Assassinations, mysterious developments... What kind of scenario is being promoted through Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Assassinations, mysterious developments... What kind of scenario is being promoted through Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu?

They are pulling out all the stops. They are “normalizing” the most dangerous plots, materializing mind-boggling scenarios, wanting to re-introduce all that they tested so far, and implement untried methods too.

They are carrying out a mental operation. They are demonstrating a mass operation, perception, public opinion management. A systematic plan has been designed and they are trying to implement this.

They are well aware that we are in an age in which lies cannot be differentiated from the truth. This is what they are investing in. This is what determined their starting point.

Have they establish a ‘Strategic Influence Office’ in Turkey as well?!

They are conducting a psychological operation, a form of mass manipulation more dangerous than the political alliance, the political cooperation within. They are preventing people from delighting in Turkey’s success. Without any consideration to what is happening across the world, they are invoking a belief, an opinion that “Everything is bad in Turkey.”

They are operating like the “Office of Strategic Influence” the U.S. had established for the invasion of Iraq, and tasked solely to produce fabricated news with the objective to normalize the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Similar centers, organizations, and power groups have likely been formed in the U.S., in European capitals, as well as in Turkey, and they are working like clockwork.

Those behind the July 15 coup attempt will spare no effort to destroy Turkey

Just think about it: What other lengths will those who openly launched a foreign intervention to destroy Turkey on July 15, 2016 go to!

What else will they attempt in order to stop Turkey, the country that staged an extraordinary power surge after July 15 in Syria, in Libya, in Iraq, in the East Mediterranean, and in Karabakh!

What else will those who established anti-Turkey fronts in northern Syria, in the East Mediterranean, and in the Aegean, those who united political parties and terrorist organizations under a single roof do in their war against Turkey!

They failed to stop Turkey in the East Med, now they’re trying to stop it from ‘within’

Turkey is dealing with the world on one hand, while it continues to exert extreme energy in the fight against these power groups within the country on the other. Getting the country to become isolated, to exhaust it with internal struggles is the most effective of all methods. The U.S. and Europe tried this for years. They are now trying it all over again.

Those who failed to stop Turkey in the Mediterranean are striving to stop it from within, and seem to have mobilized all the organizations established to serve this purpose. The recent Republican People’s Party (CHP)-based operational discourse, the complaints to the U.S. and Europe, the calls to “Intervene in Turkey” are critical.

An ’internal invasion front’ was established. The role cast for terrorist organizations has now passed on to political parties

Their targeting of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), which race from one front to another, is critical. Their attempts aimed at exhausting Turkey’s resistance groups are critical. It is even more crucial that these are being carried out through political parties. The face that the mission that was once assigned to terrorist organizations is now being tasked to these political structures is thought-provoking.

They could not defeat or stop Turkey from abroad. Thus, they are now trying to defeat it from within; they are trying to stop it from within. This is why we say “An internal invasion front has been established in Turkey.”

This is why we say, “The CHP is a National Security Problem.” This is why we are stating that terrorist organization leaders have now started governing political parties, and putting a stop to this is a matter of Turkey’s survival.

They are now in a new phase. Assassinations… Mysterious developments…

This systematic plot seems to have entered a new stage: the period of assassinations. The period of mysterious developments. Do not ignore it; it could happen. Do not say they won’t attempt it; they will. They are going to spare no efforts, leave no stone unturned; they will never give up.

Will the era of unsolved murders commence following the elimination of terrorism? Will an ambiguous atmosphere be formed once again? Is this how they will break Turkey’s resistance? Will this be the path taken this time to exact revenge from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan?

The great plot: Assassination threat not against İmamoğlu but against Turkey

The attempt to turn the mysterious developments into a public opinion was first implemented through Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu. The “security measures” that are normally likely for everybody were turned into political fodder through İmamoğlu. This also appears to be part of a major plot.

Considering the previous “marketing” examples of these groups, something different is brewing this time. Rather than the assassination report itself, the project aimed at developing public opinion through an assassination report is the threat. Steps are being taken to carry out an assassination not on İmamoğlu but on Turkey as a whole.

Will assassinations be the new form of attack?

Will those who are no longer able to accomplish anything through terrorism now attempt individual terrorism, assassination methods through intelligence organizations, through their undertakers? Were the CHP and İmamoğlu assigned to this task like the numerous other interventions?

There is clearly a connection between the fight Turkey has been putting up on all fronts and this discourse. They are being brought forth as the new form of attacks on Turkey. The front established in northern Syria, the front established in the East Mediterranean, and the discourse presented through İmamoğlu are organic.

We can say without hesitation that this discourse, this perception, this threat was planned directly in those foreign headquarters, in those “influence offices.” What we do not yet know is how they will go about implementing it, or even whether they will succeed at putting it into practice.

Not an ‘opposition’ but an ‘intervention front.’ ‘Turkey’s axis’ will overcome these as well

However, one thing is true: They are going to fail again. Regardless of what they present and through whom, their plans to “stop Turkey” are going to go down the drain. Regardless of which multinational scenario the CHP and İmamoğlu are involved in, Turkey’s resistance is much stronger than they think it is. They will never again be able to bring that hazy weather, those times of hopelessness back to this country.

Turkey is fighting, both within and without, the 21st century’s last great war of independence. If we consider it through the “intervention front” concept rather than “opposition,” that fight will become even stronger.

“Turkey’s axis” will overcome all these as well.


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