Clashes will take place on the streets of Paris and New York, not Istanbul or Cairo - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Clashes will take place on the streets of Paris and New York, not Istanbul or Cairo

The debate in the U.S. is not a struggle between newly elected President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

The attack on Capitol, the internal conflict, domestic terrorism, social division, calls for national unity, the internal threat, and the showdown between the state and multinational companies is not a crisis limited to the simple change of president.

The crisis that destroyed U.S. power, its reputation, credibility, and charm, which is followed enthusiastically and with surprise around the world, is much deeper and vaster than meets the eye, and it is the foreshock of a major breaking point in global political history.

European politicians claim ‘civil war’ threat, saying there is ‘foreign intervention’!

The social unrest, street demonstrations and clashes, and mass fury triggered in European capitals and cities are not aimed at the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic alone.

The reactions we see now in The Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Belgium, and are predicted to shortly spread through many European cities, are not solely related to the pandemic.

The fact that European politicians, those representing the state power domain, are able to very openly and comfortably discuss concepts and discourses such as “civil war” and a “foreign intervention,” means that their concern in this respect is not a conjunctural situation.

There will be chaos in cities of prosperous countries, not poor ones

The U.S. president changed; soon the global pandemic will also come to an end. Do you think all this will stop? Do you think that the mass rage will not take action then with “other justifications”?

Do you think that the social traumas, local tensions, identity clashes, welfare crises we witnessed in Islamic cities and countries until today will not strike Western capitals and cities in the 21st century?

We are now going to see crises transpire in prosperous countries, not poor ones. This is because the political discourses and systems, the economic orders and promises, the social values and claims they produced have collapsed. All that is left to do is accept this great collapse.

They have nothing left to promise the world, even their Western ‘lifestyle’ illusion is over

The West no longer has anything left to promise the world, humanity, or its own countries and citizens. It is no longer able to persuade, control or guide anyone, or produce the motivation necessary to form a global wave.

It is old, weary, and has lost its plausibility and trust. For the first time since the start of colonialism, it lost the power to plunder every nation, every country’s resources, the power to impose a “lifestyle.”

Most importantly, it is for the first time, after centuries, that countries which refuse the West’s global reign, that do not surrender to its world order, and suggest an alternative, have gained such power.

The West faces a dangerous showdown for the first time after five centuries

This is the first time the West is facing such dangerous and deterrent showdowns in its five-century-old political history. It discovered that it does not have the political mind, the power and persuasion skills necessary to overcome them.

Hence, the methods used to recover the world and maintain its strength within, methods that monopolize wealth and power, are no longer valid. It is no longer without rival in technology, information or human resources.

As a matter of fact, these rivals gain trust and wealth very swiftly. They are determined in the steps they take. They progress with great plans. They challenge with powerful inspiration from their deep political history.

What they all have in common is the intention to end the West’s unilateral global dominance. A consensus, a common awareness, and purpose regarding this can no longer be hidden. The belief that it is now “the end of the road for the West” has become common opinion.

Western globalization at its end. A great earthquake approaching

This is because they are all paying a price. Most have turned the colonial memory into a political claim. Most will never allow their resources to be plundered again. They all know that the “Western lifestyle” is an illusion, a lie that is adjusted to keep the Atlantic world standing.

Those questioning the undebatable power of the U.S. and Europe know that Western-based globalization has ended now. They are preparing for this. They are planning tomorrow's world and taking position accordingly.

A global earthquake is transpiring. The whole earth is preparing for great tremors, power shifts, collapses, new rises, and new superpowers.

Their mind maps have changed. Everything else will too!

The concepts of political language and identity have changed. Most do not even have any meaning left. Power, government and the tools used by them have changed, because their mind maps have changed. And when this changes, it means that everything else in the world will too.

The U.S. and Europe’s ”Roman Empire” theories will cease to exist in the 21st century. New empires will rise from the East. They are going to spare no effort to prevent the relations between them turning into a new “Western civil war” like in World Wars I and II in order to keep their own countries, societies and orders standing.

East’s former empires returning with 21st-century weapons

The Western image and beliefs in imprinted in minds will be shaken to their very core. Attention and expectations are going to turn towards the world’s new centers. This will at least be balanced and the West will no longer be the only hub.

The East’s great empires, civilization identities will take to the stage with greater courage, equipped with the weapons of the 21st century.

This is the reality that we fail to perceive and grasp in Turkey. This blindness is the reason behind the quest for tutelage in the U.S. and Europe, the attempts to buy power, the expectation for Biden to intervene in Turkey.

Stress, rage will cause outrage in Western cities

Strangely enough, they themselves are now facing all the security and conflict strategies they had been predicting for our cities and countries for decades.

Surely we are never going to forget anything that happened; everything will remain burned in our memories. We are going to take all the measures and make all the preparations necessary to determine our place in the new world – not as revanchists but as realists.

What we see the signs of today in American and Western cities, are the signs of that outrage that will emerge as a result of that great stress and helplessness. The power activity in the world is going to break these cities and provoke mass rage and unrest.

Clashes will take place on streets of Paris and New York, not Istanbul or Cairo

The U.S. and all European countries’ frequent use of the term of “foreign intervention” indicates that they politically blind in terms of perceiving this reality.

This global trend tells us that the social unrest is highly likely to unfold not in Cairo, Karachi, Tehran or Istanbul, but in Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Brussels and New York.

Turkey is ready for this. But are you?

Turkey is preparing for this new world. It is fine-tuning itself in accordance with this. This is why it is supporting and strengthening its defense shields, information and technology revolution, and most importantly, its revolution of political awareness.

This is what we cannot explain within. Following certain factions, whom we expected to be ready for this fight, for this showdown, fleeing the field, we are witnessing the cleansing of Turkey’s real struggle. This is not weakness but rather a consolidation of strength. It is the solidification of the fortresses.

Turkey is ready for anything. It is not a country that will be blown away by winds of the West. We will continue the great march as they continue to struggle with their own problems.

So, are you ready?


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