Dreams of new ‘Gezi’ events and the political pursuit in the country. They’re launching global scale attacks. What are the roles of the two ‘crown princes’ in all this and who are their partners in Turkey? Pay attention to the ‘covert’ articles in the media

Do you think that the war the two crown princes, Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia and Mohammed bin Zayed of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), started against Turkey is limited to the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi?

Their war against Turkey started long ago. It started with the Syria war. It started with the east of the Euphrates. It started with the UAE-Saudi Arabia-Israel-Egypt axis established against Turkey. The Khashoggi murder was just where they made a “mistake” and got caught in the act.

Pay attention to the covert media campaign

If we are unable to see where these attacks, this war targeting our country will lead to, we should at least pay attention to what is happening today. We should pay attention to what is happening in our region, what is coming from the West, the activities inside the country, and the covert attacks conducted through the media.

We should see that a storm is approaching, that it is being driven toward us. In this sense, despite having strong evidence, the Khashoggi murder is also leading to blindness. This is because we think that the issue is limited to the Khashoggi murder.

Who are starring in the new scenario? Mindlessly, they want a Turk-Arab war.

Now, the same crown princes, the same countries and their global lords are spreading the war, expanding it, and turning it in to open war. They are starting a global campaign that directly targets Turkey. This campaign is going to be followed by rougher waves. It is going to be followed by political and security-based attempts. Certain fluctuations are going to be bred inside the country.

All the countries and forces that were behind the July 15, 2016 coup attempt are involved in this campaign. There are groups such as the Soros Foundation and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. There are capital circles that have been trying to suffocate this country with terrorism and financially collapse it for years. There are terrorist organizations like the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Those two crown princes are involved in that wave. There are their outrageous anti-Turkey sentiment and the Turk-Arab scenarios they have been mindlessly cultivating.

Who are your partners in Turkey?

If we are unable to see the global attack directed at our country through those two crown princes, if we are unable to see the extensions of this attack in our region, if we are unable to see that "evil alliance's" partners in Turkey and the activity based on these, then we are in a new "unprepared" moment before open attacks like the Gezi Park events or the July 15 coup attempt.

Those two crown princes have openly declared war against this country. The forces behind those two crown princes are carrying on an indirect war through them. The attacks of those two crown princes and the attacks of terrorist organizations, their July 15 intentions, their plans to siege Turkey from the south are all in line with each other.

Those two crown princes' attacks and certain pursuits within Turkey appear to complement each other. It is very clear that the attacks of those two crown princes, as well as the statements made in newspaper columns and on television are from the same source. Simply observe, look carefully and you will see the next few steps.

Where is the person who signed that torture agreement now? We know.

So, apparently Turkey is taking FETÖ terrorists across the world to secret prisons in private jets. They are starting a campaign that is launched simultaneously from numerous countries, articulated and spread by the same groups, and financed by the same centers. This campaign is being organized by the groups that have a role in all the attacks targeting our country. They are financed by the obvious circles.

This was a method related to CIA jets. It was used by the U.S. in the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. I believe I was the first one to write about this too. The secret prison ships in the ocean, the torture centers established in 36 countries, the CIA's slave trade jets issue was this.

Turkey had also signed that agreement made in Paris for secret slave trade in 36 countries! Strangely, the person from Turkey, who put his signature under that horrific incident, is now on the same front as those groups; he is a “dissident” in parallel with the two crown princes' Turkey project. We know him, but he does not know what we know.

This is the same scenario as the MİT trucks

This is the CIA method the two crown princes have been using in all their covert operations. Perhaps those torture centers are now working for them, perhaps they have their own Abu Ghraibs established. Perhaps Khashoggi was part of such a covert operation.

This is one and the same scenario as the one in which FETÖ and the U.S. form a partnership with Daesh in Syria and say "Erdoğan supports Daesh." This is the same scenario as the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) trucks issue.

Who is financing the 'conservative opposition' and 'conservative intervention' project?

It is right at this point, ahead of the elections, at a time when the two crown princes are in open war against Turkey, that some groups are taking action for dreams of a "new Gezi Park event in Turkey." This time, it is not just Western funds or intelligence services disguised as NGOs, but a wave stemming from the Arab world is forming.

Why? Because they are also going to include the conservative groups. They are going to strike the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) with its own base. They are going to build a "conservative opposition" and organize a "conservative intervention" through them.

New Gezi Park dreams, new political pursuits

Strangely, new Gezi Park dreams and new political pursuits breed off one another. Strangely, these days, certain media personnel are openly attacking those who express these concerns, trying to overshadow something.

This country will never ever encounter another "multinational intervention." It will never be held subject to such a test. This country will never again be sacrificed to such covert operations. Everybody remaining outside the Turkey axis will be forgotten in the wrong pages of history. Everybody should watch their step.


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