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Attacks to be started in preparation for civil war

They were secretly giving support. The U.S. and EU countries following Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) leader Fetullah Gülen and his terrorists' discourse have crawled out of the woodwork. They were waging war on democracy, taking shelter behind tanks, taking great pleasure in seeing the bullets shot at our people and country. They openly took an anti-Turkey position. They openly started to strike Turkey. One says, "Turkey should be removed from the EU," while another says, "We are concerned for Turkey." One makes hesitant visits, while another gives messages to pretend it is on Turkey's side simply to hide its shamelessness. These are memorized, hypocritical statements.

European Union now a threat to Turkey!

Turkey should lay the EU project on the table itself. After this hour, after the EU's central countries have supported the coup, over what value, over what political affiliation, over what economic partnership can a country's membership be in question? Is such a thing possible? Just ask the Turkish public: is there anybody left who supports the EU? Is there anybody other than a couple of small circles that want to get close? And we are almost sure that those small circles largely have indirect connections to the coup.

The EU is no longer a partnership goal for Turkey; it is a source of threat. An outside threat trying to turn Turkey into Egypt. Europe, which is incapable of even protecting its own internal integrity, took a shameful position in the July 15 period and invested in Turkey's destabilization, its collapse. This should be identified as a close threat for Turkey.

There are no more common values left between Turkey and the EU, the trust relationship has ended. If you look at the enmity toward Turkey in Germany and Austria, it can be clearly seen that there is no such future. It is now bright as day that central Europe has “a secret plan” for Turkey. They put this plan forth in the ugliest way possible and directly appealed to the military coup.

US intends to destroy Turkey

Look at the U.S. administration. Look at the country with which we have partnership in the region in every field. They want to drag a NATO ally into civil war and there is no support or at least moral support from the U.S. administration. They could not even get themselves to say, “We are on democracy's side.” On the contrary, they keep beating themselves up saying, “Damn it, our boys couldn't succeed this time.” From now on, none of our regional partnerships with the U.S. can change the fact that “Washington has a plan to destabilize and destroy Turkey.”

The North Syria Corridor, the Syrian war coming to this point are entirely because of the U.S.'s attitude. It has become clear that when drawing a map through the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and Daesh, all of these operations are aimed at sieging Turkey.

They partnered with the terrorist organization

The old ally of years did not stand by Turkey, our people, our country on this painful and difficult day, and similar to the PYD and Daesh issue, it cooperated with a terrorist organization. Gülen and his terrorists have been declared partners by the U.S. and an operation was conducted on our country through these gangs.

Gülen's terrorists in the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and his gangs in the intelligence field are all working for the U.S. military and U.S. intelligence. They have declared war against our country through these gunmen. The U.S. administration is responsible for bombing Parliament, shooting our people and the assassination attempt on the leader of this country. This is how it will be written in history and this is how the national memory will remember it. Ask anybody in Turkey; the overwhelming majority will say it like this.

So-called anti-American discourse!

Nobody should try and place these statements within the context of “anti-American discourse.” They shouldn't dare try to water down the grave crime that was committed through such discourse. The U.S. press shouldn't try to cover or dilute this grave crime with articles in this direction. We no longer fall for The New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal's mental operations.

We have been struggling in this region with their lies for 30 years. They have always tried to whitewash the civil wars, covert operations, interventions that turned countries into ruins, crisis projects with these lies. They always tried to delude us and take our minds hostage with these lies. Part of the West's bloody scenarios in this region took place through these lies.

What more evidence do you want?

They invaded a country like Iraq based on the lie that “they have chemical weapons,” and killed hundreds of thousands of people, insulted a civilization and destroyed cities. The chemical weapons lie was spread through this media and newspapers.

Those who invaded a country while there was no evidence now want evidence for Gülen and his terrorists' attacks aimed at this country. His (Gülen's) headquarters are there (in the U.S.), you are protecting him, and he is directly transferring the intelligence he gets from here to you. The instructions are assigned from there; in other words, you are giving them. What evidence? And when criticizing this, you resort to the “Anti-American sentiment is on a rise in Turkey” nonsense.

