East of Euphrates: Preparations complete. Now, even a day’s delay is suicide! Otherwise, a ‘second corridor’ will open in Turkey. Nobody dare advocate US interests, Israel priorities, UK plans! No power will be able to overtly stand against this operation. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

East of Euphrates: Preparations complete. Now, even a day’s delay is suicide! Otherwise, a ‘second corridor’ will open in Turkey. Nobody dare advocate US interests, Israel priorities, UK plans! No power will be able to overtly stand against this operation.

It is now a matter of time or days. The operation to intervene in the east of the Euphrates, that terror corridor, that “multinational front” is about to kick off. Turkey’s power will kick into gear once again.

We are going to do whatever we have been doing on these soils for a millennium. We are going to activate the same mind we used to overcome the gravest chaos of history.

Those who placed the “map drafts” on our table are going to their table crushed. The plans designed despite us, against us, to hit and injure us, to exclude us from history and the region, to imprison us inside Anatolia are going to be ruined once more.

We have the strength, wit, skill, experience to achieve this

Those who started the Syrian war to open the Turkey front, those planning to strike Turkey after Iraq and Syria, those “lay siege from outside” and “establishing fronts within” for this purpose, those establishing massive military buildups at the zero point of our border and trying to distract us within are going to be destroyed.

A new and forceful step is going to be taken aimed at “shaping the region and history.” This major preparation, built in the north of Syria, whose sole aim is to shrink Anatolia, is going to face an operation.

We have the strength, the wit, the skill, painful lessons from history, military and political experience, the regional identity and country awareness necessary to achieve this. Most importantly, we have an incorruptible identity such as the Anatolia defense, homeland defense.

Patience has run out, warnings are over, preparations are complete

Now, even a day’s delay is suicide!

It is no longer possible to postpone another day. We used to say, “Intervention is essential even if it means suicide.” Now, “delay is suicide.” Giving up, postponing, neglect, wasting time with other proposals and negotiations would destroy both this country and its future.

Patience has run out, warnings are over, preparations are complete. Trust in allies is no more, the curtain has fallen. All plots aimed at hypnotizing our nation, our country from within, paralyzing it and then compelling it to hopelessly surrender end here.

No country would or can ignore the metastasizing threat growing before its very eyes, a threat that will obviously strike it. What would the U.S., the U.K., France, Israel or Russia do if they were in the same position?

Which one of them would remain silent, which one of them could waste time with interior policy maneuvers, which one would stand audience, saying, “it is outside my border”?

Defense not possible at zero point of border.

That war will shift to Anatolia tomorrow.

No country can defend itself at the zero point of its border. Especially if this threat is growing in our region, at our southern border, in Syria and Iraq, defense is impossible at the zero point of our border.

If we do this, that war will shift to Kahramanmaraş, to Sivas, inside Anatolia tomorrow. Because it means that if you cannot stop the war outside, you will have to face it inside.

If we fail to stop the threat on the other side of our border today, then we will have to confront it inside Anatolia tomorrow with a homeland defense.

The corridor will be built inside Turkey,

those maps will be drawn for Turkey

If we surrender today to a structure similar to the “Combined Task Force” like in Iraq and Syria, if we normalize it, the same “Combined Task Force” model will be established in Turkey’s south tomorrow.

If we fail today to negate the “terror corridor” in the north of Syria, the same corridor is going to be established in Turkey’s south tomorrow, on our soil as well. When that day comes, those drawing maps in Syria today will be drawing maps inside Turkey.

It does not take great effort to foresee these. Everybody who looks at the world’s power activity, the change in geography and regional crises, and global efforts aimed at stopping Turkey, everyone will say the same things.

Nobody dare give us a geography, history lesson!

Nobody should dare give this country, which experienced the Crusades, World War I destruction, the War of Independence, lessons in history and geography.

Nobody should dare try to adjust this country, which battled in every corner of our region during the world war period, through the opinions of terrorist organizations, political parties that are incapable of foreseeing what will happen a year ahead.

Nobody should dare attempt to teach this nation, which has shaped maps and made history on this land for a millennium, what the threat or solution is, and based on what it should act.

Nobody dare advocate US interests, Israel’s priorities, UK plans!

Nobody should dare advocate to us the U.S.’s interests, Israel’s priorities, the U.K.’s plans. Nobody should dare attempt to include us in the Iran-Saudi Arabia equilibrium and drag us into political myopia.

We will not allow those who closed the doors of Central Asia in our faces, those who cut off our land ties with that region to erect new walls in our south, sever all our ties with the Arab/Islamic world, alienate us from the region, and confine us inside Anatolia.

After doing this, we are not going to allow them to strike from the north of Syria and Iraq, siege from Anatolia and the Aegean, and corner from the West from Greece all the way to Romania.

Biggest game in Syria is being played against Turkey

The Syria war is no longer a Syrian issue. It has long turned into a world war. Today, the biggest game there is being played in the country’s north, against Turkey. We are not going to allow the lobby and interest groups within, those that have direct links outside, the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) and Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) undercover agents to complete this game either.

Intervention on the east of Euphrates is no different to the Cyprus intervention. In fact it is even more important in many aspects. Because it is directly targeting the homeland. Because it is openly targeting the “rise of Turkey,” which started after a century.

This rise cannot continue without intervening in the east of the Euphrates. All doors that have opened to this country a century later will close. This will be followed by pressures from the Mediterranean and Aegean. Because they are all a joint project.

They’re laying siege to our entire southern border, from Iran to Mediterranean

The east of the Euphrates is not limited to terrorism or related to an ethnic matter. A direct U.S., Western occupation, invasion is in question. The siege of our entire south, from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean is in question.

We closed off the Mediterranean door through the Euphrates Shield and Afrin operations. Now, the east door is being closed off through Operation Claw that is ongoing in the north of Iraq. But we have a hundreds-of-kilometers-long front ahead of us. Everybody who feels any sense of belonging to this country owes it to Turkey to intervene in this.

No power can overtly stand against Turkey

No country, no power can openly stand against this intervention by Turkey. Not the U.S., not Israel, not even their partners, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Our arms are powerful, minds clear, memories strong. That centuries-old mind has taken action. We will see that no power can stand against this and change the flow of history.

We reached these days by using this mind at all times. We are going to continue the same way. We are going to intervene in the east of the Euphrates using the same mind. Because this is the call of the Turkey of the future.

Erdoğan’s words tapped into centuries-old history.

East of Euphrates is a perpetuity issue.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s words inspired by the depths of history, the Seljuks, the Ottomans and that address Turkey’s political gene explain all these facts. But a strange, unknown hand is trying to neutralize these statements. A mysterious intervention can be sensed even here.

The east of the Euphrates is a perpetuity issue. It is an internal matter for everyone who feels they belong to Turkey. It is a very imminent and great threat. This step is going to be taken, that great game is going to be spoiled despite the “siege” outside.

May God help our nation and country and grant it victory.


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