Don’t pay attention to the show off, but the forces supporting him... The Istanbul project has been launched for the third time through Ekrem İmamoğlu. He was sent to Northern Cyprus to implicitly say, ‘We’re going to save you too.’ Ekrem, you who call the governor a ‘dog,’ remember July 15. Is your place in Pennsylvania ready? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Don’t pay attention to the show off, but the forces supporting him... The Istanbul project has been launched for the third time through Ekrem İmamoğlu. He was sent to Northern Cyprus to implicitly say, ‘We’re going to save you too.’ Ekrem, you who call the governor a ‘dog,’ remember July 15. Is your place in Pennsylvania ready?

He [Ekrem İmamoğlu] draws courage from the forces supporting him. He is battering Turkey with their strength. He is bullying it with their power. He is challenging everyone with their power and orders.

He is an actor. He is a man for sale. A scenario was written, and a role was given to him. Everything he would say, his tone, and even his attire were all specified in that scenario.

There is no figure such as Ekrem İmamoğlu, but a project. A man fitting that scenario was found, with his connections to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), relations with multinational circles, and affiliation with local agents taken into account.

He has been given that role today, and he may be given a different role tomorrow, or he might even be replaced by someone else.

Don’t take him seriously. Don’t look at the show off, but the forces that support him

Do not take him seriously, do not pay attention to his words; his sermons, his showing off, and ostentatious attitudes are not his own. He is aware of the forces behind him, and he is acting with the ignorance of this courage.

Focus on the alliance of the forces supporting him and that alliance’s showdown with Turkey. This is where the real struggle is. Look at who they are.

Do not allow them to blacken your mind and heart or blind your eyes. Think of how you can fight them. This fight did not start with İmamoğlu and it will not end with him either – this is what you should be considering.

He gets his strength not from his party, but from Israel, Europe, FETÖ, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and all the other circles, organizations, finance groups that have a score to settle with Turkey.

He is a mocking project of arrogance: He has no discourse, ideas or identity.

He galvanizes the state, the people and the street with the courage he draws from them, undermining the conventions of this country, and puts on a charade – or is made to do so – with mocking arrogance.

He repeats their words. He acts in accordance with their agenda. İmamoğlu has no discourse, statement or idea. He acts in accordance with their behavioral model. He dresses as they tell him to. He smiles as they tell him to.

Even the sentences he articulates are determined by them. The moment he steps outside the project, he slips up. Then, they put him back into line and let him out on the street again.

Ekrem İmamoğlu is not only an election project. The matter is much beyond an election and has dimensions that will be gravely detrimental to our nation and country.

The entire FETÖ network is behind him: Those who staged July 15, those who released İmamoğlu on the ground are one and the same

The entire FETÖ network is behind him. They are the ones implementing the project anyway. He is a man who has, until now, kept out of sight, been hidden, preppedn, and presented to multinational forces by FETÖ saying, “This is your man, invest in him.” Now, they are promoting both this scenario and this stand-in actor to Turkey.

The election is not the matter. It has nothing to do with the mayoral elections. Whoever is behind FETÖ and the PKK is also behind İmamoğlu.

Whoever staged the July 15, 2016 coup attempt also released İmamoğlu on the ground.

İmamoğlu is the product of a plan designed by those who planned and implemented the Gezi terror attacks.

Whoever designed the front in northern Syria also planned the İmamoğlu project. Just as there are those preparing the siege of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC), İmamoğlu is a part of the siege circles within the country.

Pay attention, all the attempts on the ground are connected to everything I mentioned.

The Istanbul project has been launched for third time through İmamoğlu. This is the threat!

Istanbul was drowned in terrorism during the Gezi Park events. An Istanbul project was implemented. Istanbul was opened up to international debate. The circles that had inside connections were activated with the support of the entire Western world for this purpose.

Efforts were made on July 15, 2016, to separate Istanbul from Anatolia, and a serious attack was launched to achieve this. A structure similar Vatican was going to be built for FETÖ, Turkey was going to be pushed out of Europe, and the centuries-old revenge was going to be enacted.

