Beware of those who enter the elections with the bosses of July 15, FETÖ, PKK and Daesh!

The decision to pull forward Turkey’s presidential and parliamentary elections to June 24 has nothing to do with the possible election results. Of course this is a race of democracy, a preference, and results will be achieved within the framework of democratic principles. Of course every party, every leader and every political circle will work with all their might to have their suggestions accepted. These are beyond discussion for a country like Turkey, which boasts a rooted democratic system.

However, June 24 is beyond such a preference. It has been accepted as a precautionary measure against operational scenarios being construed internally and externally. This date was accepted to foil the “internal operation” conductors and “multinational foreign interventions.” There is a great truth that internal terror, what we refer to as “conservative opposition,” scenarios which are certainly linked to the outside, attack plans similar to July 15, and economic coup plans similar to Dec. 17-15 are all administered from the same centers.

Turkey is under great attacks, and is facing grave danger. The region we are situated in is in a state of war and this state is going to spread. The entire world is being dragged toward a state of emergency, and the economic and geopolitical fight between central powers is about to turn into a world war. Because these threats, this storm, is acknowledged, all countries, states, are strengthening their defense shields and trying to make them resistant to the storm. As a matter of fact, all countries are in state of vigilance.

Turkey, which has faced intense attacks in the past five years, has mobilized to protect itself from the storm by holding the elections as soon as possible. The shift to the presidential system should be implemented as soon as possible, the state's central power area should be strengthened, decision-making mechanisms should be accelerated, and preparations for extraordinary situations should be made. This is the main justification in determining the election date of June 24, and the decision has been taken very intelligently with a national reflex.

Thus the theme of this election campaign is Turkey's security and future. Apart from this, it is an effort to annihilate the internal political scenarios, old-fashioned appeals and attempts to confuse people by making a fuss, groundwork for multinational interventions, and attempts to nip Turkey’s great rise in the bud.

Turkey must be weary of those who secretly voice the Kurdistan Workers' Party’s (PKK) thesis, those who express the Fetullah Terrorist Organization’s (FETÖ) thesis, and the mental operations of “secret mappers.”

Let’s declare from now that those who run campaigns in line with the desires of the bosses of July 15, PKK, Daesh and FETÖ are actually in the ranks of those who plan an intervention in Turkey. When analyzed carefully, it is clear that Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s connections – all of which present a “national security problem” – and plans are within this framework and attempt to make way for a “multinational intervention.”

Everyone, every political party, every leader in this election must act with the truth of Turkey and the world in mind, must run campaigns on the Turkey axis, and must be aware that the decision that will be made on June 24 is a matter of survival.

We are sure that our nation will overcome this critical threshold and continue on its path. But if they, those circles, those who are looking for power at the wrong addresses, do not understand that June 24 is not just an election, if they are thrust outside of theses that belong to this country, if global and regional scale dangers are appealed to, if strength is gathered from that storm, then their belonging to this country will be seriously questioned after the election.

The time has come to throw an anchor to the “Turkey Axis.” Those who do not do so and those who fail to do so will lose the spirit of time as well as this century.


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