Yes, it is on a rise and will continue to rise. Our people should see these murders and take position accordingly; they should learn the U.S. and EU countries' role in this coup. Then they can be angry with whoever they want to be; nobody can intervene in this. Those who intervene in a country through a terrorist organization don't have the right to such complaints. Trying to control even the anger or happiness of the subjects of the intervention is, in a single word, arrogance.

You were going to flock to Ankara!

Had the coup succeeded, you were going to shout with joy. They were going to flock to Ankara, one after the other. They were going to honor their new Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi, the new Cabinet, the coup plotter soldiers and their civilian extensions. Then they would not even have a care for the people killed and the hundreds and thousands put behind bars. They would have taken over Turkey. Because they would have formed their new state in Ankara.

They would have been successful in their greatest project aimed at the region and then start on implementing their real plans. Now they are in great disappointment. They are feeling the surprise of defeat. This surprise is revealing all the dirty plans inside them. They became furious and started to express it. Without any shame, they sided with the coup and are continuing to do so.

Beware of the secret traitors!

The issue is quite clear: The scenario that was played out through Gülen and his terrorists was prepared together. They are all involved. They all made the division of the aftermath of the coup. The secret partners on the inside and the partners on the outside, the traitors on the inside and the invaders on the outside carried out this intervention together. They can't possibly hide this much longer.

New details are going to be revealed in every passing day. The details of that dirty partnership, the plan to get Turkey on its knees are going to emerge each day. It is going to be seen that the traitors in this country do not consist of Gülen and his gang alone. The imposters in politics, media, and the business world, those cooperating with the invaders on the outside, those hiding behind Gülen's terrorists and those who also made secret agreements with them are going to be revealed.

They will not withdraw. They will increase the dose of the showdown with Turkey. They will try and compensate for this failure. This is why they still allow that schizophrenic to continue to talk there. They are giving messages to the remaining intelligence gangs and raining preparation instructions for new tasks. The U.S. administration allowing this man to continue to talk after all that has happened; continuing to intend to conduct an operation through his gangs on the inside is the indicator of a much sharper showdown.

Attacks to start in preparation for civil war...

This is why we believe “it is not over, it will continue.” Some coup plotter elements have stepped back and are being kept waiting for the next stage. But the operations that will start after this are going to be “aimed at creating a civil war atmosphere.” Sensational assassinations, fear-raising attacks are going to start. Each one of those gang members is going to turn into a suicide bomber and some are going to blast themselves where they are.

There are probably going to be attacks on places of worship. Attacks might be carried out on mosques, cemevis (Alevi places of worship), and Sufi movement centers. Perhaps they will hit Turkey's symbols. Attacks will be planned to cause indignation, to create social areas of conflict, to start identity wars, to have people kill each other. There will be attempts not only to spread fear, but to make our nation surrender to hopelessness.

July 15 is going to be a milestone

Hence, do not see July 15 merely as a “coup.” This is the date that open attacks on Turkey started. It is a kind of declaration of war. Look at the close region, the countries that collapsed, the tragedy of our ancient cities, how those who once lived in the same city are killing one another. All this was their project. They are trying to spread this disaster throughout Turkey.

On July 15, a splendid history of struggle started for Turkey, our people, for all of us. Now, we are going to question everything, every country. We will form resistance maps, street by street, against those who planned the street conflict scenarios.

Keep your minds free, your will strong

Do not be fooled by the fancy, undermining talks and analyses of some. It is time to face the truth and prepare accordingly. We have long learned that laziness and lack of foresight is fatal.

July 15 is going to be a milestone that will change the flow of history against all of their bloody scenarios. This nation will show this success in Anatolia again. There is no quitting, no falling into hopelessness. This last war of independence is going to be won and the tutelage designs on this country will disappear forever. As long as you keep your minds free, will strong and fill your heart with the love of your homeland…


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