Auxiliary forces have been unleashed on the ground. The most devious front has been established within Turkey. Why are those who want war in Syria anti-Erdoğan? Another 'July 15’ would be an opportunity for them. They have no political project. Even ‘organized criticism’ against Erdoğan was prepared in Western capitals - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Auxiliary forces have been unleashed on the ground. The most devious front has been established within Turkey. Why are those who want war in Syria anti-Erdoğan? Another 'July 15’ would be an opportunity for them. They have no political project. Even ‘organized criticism’ against Erdoğan was prepared in Western capitals

A front has been formed inside Turkey to corner the country on behalf of the U.S. with respect to the Russian S-400 missiles.

A front has been formed in Turkey to block our intervention in Syria east of the Euphrates River.

A front has been formed within to immobilize us in the East Mediterranean.

A front has been formed within to fortify the positions left void by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ).

A front has been formed within to exact revenge of the July 15 coup attempt.

The harshest, most destructive front has been established within

A political front has been formed within Turkey to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and shape the country after him.

A front has been formed within for the anti-Turkey storm raging throughout the Arab world, which is being promoted through anti-Syrian sentiment.

A front is being formed within to surrender the economy to global finance barons all over again.

A front has been formed within to confine our foreign policy to the U.S./NATO axis once again.

A front has been formed within to first eliminate Turkey’s resistance, then to continue the destructive projects targeting our region.

As the country is being surrounded from all corners and borders, the harshest invasion front has been established within.

Reserve forces have been mobilized. None of these are internal matters

Reserve forces have been mobilized, and an extensive project, an intervention project has been launched targeting politics, the economy, security and social psychology.

No matter in this country is about internal politics.

Their internal policy discussions, economic indicators, security vigilance, political pursuits, and the systematically spread “networked and organized criticism” especially after the local elections-- none of these are local.

A great plan was made, encompassing the alliance formed for the local elections, political outburst preparations against the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and Erdoğan.

Why have those who have taken stage to break out the war in Syria become anti-Erdoğan?

Those who mobilized to break out the Syrian war and hid after the trajectory of the war changed snuck out of their hiding places once new multinational projects aimed at the opening of a new front came up on the agenda. Had Turkey accepted whatever the U.S. dictated in the Syrian war, they were going to be on the stage. They disappeared once Turkey adopted a certain attitude.

Now, the U.S. and its partners in the region are trying something “new.” In order to put this into action, the primary task is to eliminate Erdoğan and Turkey’s national stance. It seems they are all taking stage against Erdoğan. Does this not seem strange to you too?

‘Conservative opposition’ and the ‘conservative intervention’

Particularly pay attention to conservative circles. Look at the new kind of networking, the anti-Erdoğan sentiment – and its reasons – among the conservatives, and how the “conservative opposition” is leaning towards “conservative intervention.”

Pay attention to the “multinational character.” Look at how certain circles are striving for a sort of “inside intervention.” We are coming face-to-face with the dire reality that those who are members of these circles have never been local.

Why do you have nothing to say about these matters? Why is it all about standing against Erdoğan?

Their men who are tasked as part of that project have never sided with Turkey concerning any national matter. They have nothing to say about the S-400 issue, the East Mediterranean or the north of Syria. They have nothing to say about the U.S. and its allies’ siege of our country and blackmail aimed at leaving Turkey defenseless.

It is all about Erdoğan, his family and those close to him; they are constantly criticizing, complaining, are angry and want revenge.

But there is a multinational plan beneath all this. There is an intervention attempt through these circles. There is a consensus aimed at stopping Turkey. There are plans to build a political future by hiding behind the West’s intervention scenarios. There are intentions to sacrifice and risk our country for these selfish plans.

They have no political project. Even ‘organized criticism’ was planned in Western capitals

The multinational front within includes liberals, pro-Kurds, pro-Islamists/conservatives, nationalists and those without any specific identity. Beyond all these identities, there is a bloc united under a single roof and a common understanding for a grand plan.

This shows that there are preparations for an internal attack against this nation’s march that has been ongoing since the Seljuks, against the new rising period.

Look at those crying out for war against Erdoğan and those close to him. They have no political project, discourse or theory. All they have is complaints and criticism.

Even these are not their own theories or complaints. They have been prepared in the U.S. and European capitals and handed over to them. Even this is not their discourse.

They will soon start using NATO to strike Turkey

U.S. and European media say, “Let us revoke Turkey’s NATO membership and take action accordingly.” Then they say, “No, let us wait. Let us take action according to what happens after Erdoğan.” They are implying that they are going to overthrow Erdoğan. Look, very soon, those in our midst are going to start saying similar things.

Certain U.S.- and U.K.-controlled Arab regimes and media are spreading horrific anti-Turkey sentiment. Meanwhile, those in our midst are attacking from within the country and spreading anti-Syrian sentiment to cause a fallout between Turkey and Syrians, who shattered this enmity.

‘If the US intervenes, if another July 15 happens,’ it would be an opportunity for them.

The same discourse spread through FETÖ is being spread through Arab media. The front within is utilizing this. Even the “Erdoğan had a heart attack” discourse is able to remain on the agenda in Arab media for a whole day. This is the degree of the delirium, the obsession and enmity.

The front within is no different. Even if they trip over, they blame Erdoğan and his close circle. If their desires are not met, they nurture hostility towards them. Because that is what their bosses want.

They based on all their plans on what will happen after Erdoğan is gone. If the U.S. intervenes, if another July 15 happens, if Turkey is attacked from the East Mediterranean, if terrorism re-escalates, they are going to clap their hands and dance saying an opportunity has arisen for them.

Everybody’s true colors, identity should be revealed, their covers exposed

So, how is it that those wanting to stop Turkey through political pursuits in internal politics and those wanting to eliminate Erdoğan meet at the same point?

How is it that they use the same discourse and have the same goal? What is it that unites the front within? What is it that amasses this front and the foreign interventionists on a common ground?

We need to launch vital discussions on extremely critical matters. We need to discuss everything openly for our country’s future, for our nation’s unity, to prevent the map from changing, to clarify the trajectory of Turkey’s march for the future. Everybody’s true colors, identity, roles need to be revealed, their masks need to be dropped.

We need to know who is on which front and on whose behalf they are attacking.

If they are saying today what FETÖ said yesterday, they are preparing for intervention

Turkey is putting up a great struggle abroad. It is resisting against U.S. blackmail, NATO threats, the terrorist siege, the multinational siege, the attack from the East Mediterranean. It is maintaining its central power and launching a defense vigilance. We must overcome this challenge to bring an end to the century-long patience and become us once more.

A state of national mobilization that is fighting on more than one front is in question. Every search extraneous of the Turkey axis will weaken our country and make it further prone to attacks.

Therefore, we have no other choice but to strengthen the bases of resistance. In such a state, in such a struggle, we cannot have mercy on anyone. Those advocating today in different formats what FETÖ said in the past are that “multinational” front. We saw this on July 15, 2016.

They demanded, you are fulfilling their demand. This really is your sole ‘political theory’!

Now, they are building a vaster front and gearing for an even more ruthless attack. Then, a much rougher resistance is going to be launched.

The substitute structures after FETÖ, as well as the reserve forces released on the ground, will face defeat against the historic political legacy that has shaped in the last millennium.

All attacks aimed at Erdoğan and his close circle are carried out through systematized networked criticisms. They were all prepared in the U.S. and European capitals and turned in to a political language for the “front” within. We know them and we know why they are against Erdoğan. So, why are you against him?

Leave aside the futile talk. As a matter of fact, it is all clear. There is a single reason. They demanded, and you are fulfilling that demand.


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