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Armenia’s PM revealed all the secret plans against Turkey with a single statement

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Vovayi Pashinyan said, “Europe should be well aware that Armenia is the last obstacle stopping Turkey in the northeast and southeast.”

Alright, they are located in the northeast, but where is the southeast! Is Armenia fighting Turkey in the southeast as well?

This is a statement that reveals the secrets of the entirety of Europe, the U.S., Israel, its new friends, Arab regimes, and Iran, and all their plans targeting Turkey.

Turkey will keep its eastern and southern gates open. The western gate will be secured.

What he is referring to as the northeast is Karabakh, occupied Azerbaijani territory, that map intersecting the connection between Turkey and Azerbaijan. What he is referring to as the southeast is the north of Iraq and Syria, Turkey’s east and southeast.

The first step was to sever the land connection between Turkey and the Turkic world. Thus, Turkey’s eastern gate would be closed off.

The second step was to siege turkey from the south. To sever its connection with the southern zone, with the Muslim Arab world. Thus, Turkey’s southern gate would be closed off.

There is a third phase too: Plans to close the western door from the East Mediterranean and the Aegean. Discussions and tensions concerning this have already started in the East Mediterranean and the Aegean. Anti-Turkey fronts have already been set up in these regions.

Plans to siege from the south, east have collapsed. The siege from the west is also set to collapse

Turkey is striving to keep the southern gate open by fighting terrorism in northern Iraq, and eliminating the terror corridor in northern Syria. It is tearing apart the corridor, and breaking the siege spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean.

It is trying to keep the eastern door open by supporting Azerbaijan’s efforts to save Karabakh and its occupied territory. It is working towards breaking and eliminating the siege from the east.

Confronting all the fronts established in the East Mediterranean, putting up its own struggle for resources against natural gas collaborations, it is foiling all plans aimed at cornering it in the Mediterranean as well.

It is striving to prevent those egging Greece on against Turkey in the Aegean, the armament on the Islands, the establishment of fronts centralizing Greece, the U.S. and Europe from achieving a military buildup in the region, as well as Israel and certain Arab regimes from establishing an anti-Turkey front.

See the plans he revealed in a single statement?

Turkey is striving to keep all three gates open, to confront those trying to suffocate it within Anatolia, to collapse these multinational plans, and neutralize their plans to “Stop Turkey.”

The Armenian prime minister spilled the beans with a single sentence: the plan on which the occupation of Azerbaijani territory is based; the cooperation between Armenia and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the People’s Protection Units (YPG); Iran and Russia’s plans to divide the Turkic world; the terror corridor map extended from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean; and the source of tensions in the East Mediterranean and the Aegean.

‘We attacked Turkey from all corners. But you had given us a promise’

He said the following to the U.S. and Europe: “But you had given us a promise? We cooperated with the PKK. They attacked from the southeast while we attacked from the northeast. We worked together, we showed solidarity, and attacked Turkey on all fronts. We did whatever you told us to. Why have you abandoned us now?”

There are deep historical and geopolitical plans today in many places where clashes are ongoing. They have critical map plans. They are attempting to sabotage Turkey’s 21st century.

All the problems on these fronts have been caused by others. All the conflicts have been caused in order to corner Turkey. This is the reason underlying all the areas of conflict surrounding us.

They strike from the East while we’re dealing with the West. This has been the case for centuries

We are facing the biggest reality of history once again. Whenever Turkey experiences a crisis with the West, whenever it is pressured, besieged, and cornered from the West, whenever it encounters attacks from the West, it is attacked from the East.

This has been the case for centuries – no exceptions whatsoever.

Iran’s traditional policy has always meticulously used this conjuncture against Turkey. The problem between Armenia and Azerbaijan is a Russia-Iran plan. This is a map operation. It is a plan to divide the Turkic world, the region into two.

Problems have emerged between Turkey and the West once again. Tensions have started in the East Mediterranean and the Aegean. Armenia did not waste any time in attacking Azerbaijan territory. A crisis broke out in the East. Iran and Russia are involved again – of course, along with the West.

Command for war from the West, logistics support from Iran. Scenario remains same

Who ordered this war, this attack? Who gave Yerevan the command for war? As Pashinyan said, the task was assigned by the West.

But that plan will no longer work. Turkey is shaping its fight on all fronts in accordance with these historical and geopolitical justifications. It is acting based on this. It is acting with that mentality. It is first solving the problems that will tie it down.

They no longer have the chance to siege Turkey through terrorist organizations, through proxy wars, through their partners in the region. The more they try to, the further Turkey will go. It is going to entrench its defense much deeper.

What’s difficult is changing maps. We’re present with our own map plans

What is difficult is changing the map. If they are coming armed with their maps, we will come armed with our own plans.

The eastern and southern gates can never be closed off. Turkey will not allow it. It is going to continue to break the siege both at home and abroad. The “defense era” is over.

Whether terrorist organizations are driven against it, or the regimes in the region, or even if they themselves attack, this plan is not going to be implemented in the 21st century.

Turkey is prepared like no other country for an extraordinary epoch

This is a world of struggles. Whoever acts sooner, whoever starts off well-prepared will make an imprint and stand at the center of this new world.

We are calling this new world the “extraordinary epoch.” The control over power has dispersed. Turkey has become the most well-equipped country for this extraordinary age. It has become a country with plans, claims, questions, power, and means.

We are going to see dependence on traditional power domains and countries destroy many states. We are going to witness superpowers withdraw, struggle with their own problems, while countries we would never have given a second thought to start to rise.

Turkey has already become the 21st century’s most striking rising power. We are the ones who will be receiving news of victory now from all the fronts they established.

A great storm is approaching from the West. This intellectual leap cannot be prevented

We are always going to hear news of victory from the Caucasus, from Azerbaijan. We are going to resolve the threats emanating from Iran so that they no longer pose a problem. We are going to complete the half-finished job in northern Syria.

We are going to intervene – we must intervene – until there is not a single threat remains against Turkey from the Mediterranean to the Iranian border, in the north of the Mosul-Aleppo line.

The great storm is approaching from the West. In order to fight this storm, we are first going to solve all the problems around us. Turkey’s rise is beyond exaggeration. It is an intellectual leap, a geopolitical reality. It cannot be stopped or prevented.


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