Biden didn’t win the election, Trump was ousted. Age of digital dictatorship: Twitter toppled the president! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Biden didn’t win the election, Trump was ousted. Age of digital dictatorship: Twitter toppled the president!

The world is closely following the elections in the U.S. Numerous countries are snickering, while other forces gloat. This is the case because everybody is watching a superpower internally collapse. This election is going to be the milestone of exhaustion for the America.

We are trying to predict the next step of a country that has long since dissipated its global credibility, destroyed its image, has become a laughing stock on a myriad of subjects, has no presence remaining other than brute force, is constantly losing face against new rising powers and thus withdrawing.

We are witnessing the comical situation of the force that once-upon-a-time attempted to establish the global order on its own; we are witnessing its social divisions, tensions, internal conflicts, inability to hold a proper election, and electoral corruption.

Regardless of who becomes president, this collapse cannot be stopped.

The election race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, regardless of who wins, will not be enough to dig the U.S. out of the rut it has buried itself in. The U.S. will never be the same. It will not be able to boost its power. It will not be able to go back to its golden days. Regardless of who becomes president, the downward spiral will continue.

It is not the U.S. showdown with the world that will gain prominence but its showdown within. Currently, with the Nov. 3 election, this showdown has turned into a deadly battle. This battle revealed truths beyond the election results. Turkey and the world are going to focus more on this than the election results.

‘How do we eliminate Trump’

Europe has long been avoiding any mention of democracy and human rights. The U.S. will not be able to discuss these concepts anymore either, because this time it shot itself with it most challenging discourse. It showed that democracy and freedom mean nothing. This is where U.S. hypocrisy ended. They can no longer show their faces.

Corruption in elections run knee-deep. It was not a “Who will be president” election that was held, but a “How will we eliminate Trump” project that was implemented. The U.S. established order, global superstructure, neo-liberal power tools, the media controlled by them, and especially the social media they own, intervened in the elections.

The US is the source of all threats targeting Turkey!

First, regardless of who wins, it will not make no difference for us. Turkey and U.S. interests, plans and objectives do not overlap, and they never will.

Turkey and the U.S.’s joint areas of maneuver in the Middle East will further shrink. Those attempting to draw power from the U.S. are going to continue to lose more ground in Turkey by the day.

The source of all threats against Turkey today is the U.S.: It is the source of the threat coming from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the threat coming through the People’s Protection Units (YPG), and it is the mastermind behind the terror corridor spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean.

The U.S. is the one trying to corner us in the East Mediterranean. The U.S. is the one that established a military build-up in the Aegean. The U.S. is also the one making military preparations through Bulgaria and Romania. It is the U.S., American intelligence and troops that attacked Turkey on July 15, 2016.

US is Turkey’s clear-cut enemy. We will never become allies!

Regardless of field, the U.S. is a clear enemy for Turkey. This not an ideological view, but rather a result of the steps Turkey has taken on the path towards its survival, and the U.S.’s clear opposition against this.

This was no different during Barack Obama’s reign. It was the same in Trump’s term. It will not change in Biden’s either. Though institutional mechanisms say otherwise, Turkey and the U.S. will never become allies.

From now on, all threats will continue to come from the U.S. and Europe. We are aware of this. A brand-new power map has been drawn in the world, and this map is wasting away the U.S.

Biden’s impertinence: He will learn the hard way

Biden waged war against Turkey even before being elected when he impertinently said, “We must support the opposition to topple Erdoğan.” He is claiming that he is going to oust the president through a sort of coup in Turkey.

This indicates that their dreams to stage a coup similar to the one on July 15 continue full-swing. Therefore, we are obliged to display clear hostility against Biden. However, he will learn the hard way that those days are history.

We no longer need the U.S. We will never need anybody who wages war against us. Regardless of who is elected, who threatens us, from now on, they will be the ones pleading. However, we need to make determinations based on the U.S. elections, because this will tell us a great deal; it will give us clues about both the region’s and the world’s future.

Twitter ousts Trump! We’re in an age of digital coups.

When Biden’s election is final, we are going to say, “The U.S. president was toppled by Twitter.” Social media companies, with the support of traditional mainstream media, are designing U.S. internal policy. It placed an embargo on Trump’s messages. It implemented an embargo on mass communication. This censorship is bad news for the world’s future.

This is the first time these companies and social media formations openly took sides. This is the first time they acted like “armed forces.” They conducted a kind of digital coup. We must come to see that coups and interventions are going to be carried out not by troops but more through the mass manipulation, censorship, and prevention of freedom of expression.

In 2023, they’ll be intervening in Turkey

These companies are going to test their strength tomorrow on other countries as well. They are going to launch the age of digital coups. They are going to try and establish their own world order. They are going to eliminate all countries, nations, states, religions, political opinions, and religious movements that do not adhere to this.

Can we predict what these countries will try in Turkey tomorrow? Can we see the sort of operations they will conduct in the 2023 elections? They will do it. They are going to attempt an intervention in Turkey. Preparations must be made to prevent this threat.

We’re going to learn a lot from this!

Biden did not win the elections; social media did. Social media has spiraled out of control. It recognizes no value judgement. Regardless of how bad it is, the state mind is a form of power that has specific limits.

However, overseeing and restricting these networks, which are supported by companies and multinational structures, and are superior to states and nations, preventing them from spreading evil has become an urgency for humanity.

The U.S.’s established order and global will are eliminating Trump. This is not an election but an elimination. We have many lessons to learn from this!

The US’s collapse cannot be stopped!

This is because, if Trump remained in office for a second term, he would continue on with a “Perestroika” mindset that would largely shake the system’s primary institutions. They saw this and took action. The U.S. is collapsing – it will collapse. This cannot be stopped by anyone. Regardless of who is elected, regardless of what interventions are launched, the collapse may perhaps be slowed down, but it can never be stopped.


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