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Cosmic Room secrets: Turkey won the first two great wars

What do those who exploit governmental power and infiltrate places, where the most confidential intelligence secrets, domestic and external plans, future designs and secret history of the state are preserved, look for? What could their goals be? What was a structure, which used to be known as a religious movement, trying to find in Turkey’s cosmic rooms? Or, to which countries did this movement serve the information that they made copies of?

The Cosmic Room operation was the largest intelligence operation conducted against the Republic of Turkey. The Gezi Park Protests and the December 17 and 25 interventions were each coup attempts. They aimed to turn Turkey into an Egypt as they failed to turn it into a Ukraine. So indeed there was evidently a multinational project. Those who do not even mention the riots in Frankfurt these days, used to provoke the streets of Turkey back then and attempted to initiate a civil war and stage a coup in cooperation with the German intelligence and funds. For them, this civilian war would be conducted along ethnic lines. If they had succeeded, we would have been experiencing the current rueful situation that the Ukraine is going through.

They would have established independence tribunals

The Ukraine scenario, the sectarian-based civil war, the street takeover and German funds were insufficient. Der Spiegel’s “Do not bend” covers were not enough either. The coalition of organizations that they established, and the marginal joint presidential candidate of the opposition were also not enough. They immediately put another scenario into effect. They planned a coup which was much deeper, within the system rather than the outside.

They would make Erdoğan Mohammad Morsi, and make Turkey Egypt. They would imprison hundreds of people and find a Sisi for Turkey. The judicial staff of the Gülen Movement, which would function like independence tribunals, was prepared much in advance.

The preparations for this project had been started well in advance. The operations which we thought represented “Normalization of Turkey” in the past few years were actually preliminary preparations for the coup they started with the December 17 operation. The masters of tutelage were actually preparing “Plan B” of the goal they had aimed to reach with Gezi Protests for quite a few years. Innocent people from Anatolia were made to work for an international intervention plan through their passion for faith. The most prominent funding country of Gezi was Germany. The power behind December 17 was the extreme right-wing in Israel and the U.S. The Turkey project of the global coalition was also administered by a consortium. 

They are hitting Turkey with the information served to them by the Gülen Movement…

Perhaps the most important preliminary preparation for the project to substantiate was the Cosmic Room operation. A subcontractor intelligence structure was overthrowing the country and the state before our eyes, yet we were not even aware of it. More precisely, we thought normalization of the state represented obstacles in front of Turkey that were being removed.

In fact, there was a tender – taken from another country or intelligence consortium- belonging to an intelligence structure covered under the guise of a religious movement. There was a plot to bring down the state, and paralyze the interior and the region through the exploitation of laws of the Turkish Republic, the judiciary, prosecutors, the police and the state apparatus. Under the scope of this plot, all information pertaining to the country’s secret history, confidential secrets, economic goals, domestic security strategies and regional and international relations calendar,as well as Turkey’s future perspective, were all served to those intelligence organizations.

With the information obtained here, they would destroy the economy, threaten domestic security, and paralyze Turkey in the region as a whole. They apparently made present all of Turkey’s covered operations, all defense strategies and all armament projects to their masters.

Today, the main intelligence source of the anti-Turkey front, which is trying to be shaped in our immediate surroundings, is based on information obtained through these operations. The information that they serve is currently used in Syria and our immediate surroundings as a weapon against Turkey. They are now hitting Turkey with the unlawfully obtained information served by the parallel intelligence organization of the Gülen Movement.

What if partnerships are deciphered!

They still act like the honest person and without a shame, they pretend to act like they are the victims, as if they have not done anything. They go on about their daily lives with no shame, as if they were not the culprits of the attack against this country, the homeland, the nation, the history and the future. When the December 17 attempt failed, they took refuge in the headquarters of their master. And now they follow this path and carry out a defamation campaign against Turkey in the capitals that they visit. They continue their treason. 

What will you do if the network of those relations are revealed, the connections and partnerships are unfolded in the near future? What kind of shamelessness, insolence and connection is this that it turned a community rooted in Anatolia into the largest anti-Turkey treason cadre? In World War I, we witnessed British intelligence agents who were promoted to the “sheikhdom” post. But we have never witnessed such widespread treason.

We are aware that the conditions changed. Before, it was all about the staff who infiltrated political institutions. They would be regulating Turkey the same way they regulated monarchies in the Middle East. Their job was easy. However, new political staff and new government domains changed with the transformation of Turkey, making those discourses no longer applicable. 

The emergence of the star powerThey entered the era of “If you cannot do it through tutelage, do it through the streets, and if you cannot do that then mobilize the staff that you have fed inside the system for years.” They tried it within the system too, as well as the most marginalized groups and structures, but they failed again. It just won’t happen… This country has long erased the memory of tutelage. With the exception of some cadres and teams, the societal memory has met with a new situation, a new reality a hundred years later. It renewed its memory, itself and learned how to look to the future through its own eyes.

No longer do those cadres, circles or the rhetoric of pro-tutelage traditional political opposition have any response in Turkey. Look carefully, the same way they do not exist anymore, the threats and blackmailing of their masters no longer have a societal response. Nobody says Germany, U.S. or Britain anymore, nor do they care how these countries react. This state of carelessness is an indication of self-confidence and a future uprising. This picture represents the emergence of a new star power amidst the disintegration of all regimes in the region. 

This will last for eight more years

World War I is not over for us. The traces, effects and marks of the war will end the moment tutelage is completely finished. This is why Turkey is actually going through a struggle at least as big as WWI. Primarily, this is the new struggle for independence. The struggle to create a world power out of the Anatolian Republic. This is the main axis of the current societal, political and economic struggle.

This is why conflict will continue. The struggle between the local and the dependent; the real Turkey and externally controlled Turkey will continue to proceed. The war will continue until 2023, the centenary of the Republic when its establishment will be announced again. In the next eight years, they will try each and every single way to make Turkey kneel down. They will reserve all dirty means to ensure that they block the emergence of a new power, and a new and strong actor. Because this is a century-long struggle and we are at the end of that lost century. We will not be on the losing side for another century, nor will we be administering our own country through proxies. 

Two multinational interventions lost

Why did we get stuck at Gezi and the December 17 intervention like this? Because these two interventions were riot attempts against the New Turkey project. They were the first two explicit examples of an open war. They had a large coalition behind them, similar to the front against us in the Battle of Gallipoli. This was never a problem for Turkey. Therefore, they were the first two victories of New Turkey’s independence struggle. Both Gezi and December 17, as well as the Cosmic Room operation, were a part of this showdown.

From now on, every single scenario that they will implement will be a part of this showdown. Those who attempted to bring Turkey down from the inside based on the tender they received with the December 17 operation were on the wrong side of history. From now on, those who try to prevent Turkey’s great walk in terms of the political, economic, domestic security spheres and immediate surroundings will also be on the wrong side. Our political history and the history of the region will record it in this manner; the same way as those who lived on Ottoman soil but made wrong decisions.

Don’t forget, this is a new struggle for independence. The political intelligence which will administer this struggle today exist along with the political staff, sources and societal support. Those on the wrong side of history were the losers of the first two multinational struggles. I hope those who are preparing to make such wrong decisions are able to see this reality, the reality of Turkey. History has changed, the wind has changed its direction and a new history is being written. It is about time to stand beside the courageous and solely beside our country. 


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