Bolton, this country won't fall for your map! Let this be the last of your distraction tactics. We have faith in the 'Turkey axis.' An intervention east of Euphrates River in Syria is mandatory

Let this be the last distraction tactic.

Let this be their last maneuver aimed at stopping Turkey from the region, the West, and from within the country itself.

Let this be their last lie, their last tactic aimed at preventing the operation east of the Euphrates River in Syria.

Let this be the last attempt of the U.S. and Israel, which declared the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) as their strategic partner, to carry out their project, which is now clear that it is aimed at humiliating and belittling this country, and opening a "Turkey front" in northern Syria under the name of "friendship."

We have faith in the 'Turkey axis.' The adjustment, distraction period is over.

Let this be the last step of their never ending projects aimed at controlling this country through terrorism, dragging the whole region to an anti-Turkey axis, trying to pit our people and the Arabs and Kurds against each other, condemning our country to the region with thick walls, formatting our minds, and imprisoning this country into Anatolia again after a century.

We have faith in the "Turkey axis." We have faith in the development of a common, independent political language in every corner of the Muslim world, in every street of the region, and the rise of a new history.

US, UK, Israel or China: We will not sacrifice this country!

We believe that this country's security problems, its future plans taking strength from centuries-old history should in no way be left to the initiative of others.

We are never going to allow the U.S., U.K., Israel, Russia or China to sacrifice this country for their global plans. We are never going to allow them to exploit our region, our past and future, our pains and beliefs. We are never going to fight in their name, use weapons on their behalf, or become the apparatus of their power showdowns.

The Syria war was started for this project alone

The project in northern Syria is a map draft. The PKK is an apparatus, a foreign threat used for this purpose. Frankly, the Syria war was started for this project only. The Syria war was not started with the intention to save the people of Syria from the Baath regime.

It was started to form a buffer zone between Turkey and the Arab world, to establish a hundreds-of-kilometers-long "Turkey front." This is the aim behind the demographic purge in this zone.

The operation conducted through the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the anti-Turkey sentiment plan are for this reason and they are part of this project.

John Bolton: Who do you think you are fooling?

U.S. President Donald Trump promised to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria. The established U.S. system and the architects of this project are definitely not going to fulfil Trump's promises. They are going to weaken it, meander, produce new threats to negate the withdrawal, distract Turkey, but they will never give up on the project.

Because this is part of the project that has been ongoing since the 1991 Gulf War, aimed at stopping Turkey, dividing the Arab world, and implementing the great regional conflict plan.

John Bolton and his team came to Ankara for "distraction" purposes alone. They came to secure the east of the Euphrates. They came to protect the PKK. Contrary to what they say, they came to protect Daesh.

'Security shield' from the Mediterranean to the Iranian border

Turkey can protect its borders, security, regional future and its region with its own power only. This right, this responsibility, this privilege cannot be transferred to any international organization or ally. The circles we call our "ally" are the architects of that project anyway. Turkey can never protect itself at the zero point of its border. This is impossible. Based on the situation in the region, no strategy other than forming a security shield outside our border, from the Mediterranean to the Iranian border, is significant against those wanting to open a corridor from the Mediterranean to the Iranian border.

You can't come thousands of kilometers and give us advice. That period is long over

Those who flock to our borders from thousands of kilometers away cannot give us advice. We have to respond to those who lay a map on the table in Ankara by bringing our own maps off the shelf. We have to ensure Syria and Iraq's integrity and make an effort in this direction. We have to know that once Iraq and Syria are divided, the "Turkey War" will be started.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan explained all this quite clearly in his group talk yesterday. He said that we know they are distracting us in Manbij. He said that the Turkish intervention east of the Euphrates River will start soon. But it is also known now that there is a resistance in the country against Erdoğan's words, that some are taking action "in favor of the continuation of the project."

We are going to have no future other than the "Turkey axis." Those who do not understand this today certainly will tomorrow.

This is the case whenever the east of the Euphrates comes up on the agenda

Whenever Turkey attempts to enter the east of the Euphrates, the U.S. immediately takes action and says, "We are pulling out of Manbij, the PKK is going to leave the region." It says, "We are withdrawing from northern Syria, but this will take time, let us coordinate."

Suddenly the anti-Arab sentiment brawl starts. Suddenly Daesh discussions or attacks rise. Suddenly Saudi and UAE troops attempt to enter the region. Or other matters that will exploit the Turkish community's sensitivities or put the country in a tough situation will emerge.

We are in the same situation today. We are in a period in which the cards are being reshuffled, the dough is being re-molded. It seems like all countries, organizations and groups have mobilized to stop Turkey. But we are standing tall and are stronger than ever.

Force spoils the game era. And this is how the game will be spoiled.

Will they stop us? They should not be able to.

Each day we waste, the price gets higher. The game is obvious and we are aware of it. We are in a period in which force spoils the game. No force has the chance to stand against Turkey's clear intervention.

Bolton or his partners, the U.S. or Israel, the two crown princes or the new pro-tutelage circle within the country should not be given the chance to stop Turkey.

Because we are fighting for Anatolia, a region, a future. Any step we fail to take today is going to have grave results for the 21st century, and there will be no chance of going back.

An intervention east of the Euphrates River in Syria is mandatory

Turkey has no option other than intervening east of the Euphrates River. This was the same three years ago and will be the same a decade later. This fact will never change.

We have no option other than making Bolton and his team “swallow” the proposal and map drafts they brought along with them. This is what is noble and befitting the centuries-old political gene.

Turkey will do this, and while doing this, it will be giving the best answer to the anti-Turkey groups in the region.

This is this country's guarantee for the future. No non-regional country or organization should have control from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean, in the south of Turkey, or within Syrian borders. This zone is Turkey's security zone, its future zone.


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