Beware: Very soon, Turkey’s straits, the Marmara sea will be opened to multinational debate! A single fight from Syria to the Mediterranean, from the Aegean to its islands... US, Russia are using the same tactic: Distract Turkey, buy time! The ‘terror corridor’ plan is not over; we have no choice but to launch new interventions - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Beware: Very soon, Turkey’s straits, the Marmara sea will be opened to multinational debate! A single fight from Syria to the Mediterranean, from the Aegean to its islands... US, Russia are using the same tactic: Distract Turkey, buy time! The ‘terror corridor’ plan is not over; we have no choice but to launch new interventions

The terror corridor plan has not been concluded yet. The map project, drawn from the Iranian border to Turkey’s Hatay, from the Gulf of Alexandretta to the East Mediterranean is still up for grabs.

The plan veiled through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), through Daesh, and which aims to completely separate Turkey from the Arab-Islamic region has not been retracted.

East-West gates closed. But it’s not over. Don’t undermine Turkey!

Turkey’s reaponse to the July 15, 2016 multinational attack in the form of Operation Euphrates Shield it launched in Syria was extremely clever. It then closed off the Western gate of the plan with the Afrin operation. Settling into Idlib, it formed a barrier further south. It further closed off the Eastern gate with operations in Northern Iraq.

Operation Peace Spring allowed it to intervene in the most critical points of the corridor map. Then, it made room and gave the opportunity for international solution suggestions Its joint patrol issue with Russia is just one of these.

Taking into consideration the recent developments in Syria, the attacks on al-Bab, Russia and Iran’s heavy attacks on Idlib, it seems that they have taken Turkey’s priorities and sensitivities lightly.

US-Russia using same tactic: Distract Turkey to buy time! It’s time for a new intervention

They most likely thought, “Let us calm Turkey for now, we will convince them later anyway.” Russia is now trying the same maneuvers the U.S. made to buy some time for its partnerships and preparations with the PKK to settle. They are implementing the plan to stop the intervention on the terror corridor to stop Turkey and buy some time.

In response to our questions on the flight back from the trip to Algeria, Gambia and Senegal, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “Russia adheres to neither the Astana nor the Sochi agreement,” and added, “Then we will do whatever is necessary.” In saying this, he signaled that Turkey would prioritize the military field once again.

Beware! They’re going to open the straits, Marmara to debate!

Turkey knew and saw what would follow the terror corridor. Immediately after the interventions on the Turkey-Syria border, the East Mediterranean issue broke out. The siege moved to the East Mediterranean, to the seas; it was steered to the Aegean, to the Aegean islands.

A siege coalition started to form from Hatay to Crete, to the Aegean islands. Greece, Bulgaria and Romania had already become U.S. bases.

The islands were being armed, with missile bases established, and military/security partnerships built in the Mediterranean and Aegean – all of which excluded Turkey. Some time later, the Dardanelles, Marmara Sea and Istanbul Strait will similarly be drawn into multinational disputes.

Support to Libya is no different from the Euphrates Shield operation

This was now clear because the 21st century’s biggest siege operation was being carried out against Turkey. This was initially set to downsizing Turkey. Now, it is set to “stop” Turkey.

Currently, Turkey is focused on Libya. A global garrison is being built in the middle of the Mediterranean; a field of intervention is being built through terrorist organizations and barons; the first target of this intervention is going to be Turkey.

This is because Turkey is the only obstacle standing before the division of the region and application of new maps. The support to Libya is, for Turkey, the establishment of a defense line. Supporting Libya is no different from the Euphrates Shield operation launched in Syria.

How did Saudi Arabia-Iran come to stand against Turkey?

This is when attacks in Idlib were intensified. The revenge against us supporting Libya was being taken out on the east coast of the Mediterranean. Strangely enough, it was the Russians and Iran that were attacking Idlib. Meanwhile, those standing against us in Libya were Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Though, what was it that brought the UAE and Saudi Arabia together with Iran in the same scenario and around common ground? Were Iran and Saudi Arabia not clashing across the entire region? How could they possibly be in the same game to corner Turkey?

We won’t be able to grasp the situation without seeing the bigger picture

This where the truth, everything happening in the region, the dimension of Turkey’s struggle is revealed.

The Syrian war was a world war and it was broken out to be able to reach current scenarios.

The terror corridor had nothing to do with terrorism but was rather related to the region’s future maps.

The terror corridor and power struggles in the East Mediterranean, the partnership attempts over the energy resources in the Mediterranean and the arming of Aegean islands, Libya being dragged into chaos and Turkey being sieged from both land and water were all a single plan.

Launching a new intervention on north Syria has become mandatory

A century has passed and once more we are facing a massive siege. But this time we are rising, not collapsing. Hence, those planing to “siege” Turkey have learned they cannot downsize it. Now they are trying to “stop” it.

Our country’s extraordinary defense investments are critical and must never be any retractions.

Turkey must continue its interventions in northern Syria. No negotiation in that region will give us the desired outcome. Therefore, there must be no delay, no hesitation for new interventions in the region. Stepping back, withdrawing is suicide. In such case, the entire Mediterranean will be closed off to Turkey.

We are in a period in which “might is right.” This is the time “You are strong as your reach.” To avoid being cornered in our south while going to Libya, action must be taken for the lacking interventions in the terror corridor area.

We are fighting the same battle in Idlib, in Libya, in the East Mediterranean and in the Aegean. If even one is missing, if we step back from one of them or give up, we will fall behind in all fronts.

Beware: Turkey’s straits are next!

A defense line is stretching from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean, from the East Mediterranean to the Aegean.

Allow me to announce this: If my interpretations of the Mediterranean-based power struggles are correct (they have always been right to this day), in the very close future, the straits and Marmara Sea are going to be drawn to the center of a very heated multinational conflict.

Having said that, Turkey has no other choice but to continue on its current path – faster, stronger and more determined.


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