Because we’ve just gotten started; wait, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Turkey is calling the greatest challenge in the history of the Republic. As it eliminates all its tutelage and dependency ties within, as it lays the foundations for a country’s re-establishment, as it carries the perpetuity of the Seljuks-Ottomans-Republic of Turkey to a new stage, it is declaring to the world the existence of a new Turkey right outside, in its surrounding area.

It is openly declaring all its objections to the new geographic design that has reached our borders that has been applied step by step, country by country since the 1991 Gulf War, to the new hegemony plans, of the West and is saying, “You cannot build a region without Turkey; we are here.”

These plans the U.S. is implementing by taking hostage the NATO-member countries in the region, are hitting the Turkey wall for the first time in history and becoming ineffective there. As they were trying to build the new Middle East, drawing brand new country maps, passing on map drafts of a divided Turkey from table to table, they surely weren’t expecting an obstacle like Turkey. This country was, in any case, a U.S. ally, in an alliance with NATO; everything from its internal policy to its institutes were designed in line with the U.S. and Europe, it was backing the Atlantic projects being implemented for the last three decades without question and had no other pursuits.

While they were dividing the Arab world, implementing new state projects that would divide four countries in our region, turning our entire southern border into a foreign garrison, opening the “Turkey border” and arming the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) for decades, the cadres that they kept in power in Ankara, the military and civil bureaucracy were already extensions of this scenario. Those who were aware of everything had no power.

For the first time since the founding of the Republic, a local voice, a local power stood out. A miracle happened. Our nation listened to that voice and gave it strength. A nation’s awakening started and a state’s political genetic took action. We had found the opportunity to see our country, our region, the world through our own eyes. We became aware of ourselves and hence, the way we talk, the way we walk changed. Both history and the region transformed. We comprehended what sort of a loss the 21st century was.

That is when the great march started. Turkey’s new rising period started. That is when we saw that those who we thought were “friends, allies” were actually our enemies. We realized that those who were against us in all the fronts of World War I, in Çanakkale, were again standing in the same position. The decades of discourses were solely to control us. They had appeared to be our friend simply to hold us hostage.

The moment we said, “No to the PKK, no to Daesh, no to July 15, no to Gezi Park terror, no to the terror corridor in northern Syria,” the entire West, the U.S., Europe, NATO all stood up against us – and by shaking hands with terror organizations too. We saw that World War I was not over. The fronts, the ranks and lines were still in the same place. It was just that we had lost ourselves and now we were rediscovering it.

This the fight we are putting up today in Afrin. This is the fight we will be putting up in Manbij and in the east of the Euphrates. This is what we will have to fight for on all of our country’s borders in the future, what we will have to fight for in the Aegean, what we are going to fight for in the depths of our region. This is the fight we are putting up against the native multinational intervention apparatuses today. We are defending our homeland both internally and in our surrounding areas. We are uniting on the “Turkey axis” and contributing to a new rising period.

You will see how great Turkey is, how great this nation is. You will see how strong the centuries-old political genetic is. You will see that history cannot be made, the region cannot be built without Turkey.

Because we are just getting started.

There is a lot more you will see.


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