Egypt's nine young men: Sometimes you can’t do anything but cry out… Can you feel that mother's pain? Those gallows were going to be set up in Turkey! A discourse of revolt that encompasses the region is essential! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Egypt's nine young men: Sometimes you can’t do anything but cry out… Can you feel that mother's pain? Those gallows were going to be set up in Turkey! A discourse of revolt that encompasses the region is essential!

Ahmed Jamal, Abdulrahman Suleiman, Abu al-Qasem, Mahmoud al-Ahmadi, Islam Mohamed, Abu Bakr al-Sayed, Ahmed M. Sayed, Ahmed Aldjawi, and Ahmed Wahdan.

Nine young men were executed by the Egyptian junta, as the world remained silent and became an accomplice to this. The executions are ongoing and they will continue to happen.

You must have watched the mother of 23-year-old Mahmoud al-Ahmadi calling out to her son, the way she caressed her son's lifeless body, her helplessness, loneliness; you must have witnessed her dignity despite the horrific fire burning up inside her.

If your heart can handle it, if you have humane sensitivity, you would have seen it. Compare your feelings to what that mother felt. That is when you would have understood what pain, fury and helplessness means.

There are times when there is nothing left beyond a cry

There are times in life when there is nothing left beyond a cry. You can call out to the ages, the earth, and still, nobody hears you. This is what that mother's helplessness is like.

The people of Egypt, who had thousands of martyrs simply because they want an honorable and free country, because they raised their voice against the oppressions, are now seeing the country turn into a graveyard of young bodies once more with executions.

As a new Pharaoh order is being built with the support of the U.S., Israel, Europe, and the Arab regimes that have sold both their country and honor, the people of Egypt are once again being sentenced to pay a horrific price.

A new discourse of revolt, a language of compassion, a language of justice is essential

A great wave of revolt against oppression must be the most powerful political language of the Muslim world today. An honorable political anger against oppression is required to be the strongest political ideology against the global established order today.

We need to strengthen economically, politically and militarily. We have to gain strength against all the interventions, inside plots and infamy that have been wreaking havoc on this territory for the last century.

We need to clear our minds, strengthen our identities, and give priority to building a freedom discourse, and an honorable future for the region, for the entire Muslim world, beyond all else. This must be our primary goal.

We have no choice but to set aside all the identities that place us into categories, and build a new political language for justice, for compassion, for freedom, for our homeland, and our people, and our future, regardless of our political identity, our front, our social status.

A common identity against internal and external invasion

This discourse must first take the Muslim world's freedom and honor as a basis. This language must first take a common stance against all internal and external attacks targeting Muslim communities as a foundation. This discourse must consider the lands that Muslims live on as sacred.

This discourse must include a common stance against the attacks faced by our countries. This language must be one of a new fury, a mentality, and a new identity against all these attacks. This discourse must be a common language beyond all the political identities we possess.

Destruction will reach our door if we sit by and watch

The charade being staged in Egypt, in Iraq or Afghanistan, in Syria or Libya, the one they tried to stage in Turkey but failed to do so, are all parts of the same scenario. It is a single play, which they always stage in pieces, as though the scenes are independent from one another.

The writers are the same, the actors are the same, the objective is the same, and the mind behind all these are the same. If we are unable to determine a common mind, a stance, a common language, other countries will be next. Our lands, our cities, our people will be exposed to great storms.

If we just sit by and watch, if we are unable to build a common awareness spanning Morocco and Indonesia, if we are unable to put forth a strong voice, if we continue to bicker with one another, destruction will reach our doors.

Their gallows were going to set up in this country. First step was an Egypt scenario in Turkey, then an attempt to turn it into Syria

The aim with the Gezi Park events and the Dec. 17-25 judiciary coup attempt was to turn Turkey into Egypt. They tried the same thing. When those attempting these in Turkey in accordance with their masters' instructions are tried, the U.S. Department of State takes action and screams as loud as it can. It is trying to save its "men." But the same U.S. does not say anything about the executions in Egypt. Because they are the ones doing the executing!

Had the Gezi Park events and the Dec. 17-25 coup attempt been successful, the same gallows set up in Egypt would have been set up in Turkey as well. When they failed, they tried the July 15 coup attempt. That was a plot to turn Turkey into Syria. Had they succeeded, all corners of Turkey would have been on fire today. Cities would have been turned into ruins; many countries would have started to invade Turkey; hundreds of thousands of people would have lost their lives; and our country would have been destroyed.

Keeping strong a Turkey that gives rise to the cry of compassion will spoil all games

This is why they keep on attacking Turkey. This is why they want to weaken Turkey's resistance and act as they please in the region. They know that Turkey built that discourse, the kind of impact this has on the vast region, and the kind of destruction it will lead to for their interests.

This is why nobody can take any position that will weaken this country and leave it defenseless against any eternal storms. If they do take such a position, this will be considered a contemptible choice for both the region and our deep historical showdowns.

Turkey is the only country giving rise to the cry of compassion in the region and the world today. Hence, keeping Turkey strong is above everything. The 21st century really is a century of reckoning for us.

A solidarity meeting with Sisi. Murderers at the crime scene!

Immediately after the martyrdom of the nine young men by the death penalty, the European Union gave great support to the Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi junta. More than 20 government and state leaders gathered in Sharm el-Sheikh in an organization hosted by Sisi.

Is it not clear who is behind the executions? Even this meeting alone is more than enough to show against which order, which dirty partnerships the wave of revolt, the quest for justice, the new political language is obligatory.


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