This was an attempt to open Istanbul to an international debate. The biggest scenario targeting Istanbul 566 years later was defeated. We had experienced this with the British invasion of Istanbul after World War I.

Now, a third attempt is being made for Istanbul.

It is being opened to international debate once again through İmamoğlu. This is the continuation of the previous two debates, attempts.

From all this, we can easily deduce that the İmamoğlu project is the same scenario as the Gezi Park events and July 15 coup attempt. The new July 15 is being continued through the main opposition Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) candidate Ekrem İmamoğlu. This is the crux of the matter.

Ekrem never stops: He was sent to Northern Cyprus to implicitly say, ‘We are going to save here too’

Those who perpetrated July 15 and those who released İmamoğlu on the ground are one and the same. Pay attention, Trabzon is being dragged into the same argument as Istanbul. The Pontus debate was triggered by İmamoğlu’s actions, his posing in front of the map, and statements to a Greek newspaper. Relations with the Greeks, their reciprocal love, their historical plans are all being promoted once again through İmamoğlu.

İmamoğlu never stops; while the East Mediterranean boils, while the flames of the initiatives aimed at leading the TRNC into trouble are fueled, while the entire Turkish fleet there is in defense mode, he is sent to Cyprus. He visits the TRNC with no title or qualification.

He sends a message to Greece and his Western bosses. In addition to the message that Istanbul will be turned into Constantinople, and that the Pontus Empire will be revived, he is also giving the message from the TRNC that, “We will rescue you too.”

He memorized his lines like a good soldier: ‘Do not dare buy the S-400s.’ Who are you, which country do you actually belong to?

Nobody should beat around the bush, these are İmamoğlu’s initiatives, or rather, all the intentions and sabotages of his bosses through him. Everything is out in the open now.

İmamoğlu does not stop there; he is also taking hi splace in initiatives aimed at leaving Turkey defenseless as it is being sieged from the north of Syria, the East Mediterranean, and Balkan countries. He is crying out, “Do not dare buy the S-400s.” With what capacity, with what authority is he encouraging the country? This is a man whom they made to memorize his lines like a parrot and released him on the street.

This is a man who calls the state’s governor a ‘dog,’ who raids a police station, has men beaten, who is knee-deep in corruption

He is a man who call the state’s governor a “dog,” who attacks Turkey with prompts from its enemies, whose FETÖ character has been revealed, who doesn’t have the nation’s interests at heart, who is, on the contrary, playing with the country and people’s heartstrings.

A man who raids police stations, causing terror, who has men beaten up in construction sites, who plundered Beylikdüzü, who owns hundreds of residential properties and stores, who rents residential properties from his own constructions at extreme prices to those whom the municipality is in debt to and pockets that money, should not talk about morality or maturity.

Yes, this man is a national security issue

A man who opens to debate a city like Istanbul, which we have been trying to loyally protect for 566 years, has no respect for Turkey’s territorial integrity. A man who is adjusted to reviving the Pontus memory of a city like Trabzon, where national sensitivity is at its strongest, has no respect towards our national integrity.

From day one I have said that “This man is a national security issue.”

I said, “This is not an electoral or mayoral issue, it is a project prepared against Turkey.”

Istanbul cannot be trusted to FETÖ. Remember July 15, İmamoğlu. Is your place in Pennsylvania ready?

I said, “Istanbul cannot be trusted to these men, this would be betraying Turkey’s centuries-old political struggle.”

I said that, every citizen of the Republic of Turkey can be themayor of Istanbul, “But this is a different project, an intervention project, a multinational scenario, preparation for an attack similar to July 15.”

I said, “Do not trust Istanbul to FETÖ,” I made calls to prevent Istanbul’s sacrifice.

There is a project that will threaten our national security, our country’s integrity, our unity, and İmamoğlu was unleashed on the ground for this project. Sooner or later, he too will see what the people’s resistance is like.

İmamoğlu, remember July 15. Who knows, your place in Pennsylvania is probably long ready. This nation will see your true colors too.


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