As soon as Erdoğan mentioned the ‘Turkey axis,’ they all left his side. Who had placed you there? A century on, they abandoned Turkey again, ran to others. No alliance can drive this country outside the region; you failed to understand the 21st century! Being Muslim is a language of resistance not tutelage. You cannot hide underneath that cloak. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

As soon as Erdoğan mentioned the ‘Turkey axis,’ they all left his side. Who had placed you there? A century on, they abandoned Turkey again, ran to others. No alliance can drive this country outside the region; you failed to understand the 21st century! Being Muslim is a language of resistance not tutelage. You cannot hide underneath that cloak.

Turkey is putting up a relentless struggle on two great fronts such as Syria and Libya.

Turkey is taking up all over again the defense from a century ago in Syria against those who are laying siege to its southern border and building a hundreds-of-kilometers-long terror and invasion front.

It struck dealt heavy blows on the front, the siege expanded to the Mediterranean. It foiled plans in many regions. Also, it dealt the heaviest blow on July 15, 2016, against the front within, the invasion attempt inside.

They continue to attack while Turkey continues to defend. It faces, yet again, the same powers, the same countries, and their tentacles in our region and at home.

Drowning Turkey in the Mediterranean! Bravely fending for itself!

Turkey is establishing a defense line in Libya against those trying to drive it out of the Mediterranean, to drown it, to confine it to the zero point of its shores.

While they are striving to corner Turkey in the Mediterranean, in the open waters of Syria, those of Cyprus, Turkey is building a position right at the heart of the Mediterranean.

While they are trying to extend the siege in the Mediterranean from the Aegean to the Black Sea, Turkey is carrying on a brave struggle all alone against this multinational “siege.”

No alliance can drive Turkey outside the region, diminish this country…

The last three decades has shown us how the region was divided into pieces after a century, how it was shared again through different scenarios.

These three decades, the last decade in particular, have also shown that the distribution, the showdown, the efforts to drive outside of the region a century ago have been brought to us again, and how it is going from table to table. Beyond isolation from the region, it has shown us how the “downsizing” scenarios are being played out once more. All terrorist organizations and terrorist attacks, all organizations such as the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), and the July 15 attempt along with the Gezi Park attempt, all East Mediterranean operations, efforts to re-arm the Aegean islands are part of this new and further “downsizing” plots.

We are doomed to this fight. It’s not defense but offense, it's not submission but a historic leap.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s statement, “We are not obliged to be in Idlib, we are doomed to it,” this single sentence alone, in fact, sums it all up. This is due to the fact that, up until now, Erdoğan has made numerous speeches and said so much in this direction that extends from the depths of centuries to the future.

There is actually nothing not to understand. It is simply that everybody makes a choice; this is the matter!

Turkey is resisting without hesitation both within and throughout the whole region against the siege, attack and drowning attempts.

It is taking offense without taking defense because it has long seen that conventional defense methods will, in fact, be regression.

Withdrawing, surrendering aside, it is working towards making a historic leap, towards building a new ascension. The global-scale power voids, power shifts are offering it this opportunity, and Turkey is taking advantage of it.

They abandoned Turkey, ran to others

Turkey is stepping up not only in Syria or Libya; not only against terrorism or coup attempts; but in every field from economy to technology, from the reconstruction of the global system to the recipe for regional salvation and the production of a new political discourse.

It is dealing with Russia, with the U.S., with regional countries, with Europe. It is fighting not only on the fronts but in almost all capitals.

The last decade in particular taught us another new and horrific fact. It showed us how weak we are in an area that had never occurred to us, that we had never felt concern, that we were sure of ourselves until now.

We saw the people and circles we had believed would fight for this country leave Turkey alone the moment the great fight started. We saw them quickly change lines and immediately abandon their positions.

As soon as Erdoğan mentioned ‘Turkey axis,’ they all ran from him. Who had placed you there?

Once Erdoğan’s “Turkey axis” struggle spread throughout the region, once an astounding Turkey resistance was built, they all left him and ran to where they belong. We saw how those who once said, “Erdoğan until we die”, act in accordance with foreign winds and change position.

We saw that their presence there was not really for the “Turkey axis,” “Turkey’s fight” but “because they were positioned so.” Once those to whom they have bonds of love changed position, we saw that their positions also changed.

Some held place for the U.S., some for the U.K., some for Russia, and some for France or Germany, while others held place for Iran or the Saudi front.

Notice who changed position in the last five years

These “outside additions” not only left Erdoğan’s side but they also left other political parties and religious movements. All organizations that reached a decision on the national axis experienced this dissociation.

Notice that they all changed position in the last five years. Everybody who looks carefully will understand who they are. The more outside pressure increased, the more they separated within and ran to other positions.

Whoever placed them in those positions was the same one that pulled them away and sent them to other places. What is critical is that these circles have a conservative, Muslim identity. They carried on their roles, their political identities and positions under the guise of being Muslim and their discourse of equity.

Being Muslim is Anatolian Resistance’s political language

Being Muslim is the language of the Anatolian resistance, not that of tutelage and “inside invasion.”

Being Muslim is the discourse of regional freedom, of being able to challenge the world. Such a resistance has been ongoing unabated since the Crusades.

However, during the last period of the Ottoman Empire, as well as the present day, a tutelage was – and continues to be – organized through conservative, Muslim identities as opposition against what is local, against the country and the people’s resistance. It is time we discussed this out in the open.

They’re arrogant, sly. They manipulate everybody. They collect criticisms, subtly do evil.

They are now busy with arrogant statements, dogmatizing, exploiting weaknesses and needs, and turning these into political discourse. They manipulate Turkey, Erdoğan and everyone fighting on the Turkey axis.

They take no risks. They say nothing new for the benefit of the country. They never step up in a fight on Turkey’s side.

They collect criticisms and walk around in the gossip market. They sell what they find with fancy words. They are too arrogant to be approached. They decorate every opportunity subtly with evil and attack. They do not do this openly. They cannot do it openly. They are not chivalrous. They carry out all their affairs with slyness.

You sent Abdulhamid II to gallows! You used to form British battalions in Anatolia!

They will attack everyone who fought for this country. They will undermine, try to humiliate and attempt to destroy reputations. They are in the tutelage’s lap while leaning on beyond the Atlantic, and brag from there.

Had they been alive back then, they would have sent Sultan Abdulhamid II to the gallows. Had they lived in the Independence War period, they would have established British battalions and sang praises to France. But we see them. We have been watching them for a very long time.

As a matter of fact, we were aware of them ever at the time. Though, unfortunately, they speak with such great skill through Islam, being Muslim, conservatism, the right-wing, they use such successful concealment methods that they were thought to be part of the “Turkey axis.” Just like FETÖ.

Turkey’s struggle will last throughout the 21st century. Do not expect that it will end or collapse.

It just started now and they lost in the beginning.


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