Don’t appease those who point their guns at Turkey! Don’t reward the masterminds of the July 15 coup attempt! Don’t give those building a ‘front’ inside the country a chance! Sunday is more than a local election, don’t be fooled! Don’t believe that those receiving instructions from the PKK in Qandil are ‘local’! Don’t hand those wanting to stop this country an opportunity!

We cannot reward those who betray Turkey.

We cannot reward those who point their guns at this country.

We cannot forgive those who attempt to beat us by the hand of the U.S., the hand of Israel, and the hand of terrorist organizations.

We cannot go back to the start again.

We cannot go back.

We cannot bow our head in obedience.

We cannot accept another lost century.

We cannot submit this country to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ), and their networking webs.

We cannot surrender Turkey to terror bosses, to July 15 bosses.

We cannot believe those who receive orders from the U.S., Israel, the U.K. and Germany.

Shame lists can no longer be hidden

We cannot trust those who hold secret meetings upon their instructions, those who build alliances behind the curtains, those who hide the candidates imposed by them from the people and then add them to the lists. We cannot consider those who act like nothing is wrong when everything is revealed as decent.

We cannot consider the Felicity Party's (SP) Adıyaman candidate, who said, "I spoke to those on the mountain, they are going to support us," someone who maintains the vision of a national stance. We cannot find those who have placed the national vision among the multinational front as rightful.

We cannot consider the mayor, who held celebration, with a glass in his hand on July 15 while the streets had turned into a sea of blood, and a nation was resisting, as a decent man.

What is this İmamoğlu! Were you expecting US tanks?

On which national axis is Ekrem İmamoğlu's wife Dilek Kaya İmamoğlu, who said, "I wish nothing but some sense for these people who have poured to the streets. My country is brain dead. May it rest in peace," as a coup was being staged on the night of July 15, 2016, as the U.S.-backed FETÖ armed forces waged a war against this country, as the decision to tear Istanbul apart from Anatolia had been made, as the Anatolian civil war had been started, and as our people cried out with joy upon changing that history? Was she expecting this nation to be crushed under U.S. tanks? Was she hoping that Istanbul would be bombed with U.S. jets?

Who has gathered you in a single front? Who has you standing against Turkey?

For which Turkey is Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu striving, having surrendered this country's founding party, the Republican People's Party (CHP) to the PKK, to the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C), and placing this country on the multinational intervention axis?

We can never consider those who resorted to July 15, those who resort to terrorism, and those who resort to economic attacks as local. Who is the one gathering them under a single roof? Who is the power setting them up against Turkey's integrity?

We cannot forgive those who are unable to say a single word against Cemil Bayık, who made the call, "Do not vote for the AK Party [Justice and Development Party] and the MHP [Nationalist Movement Party]," those who cannot say, "What is it to you?" and those who, on the contrary, negotiate with them. This shame will end them.

We can never again allow this country to fall weak against multinational attacks and leave it hopeless. We can never again allow this country to be in the "defense" position.

Are we going to receive instructions from Washington, Brussels, and London again?

We cannot go through the times the government was toppled in Turkey with a single instruction from Washington, from Brussels, from London again, or the times we experienced an economic disaster when an article was published in U.S. media.

We cannot sit and wait for those who beat us by the hand of the PKK, the hand of FETÖ, the hand of terrorist organizations, to beat us in the new term with the front they built through political parties.

We cannot remain silent against those trying to confuse our people's minds through incredible plots and attempting to join terrorist organizations and political parties to make us pay for Çanakkale, to turn Anatolia into Syria, and to stop Turkey which has started the great historic rise after a century.

They even discussed how much money will be transferred to the PKK in Qandil

We cannot believe the lie that those who have even decided in their negotiations with Qandil which municipality company will be given to them, how much money will be transferred are fighting for Turkey.

We cannot reward those who keep silent against those trying to siege Anatolia from all corners, who do not say a word to those building fronts all around our country, who, on the contrary, receive instructions from them, and build the alliances ordered by them.

We cannot consider those who oppose the Afrin intervention, those who oppose the intervention on Iraq’s Qandil, those who oppose the Euphrates Shield Operation, those who say, "NATO and the U.S. should come to the southeast, to the eastern Mediterranean," in this country's fight. Come on, say something to all this!

They don't see March 31 as a local election, so why should we!

March 31 is not a local election. No election in Turkey is local anymore. Our people's decision, choice is regional, global. Everything we say and do, and our fight, is global now.

If they do not see March 31 as a local election, why should we!

If they consider these elections as an opportunity to prevent Turkey from awakening from its century-long slumber, to silence Turkey, to place it under tutelage again, this is in no way a local election.

Why does the U.S. have its hopes set on this election? Why does the EU have its hopes set on this election? Why does Israel have its hopes set on this election? Why do terrorist organizations have their hopes set on this election? Why does the front that built a partnership with all of those I listed above have its hopes set on this election?

All of Turkey's enemies are by their side!

Just look at who is standing against Turkey. They all support them. Is there anything more to say?

Are they concerned with municipal work? Are they concerned about growing, strengthening Turkey? They owe a debt those drowning them in instructions, distributing roles to them, and bringing them into line. They will obey whomever they owe. They have no other choice.

Whomever is left outside the "Turkey axis" is within the multinational front. They are together with FETÖ, the U.S., the PKK, Israel, and those who have been intervening in Turkey and attacking it for 15 years.

Let us wake up. We cannot be fooled by those who confuse our minds and push away the opportunity we found a century later.

Our people's will of steel, their deep foresight will spoil this game

But they will not be able to succeed. Neither they nor their bosses will not succeed. Neither they nor the terrorist organizations they embrace will succeed.

Neither they nor their bosses will succeed on March 31, in northern Syria, in the Aegean, in the eastern Mediterranean, in their attempts to ruin the economy and cause chaos, and their plans to redesign Turkey. All their sly plans will ricochet against our people's will of steel, their deep foresight, and fall apart.

Turkey will march. The great march will continue. Regardless of what is done domestically or from abroad, regardless of what alliances are built, regardless of the kind of fronts prepared, the centuries-old political gene will continue to make history, continue to build the region, and Turkey will continue its rise.

The biggest plan is Turkey. This is the greatest fight...

Do not see this as a local election. Do not think it is a mayoral matter alone. The next step after this is to paralyze Turkey. This is what they are preparing for.

Because everybody's intention has now been revealed. Because nobody can hide their front anymore. Do not please those shooting at this country, at its history and future; do not please the forces behind them, those who want to stop Turkey.

There is no plan greater than this. We are going to continue this for eternity. We will not allow those who could not stop our country from the outside to stop it from the inside, especially at a time Turkey when is on the rise.


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