Buffoonery, project, organizational mind... June 24 is the showdown of the local and non-local

After the June 24 elections, two vital questions will come before Turkey: Economy and regional security. The economic attacks carried out using the dollar before the election are going to become much more severe post-election if an “unstable political atmosphere” arises and perhaps it is going to be the first action point of a destruction period.

Because the parallel between those directing and controlling the economic attacks ahead of the election and the political and economic discourse presented by the opposition during the election period can no longer be hidden. This country, as a whole, needs to question this similarity, this parallel.

Come, let’s answer these questions, why?

These parties, these fronts need to be asked, “Why don’t you say anything about this matter, why don’t you have a single project, why don’t you have a single goal related to Turkey’s next step, why have you been repeating the discourse that would be approved by those striking our country with severe attacks for the last five years, why don’t you say a single word that will disturb those intervening from the outside, why don’t you make joint solidarity calls for Turkey against them?”

Economic attacks are happening and they rub their hands: They are secretly happy hoping that, “the Turkish economy will fail, the country will weaken, the people suffer poverty, if all this happens President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will become weak, Turkey’s great marches will stop, and if this happens the West will no longer fear Turkey, and then the Western capitals will distribute power to us.”

Looking at Erdoğan like an Israeli… is a sickness

Some are unable to hide their happiness and when doing this, they are not even aware that it is perceived as treachery. They act upon such hatred and animosity that we see there is no difference left between their perception of Erdoğan and Israel’s perception of Erdoğan, the enemies of Turkey in the West’s perception of Erdoğan or the Erdoğan perception of those who are trying to push the Muslim world outside of history.

So, what is this? A presidential race? A struggle to further improve Turkey? Securing a higher number of deputies to form a stronger parliament? Is it a competition within the frame of democracy or the presentation of a multinational anger through the June 24 election?

June 24 is going to be the victory of the local resistance

Their anger, political language, proposals, lack of projects, secret efforts aimed at making room for terror, and intention to form the Turkey of 30 years ago and give it as a hostage to somebody is seriously worrying.

We see no determination in any of them for a homeland axis struggle. They are always negative, and always share a discourse upon destruction/division/weakening. These efforts are never Turkish. This stance, this discourse, and this anger does not belong to this territory. When the June 24 results prove the victory of the local stance, when this country ventures toward making history and building a geography with much greater steps, the things they have done will stand out even more.

They don’t know, don’t think, don’t look, and don’t care

I am sure none of them know, think, look or care about what is happening in Italy today, why the EU tried to prevent a government from being formed, why it is keeping this country under tutelage, or what is behind the anti-EU and anti-U.S. sentiment of the parties that won the election. I am sure none of them care why the government in Spain was ousted, why anti-EU and anti-U.S. sentiment is on a fast rise in southern Europe, or where this chain of events will lead.

I am sure they have no idea about the U.S. and Israel’s plan to break out a final war through Syria, to throw into the fire the entire region spanning the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, and to apply this plan very soon – and they don’t care either. They don’t think why Germany, European countries suddenly changed their direction toward China and Russia against the U.S, that Iran may not be the sole reason for this, how an anti-U.S. front formed in Western and Eastern Europe, why the U.S. has been left alone worldwide and why it has made to become like Israel.

Buffoonery, project, and marginal organizational mind: These are the dangers!

They are promoting statements from the Turkey of three to four decades ago, while it was under tutelage. We need to know that there is no longer a world like that left, that great Turkey cannot be governed by the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s ethnic and sectarian axis marginal organization view, that İYİ (Good) Party leader Merak Akşener is nothing other than a multinational project view camouflaged with anger and fury and that there is no world and no longer a Turkey that corresponds to the CHP presidential candidate Muharrem İnce’s lies that have now turned into “buffoonery.”

We now need to look beyond June 24, see that Turkey and the world have entered a new era, that a very ruthless showdown is going to start, that a world in which the strongest will win has formed, that the problems promoted as though they are “Turkey’s issues” are actually the reflection of regional and world-scale problems, and we need to invest solely in power and make this country resistant to major power showdowns.

They speak of nothing other than toppling Erdoğan

Nobody’s statements are limited to Turkey alone. Because there is no longer such a world. Keeping the national and local axis strong is also a regional and global issue, and is the crux of the struggle. Custom attempts and policies as well as alliances aimed at destroying this axis are not limited to Turkey, they are part of plans to “stop Turkey.”

I have not heard or read a single rigorous, promising or realistic statement by the political opposition focused solely on toppling Erdoğan with respect to economic and security matters which Turkey and the region are going to face after June 24. I also have no hope of hearing anything, because I know there are none.

It is going to be the showdown of the local and non-local

The June 24 election will reshape Turkey. But in the same period, the world is also being reshaped. At such a time, the partnership between those who glorify Turkey and those who drag Tukey down is historic.

Nothing is limited to Turkey alone. The showdown of the local and non-local is going to present a future. The responsibility of centuries to stand in the right place, give strength to the nation/homeland axis and increase the country’s resistance against new multinational attacks awaits us.

The better you are able to evaluate the world the better you will be able to comprehend what is happening in Turkey. Only then will you understand who stands where, how much they are from Turkey or whose marketing they do.


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