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"Custom-made President" candidate Ekmeleddin is a project…

Sometimes you need to ask the questions openly…

Does this hostage situation of Turkish citizens in Iraq have any relevance to the internal political developments, especially the Presidential elections?

Does ISIL"s "Caliphate State" declaration and the new Middle East scenarios that feed on the British imperial tradition have any connection?

What kind of connections do the ones, who suggested Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu as a Presidential candidate to Turkey, have with the happenings in Iraq, the hostage incident or the "Caliphate State" project?

Did CHP and MHP even think about this side of the story?

What kind of an international operation is ISIL? Showing up and dividing Iraq into three, attempting to establish a Sunni state with the support of Saudi Arabia and Gulf, and declaring it as a "Caliphate State"... What kind of a relation does this operation have with Turkey? Are the hostage and ISIL incidents only limited with equilibriums for Iraq?

These are questions which we have to dwell on…

British imperial tradition is in the Middle East once again. After a century, as the structures they had established started to fall into pieces and while the calculations had restarted, they are trying to re-activate scenarios from a century ago again.

Similar to what had happened in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, North Africa, Yemen, Gulf, or like in the recent "Egypt operation", it"s as if a new game that includes Turks and Kurds is being set. While steps, which will direct Turkey"s future and Kurds" destiny, are being taken, a sensitive topic like "Caliphate" is thrown in the middle.

Any project that will be serviced through Caliphate will mean destruction for these lands. Numbing and putting these societies to sleep, who are trying to get themselves together after a century, means to blind everyone over a dream.

The Caliphate is the last trump they can use to deceive our country, our environment and us. And sadly, there are large masses present that want to saturate this operation. The ISIL incident shouldn"t be disregarded. If they can properly represent the needs of Sunni Iraqis, then we should agree with that, but if they want to carry out a caliphate state project through this, we should disagree violently.

Doesn"t it seem strange that while Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu wasn"t even in the calculations, he was suddenly put forward as a Presidential candidate, and this unusual move wasn"t regarded as odd, and CHP and MHP seem to be prepared as they adapt their bases for this new candidate?

In the way that the Caliphate and ISIL were serviced with lightning speed, didn"t Ihsanoglu"s presidency also appear to be out of the blue?

Do we have to seek a "British job" here too?

Don"t you get a similar smell?

I"ve been watching Ihsanoglu for years. My personal opinion is that he is an example of failure. I"m not of the opinion that he doesn"t have country, motherland, and labor worries beyond personal prosperity worries.

Especially, the performance he had demonstrated, while he was the General Secretary of OIC, is quite dramatic. We didn"t hear of Ihsanoglu anywhere around the regional problems. We didn"t hear his name, despite being the General Secretary, while there were sectarian wars going on in Iraq, Baghdad was being turned into ruins, slaughters were happening in Syria and people in Turkey were raising their voices for Gaza.

He doesn"t understand the state of minds of countries, societies and the ones suffering pain. He is a lobby guy; he is always where the power is. You wouldn"t hear his name while mass massacres are going on at Iraq-Syria. While horrible images from prisons are being spread over the world, he won"t even be in that geography. Perhaps he might be found at a program in the U.S teaching islamphobia literature.

Ihsanoglu"s Turkey side is weak, it"s almost nonexistent. His candidacy doesn"t have a national aspect. He was presented to CHP and MHP as a candidate. Since they had accepted it, it means that we will witness new calculations for Turkey following the Presidential elections.

Somehow, I couldn"t escape the feeling that the Iraq project with ISIL has some connection with Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu"s candidacy. I know this is a disturbing connection.

So, without going into further details, let me come to my final words:

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu is a project…

As you know, there are countless projects in Iraq and they all fail. Afterwards, ISIL project steps in with lightning speed. This project is one of them…

This is a project that smells abundantly British!

In other words, "Custom-made Presidential" candidate…


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