Are you preparing for another coup like July 15? You’re negotiating with those who destroyed the Ottoman Empire yesterday to crush Turkey today! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Are you preparing for another coup like July 15? You’re negotiating with those who destroyed the Ottoman Empire yesterday to crush Turkey today!

The events unfolding at Bosporus University are part of a plot, an arrangement that transcends a handful of students demonstrating. There is a deep structuring that extends beyond the Atlantic, to European capitals, to terrorist headquarters.

Do not see this solely as the alliance of opposition parties in Turkey. An intervention front has been built. Following the December 2013 and July 15 coup attempts, the current arrangement has been designed in “a different format.”

They took action after receiving the signal from U.S. President Joe Biden. The covert intention, plan, preparation turned into open action.

Who’s on the intervention front this time?

This front includes terrorist organizations such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP-C), members of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), which was behind the July 15 coup attempt, and political parties under the tutelage of these organizations. It further includes the Republican People’s Party (CHP), those who deserted from the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), and the “conservative Good Party (İP) figures” who left the Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

Armenia, the Greek-European alliance in the East Mediterranean, France in Libya, and the terror barons in Syria and Iraq are also on this front.

Most importantly, the Western bloc, which considers stopping “Turkey’s rise” as a priority, stands as the mastermind of all this.

Repetition of July 15. They will try again!

Such a vast front has one aim only: To topple President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and stop Turkey. The greater objective is to place Turkey under tutelage all over again, draw it into the influence domain, confine it within the borders of Anatolia and exert control over it.

This plan has not changed ever since we arrived in Anatolia. We have been putting up the same struggle for centuries. It is the 21st century, yet we are still forced to fight the greatest battle against this once again.

What is happening now is a preparation to accomplish what they failed to achieve on July 15, 2016. They are going to attack Turkey once again. When the time comes, we will see whether it will be like December 2013 or like July 2016, or whether they will try something different.

‘Conservative betrayal.’ They’re fighting against Turkey’s last millennium

After the Gezi Park events failed, left-wing marginal groups realized that they were not going to be able to succeed through slapdash arrangements or ethnic and sectarian provocations.

They immediately mobilized the FETÖ terror group. They thought that they could stop a conservative, Islamic and local government from returning Turkey to its historical claims and power basin through a “seemingly conservative” organization.

This was considered likely because FETÖ was powerful; it had infiltrated the state’s nervous system, and it was under the control of U.S./Israeli intelligence. It was the most convenient structure.

Thus, they took action through FETÖ.

They started with the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) crisis. They continued with the Dec. 17-25 intervention. When they saw that that plan was going south, they attacked directly on July 15. They were fighting Erdoğan. But their showdown was in fact with Turkey, with Turkey’s last millennium.

They negotiated with FETÖ to eliminate Erdoğan

They talked and negotiated ahead of the December 2013 intervention with all anti-Erdoğan political parties, leaders, and everybody who was cooperating with FETÖ despite being in the AK Party.

Their decision was that the state and the U.S. would eliminate Erdoğan. A new structure would be established and they would be the ones to do it. All plans and negotiations were based on this. Tasks were assigned. It was done. They would be taking over the government, while the U.S. would be taking over Turkey.

Those who went to Pennsylvania ahead of Dec. 17-25, all those who were involved in this negotiation are now also entwined in this new formation, this new intervention preparation. So, who are they?

The same figures have mobilized again

There is no need for a detailed intelligence operation to find out who is conducting negotiations with FETÖ against Erdoğan. Those who were once closest to Erdoğan are also among them.

Look at who stands where today; you can list them all one by one. It is now very easy to determine which leaders, which politicians are holding these meetings, who is founding parties based on who’s instructions, to which parties trustees are being appointed, and who is planning to take office post-Erdoğan.

The keeper of ‘records’ is most powerful

Who holds the records, the footage of all those meetings, talks, negotiations? I do not think the state has them. But FETÖ certainly has all of them.

What is FETÖ’s current relations with these people? That is determined by the keeper of these records.

Does FETÖ say to them: “We were going to eliminate Erdoğan and bring you to office, but we failed. Erdoğan, the state, Turkey eliminated us instead. But you are still in politics. We are diminishing. If I go down, I will take you down with me. I will expose those records”?

All four political leaders held the same negotiations

Or does it say: “We struck the coup de grace blow on July 15, but we failed. Turkey became even stronger. Since Biden has made his intentions clear, since he has given the signal and even the order, let us try together one more time. Otherwise, we will not be the only ones eliminated; you will be eliminated as well.”

Frankly, all four of Turkey’s major political parties, their current leaders, held negotiations with FETÖ prior to the December 2013 intervention. What is happening now is simply an attempt aimed at manifesting those negotiations a second time.

These political leaders and parties turning away from Turkey and its great goals, and instead taking position in accordance with U.S. interests, the open calls on Biden to “intervene in Turkey” are the result of this negotiation.

If you notice, when they last failed on July 15, most defected from the AK Party and took up the new positions they were assigned to.

Are they negotiating with those who destroyed Ottoman Empire in the past to destroy Turkey today?

They are negotiating with those who destroyed the Ottoman Empire. This time they are making deals to destroy Turkey.

Those who lost in Syria, in Libya and in Karabakh are only being revealed now. We had thought it was the PKK, Daesh and their bosses that faced defeat in Syria; France that faced defeat in Libya; and Armenia that faced defeat in Karabakh. We thought we were in a showdown with a multinational alliance in the Mediterranean. That was the case.

However, they were not the only ones defeated. Those among us, those in our midst were also defeated. It seems the same front existed both at home and abroad. Apparently, as Turkey, we were fighting against a great front, a coalition.

They’re calling for ‘intervention, seizure of Turkey.’

We already knew this, but we had hoped that we would not witness such disgrace, such shamelessness, such an open attack from within, such treachery.

We already knew what was happening abroad; we were aware of the efforts to siege us from all four corners, and what we need to do to break this siege. Thus, we were acting accordingly.

They are taking the revenge of our victories outside inside. They are networking. They are building fronts. They are paving the way for terrorism. They are making calls to “Seize Bosporus University.”

They are making calls to “Intervene in and seize Turkey.” They are saying, “We are willing to have the country invaded and divided, as long as you come.”

The more they strike, the further we will advance. This is exactly what will happen, you will see

We wasted our energy, our resources, our people, our country, for decades with internal conflicts. They cornered us in Anatolia and attacked us from all directions. They doomed us to poverty, shame, and dishonor. They mocked and defamed us. They looted our resources. They destroyed our economy, obligating us borrow.

We were able to lift our heads out of the sand and really look at the world for the first time. We looked beyond our borders; beyond our region. They are trying to make us kneel once again. They want to doom us to internal conflicts and never-ending waves of terrorism once again.

We will not be defeated. We will never give up. We are going to repel this last intervention before 2023. The more they strike the further we will advance – regardless of their plans.

This is exactly what will happen. We will all watch and see together.


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