Conservative opposition,’ ‘conservative intervention’ and cracking the backbone

The year 2016 has been the year in which Turkish political history experienced its gravest trauma. The Republic of Turkey was subjected to the heaviest foreign intervention and attack since its founding. This was a multinational intervention, and the historic identity, regional awareness, social solidarity line that has been ongoing from the Seljuk era to the Republican era, that started Turkey’s new rising period negated this multinational intervention.

In a sense, it carried the struggle for independence of Turkey, which is in a rising period, to success. It laid the foundation of Turkey rising like a star and announced this to the whole world.

The era of Turkey that acts upon a regional and global mind rather than limited internal political deliriums started after the victory of July 15. Political history is going to take July 15 as basis for Turkey’s great rising period and, every step taken from this moment onward, is going to be evaluated in association with this date.

 Secret link between PKK and FETÖ, the sign of intervention in 2018

As for 2018, it is probably going to be the year of the final struggle and the year of the greatest test in terms of internal politics for Turkey. There is no longer going to be a Turkey that can be restricted, punished, weakened and made to surrender through terrorism, foreign intervention, economic coups, political dismissals and military interventions by destabilizing and dividing the countries surrounding it. Perhaps such interventions will also no longer be attempted. It might be thought that results cannot be achieved through such means.

Overt support to groups such as the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is going to continue. However, what’s critical is that the “secret support” for these organizations is going to come from further within, deeper and presented to us as a finely designed plan. An intervention is going to be attempted by cracking the backbone of the new political rising period.

 The conservative opposition wave and two main fronts

For this, there is going to be an attempt to build an opposition wave with a “conservative identity” instead of cadres, structures like the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), like the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), like sectarian and ethnic identities, like classical political circles; an outburst is going to be planned from within.

There is no longer a dominant political tendency in Turkey other than the social identity and tendency that shaped the political identity and laid the foundation of Turkey’s rising period. Everything happening around us, the interventions aimed at the countries in the region, plans to redesign the region and the regional and local resistance that has gained strength against these interventions, has given prominence to two main political preferences. The patriotic, national and local axis and those who take a stance on the side of multinational intervention.

The time of historic theories and claims has now started

The impact of all ideological molds is going to weaken in the new period. This is a general tendency, not only in Turkey but throughout the world. Countries are turning toward strengthening the centralized power domain, reinforcing their lines of defense and hence, taking a greater share from the global power domain. The U.S., Russia, China and European countries are all doing the same.

Pay attention to EU countries; they have abandoned all their post-World War II theories. None of them are focused on democracy and freedom and none of them pay attention to international agreements in this aspect. Because the world is being dragged into a very rough showdown; every country is preparing for this showdown; history-making countries and nations are laying claim to their historic theories and claims.

 ‘Inside operation’

Turkey is the same. As soon as Turkey closed its 20th century books, it started an extraordinary rise and took a leap. This is when the intense attacks started. In 2018, it seems like they have no choice other than the “inside intervention” example. This “inside intervention” must be done through the “conservative identity.” No other political identity has the chance of stopping or slowing down this march.

When establishing new terrorist organizations since 1990, the U.S. and Western countries preferred them to have “Muslim identities.” Other than the older organizations like the PKK, all the organizations established for the Muslim geography in the last 30 years consist of people with Muslim identities. Muslim individuals have been used the most as war tools for the “fight against Islam” doctrine. These organizations prepared civil wars, formed the atmosphere for invasions and paved the way for Western armies and interventions. Because this is what they were designed to do.

‘Innocent’ justifications and outside connections: We are going to pull it to shreds

After terrorist organizations, now the era of stopping countries through conservative opposition waves and political formations has started. Structures that have no involvement in violence, that remain within the democratic circle but whose fundamental motivation is to pave the way for Western intervention are going to gain prominence. If you notice, such attempts have been revealed in Turkey and all the countries in the region.

This is what we are going to test in 2018.

We are going to carefully follow the possibilities and developments of “internal operations” and “conservative interventions.” We are going to pull to shreds the foreign intervention connections of those acting upon “innocent justifications” to stop Turkey. So, everybody should carefully determine their stance, their position.

Foreign intervention will be identified and condemned

Conservative circles in particular should be on alert about remaining fixed on the “Turkey axis” and refraining from becoming the internal political tool of any “operation.” Because Turkey is in a great showdown and struggle. This showdown is being carried out with centuries-old claims. And the showdown is happening throughout the world.

In this case, the imperial ambitions of some, who act by hiding in the shadow of plans to stop Turkey, will be perceived as a foreign intervention. The political leg of the multinational attack in 2016 is going to be felt in 2018 as well. Yet, this “internal intervention” is going to be perceived and condemned as an “ intervention.”

‘Stopping Erdoğan through conservative opposition’

We have no other choice but to stand on the right side of history, on the Turkey axis and to give strength to this axis. This journey is going to be taken; those who take place on the wrong side of history, those who attempt to cast a role to Turkey for the plans of others, will, like it has been in millennia-old political history, be doomed to be forgotten.

We are going to continue to take place on the front line of the history-changing tendency.

Conservative circles in particular need to pay extraordinary attention to avoid becoming an operation tool for the new multinational intervention. Nobody should dare to try and promote century-old imperial plans under the conservative identity. Plans that say, “We can only stop Erdoğan through conservative opposition” have been revealed.


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