroy this region by both your hands, this is now clear. You are going to be declared enemies of the region. If you want peace, if you are going to send troops to Gaza, do it, send them to the West Bank. Protect the people of Palestine, protect Palestine. Can you do this?

Whatever you do, do not come to that terror zone. Don’t you dare take position against Turkey. Don’t you dare assume the role as bosses of the PKK/PYD. Don’t you dare think you can carry on a war against Tukey through the U.S.’s mercenary companies, and by the hands of that mob of murderers.

You will be disgraced…


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