Behold Turkey’s miracle! It is the keeper of two gates opening to the ocean! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Behold Turkey’s miracle! It is the keeper of two gates opening to the ocean!

Four years ago action was taken to invade Turkey from within. Until only recently bombs were going off in our cities, dozens of our people were losing their lives every week.

Turkey was striving to defend itself both at the zero point of its borders and in its cities, on its streets.

However, our cities are safe now. Our borders are secure. Everything that is necessary is being done and will be done until the threat reaches the zero point.

Turkey is equipping the region with resistance centers

Only four years on, today, Turkey is establishing defense lines in every corner of the vast region. It is forming garrisons hundreds and thousands of kilometers away. It is building resistance points on land and sea.

We now see Turkey’s presence in the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, in the middle of the Mediterranean, in the East Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Caucasus, the Balkans, and in the depths of Africa.

We are present almost everywhere with our troops, our aircraft, our ships, our trade delegations, humanitarian aid staff, and friendships we have built.

Haven't all those siege plans been destroyed?

Turkey is repelling the threats targeting it, foiling the plans aimed at sieging it, defending the countries in which it is present, working to support them as much as possible, and building common areas.

Four years ago a “terror corridor” was being drawn from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean. That collapsed. What else collapsed? The siege in the East Mediterranean collapsed. The plans to exclude Turkey from the Mediterranean collapsed. Their projects to corner Turkey from the Aegean, from the islands collapsed. The plans to corner from the Caucasus are also going to collapse.

Turkey is presently in Libya, in Syria, and in Iraq. Turkey has a foothold in the entire region with its numerous military bases.

UAE-Saudi front fighting against Turkey

An anti-Turkey Arab front was established through the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. A war was waged against Turkey in the whole region through Muhammed bin Zayed (UAE) and Muhammed bin Salman (Saudi Arabia). Their masters, their bosses are obvious. We know who they are.

They were supposedly going to oust President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and stop Turkey. They were even involved in the coup attempt on July 15, 2016 for this purpose. They unleashed all the terrorist organizations in the region onto Turkey.

They attempted to invade Qatar. They clashed with Turkey in Syria, Iraq, and Libya. They staged a coup in Sudan. They attempted to sever ties between Somalia and Turkey.

They formed partnerships in the Mediterranean with Greece, the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus (GCASC), France, Israel, and Egypt. Their latest move was to get Armenians to launch an attack Azerbaijan.

Bin Zayed was unable to comprehend Turkey’s political mind

The UAE’s Muhammed bin Zayed devoted his entire life, wealth, relations, money and power to the war against Turkey. It carried out plots, terrorism, and sabotage in all the countries Turkey has a rapport with.

However, he was unable to comprehend Turkey’s mentality. He could not measure how many countries like the UAE that Turkey’s political legacy is going to bury. Yet, Turkey was in a showdown not with him but his masters. He even failed to comprehend this.

Athens is not going to be able to move comfortably in Aegean

Let us look at the latest news alone:

Turkey signed a new agreement that further strengthened its military cooperation with Albania. Greece’s maritime agreement with Italy had closed off the Adriatic’s Aegean gate to Albania.

Greece, which tried to siege Turkey in the Aegean alongside other countries, was sieged itself.

It struck a military deal with Niger. It secured Libya from the south. It carried out an intense intervention on France’s presence in Africa. Turkey is continuing to work toward weakening Egypt’s influence in Libya by further strengthening relations with Ethiopia. Ethiopia requested Turkey’s mediation with respect to the dispute concerning the dam and Nile waters.

Oman: Hunting the UAE at home!

Yet, the real geopolitical move was made – and continues to be made – in the Persian Gulf. The military cooperation between Turkey and Oman is rapidly gaining strength. As a matter of fact, the current discussion is that Turkey signed a preliminary agreement there for a naval base.

So, where is Oman, and what does this mean? A look at the map will provide the answer.

It is the place where the Persian Gulf opens out to the Indian Ocean! Just like Somalia, which is the where the Red Sea opens out to the Indian Ocean. Turkey now has a presence in both critical locations.

Together, the UAE and Saudi Arabia attempted to invade Qatar. They failed as a result of Turkey’s protection. The same UAE is now dividing Yemen. It is sieging Oman from both sides.

Aware of what is happening, Oman quickly started forming a rapprochement with Turkey. It drove out Emirati companies from the country.

Turkey’s presence in Oman means the siege of the UAE. It means that Muhammed bin Zayed, who waged a war in all corners of the region, will be hunted in his own home.

Based on its political history and geopolitical significance, Oman is a strong sovereign. It can additionally form a new economic field for Turkey.

This is ‘Turkey’s miracle.’ Which country could have come so far in four years?

Who or which country could have reached this point in four years, coming so far since the July 15 coup attempt?

Who or which country could have eliminated terrorism, purged its borders, gone to the source of the threats, and developed a “Turkey axis” perception? Which country could have reached its hand from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf, from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean, from Albania to Azerbaijan?

There is a “Turkish miracle.”

Every country in the region has started to see Turkey as a beacon of hope.

The whole world has understood this, but those within the country have not. Stop attacking this country from within. Do not turn the 21st century into a disaster for this nation.

The UAE is rapidly progressing towards paying a price in its war against Turkey.

There will also come a time when Saudi Arabia will have to request Turkey’s help.

A great path is being walked, not with mawkish heroic aims, but with a geopolitical mind, with a regional identity, with wisdom, with patience. Everybody who feels a sense of belonging to these lands must support this fight. Because this is the new political language and identity.


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