Ekrem İmamoğlu is a 'project'. This is the second 'Baykal plot'. There has been an 'intervention’ in the elections. What part do the US and FETÖ have in all this? The election is not the issue, it's much beyond that.. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Ekrem İmamoğlu is a 'project'. This is the second 'Baykal plot'. There has been an 'intervention’ in the elections. What part do the US and FETÖ have in all this? The election is not the issue, it's much beyond that..

The elections in Istanbul must be re-held.

If this cannot be done, if this is not done, then all the votes must be recounted.

We should not suffice with checking whether the votes have been shifted or with the recount of invalid votes. Doing this alone will not be enough to reveal the 'project' implemented on Istanbul.

To completely eliminate question marks, suspicions, and the cloud of doubt that has befallen the election, a comprehensive case and investigation should be launched regarding the "Istanbul project" that has been implemented. Beyond the elections, beyond determining the mayor, certain truths should be revealed.

Redoing the elections is the only solution.

First step of a critical period for Turkey: This is not a case of not being able to ‘stomach' the results…

If this is not done, the Istanbul results of the March 31 elections becomes questionable and will always remain so. What is more, the "intervention" made through Istanbul is the first step of a critical period for Turkey.

There is no use in misunderstanding or yelling and shouting with anger, I am not questioning the votes Ekrem İmamoğlu received. I am not writing all this as the result of being unable to stomach him becoming mayor.

It should not be perceived as having doubts aimed at the elections either. I am talking about a concern that will disturb even those who voted for İmamoğlu when all is revealed.

There has been intervention on elections! Where is US-FETÖ in all this?

There has been intervention on the elections. This is an undeniable fact. We are face to face with a situation much beyond discourses such as, "digest it," "accept the truth," by the Republican People's Party (CHP), Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), and even some who appear to be Justice and Development Party (AK Party) supporters.

A vast network, a widespread organization has been set up on the inside of the country, with a finely detailed plan, systematic operation conducted; while all this was happening, everybody was asleep or was put to sleep.

Those who always wreaked havoc before every election saying "There will be corruption," their remaining silent before the March 31 elections, there being no sign of the U.S.'s "let the election be transparent" discourse in this election, no sign of the "Oy ve Ötesi" (vote and beyond) kind of organizations in this election, everybody from the U.S. to the EU preserving their silence till after the election, unanimous statements such "accept the results" were enough to draw attention.

FETÖ-PKK organization under the name of education

The structuring aimed at the elections was carried out with utmost secrecy. That is how the operations were carried out. That is how the coordination and task assignment was done among them. Meetings were held and tasks were assigned under the name of education. Presiding ballot box officers set up everything from intervention on their lists to the cooperation between FETÖ and PKK cadres.

It is not possible to reach the correct result and reveal the truth through the Supreme Election Board (YSK) in this state. It is unthinkable that those who made such finely detailed calculations to consider the dimension of the YSK and take measures accordingly. I am trying to draw attention to a deeper organization, a plan targeting Turkey beyond Istanbul.

Ekrem İmamoğlu is a project!

This is the second 'Baykal plot'...

I personally believe Ekrem İmamoğlu is a "project." Those who plotted against former CHP leader Deniz Baykal and brought Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu to rule the party, those who diverted Turkey's founding party from the "Turkey axis" to the multinational intervention front, have taken the second step through İmamoğlu.

Whoever is behind the Baykal plot, the same powers and groups are also behind nominating İmamoğlu as a candidate.

Whoever was used in the Baykal plot are the same powers and groups that carried out the İmamoğlu campaign.

The same mind, the organizations and groups used behind the Baykal plot were the ones that also intervened in this election.

Who gathered FETÖ there?

The İmamoğlu project is the revenge of July 15. The project itself is a revenge project. İmamoğlu is being prepared for Turkey, not Istanbul. This design is also being carried out by a multinational mind against the national axis.

The will that gathered FETÖ and PKK terrorists on behalf of İmamoğlu is the exact same will behind the July 15, 2016 coup attempt. I have no personal issue with İmamoğlu. I would not want it to be perceived otherwise, because there can be no such thing. My whole concern is Turkey. I am trying to follow the new steps of those who staged three coups one after the other and tore this country into pieces.

This will become a national security issue

Those who turned the CHP in to a national security issue after the Baykal plot, and FETÖ's bosses are the same. Now they are taking the second step through İmamoğlu, and once again, they are starting an intervention we should perceive as a national security issue.

This is why they not only nominated İmamoğlu as a mayoral candidate but also planned every detail to make him win - including electoral corruption. They released the deep FETÖ organization, the FETÖ organization in state institutions on the ground. They released crypto Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP) members and PKK terrorists on the ground in coordination with them.

They had already formed the social grounds, the psychology of this with the CHP-Good Party (İP)-Felicity Party (SP) alliance. They used that alliance as a camouflage and staged another play. The SP and İP voters will realize this game a while later.

The goal now is no different to that of July 15, the Gezi Park events

İmamoğlu had to win. He would be made to win regardless of the votes. Even if his votes were not enough, he had to win with "fine workmanship," because the objective is much beyond mayorship.

Whatever the goal was on July 15, whatever the goal was at the Gezi Park events, whatever the goal was in the Baykal plot, whatever the goal was in sieging Syria from the north, whatever the goal behind the attacks made through the S-400s was, the İmamoğlu project is the same.

Nobody should slur profanity in rage. Nobody should try to hide this truth talking about the national will, elections, or our votes. We have nothing to say against those. But if there is a different danger here, we will not hesitate from saying it for Turkey.

Who nominated him as a candidate?

Who ran the campaign?

Who is defending their 'man'?

Those who made statements such as "know your man" even before winning, even before receiving the mandate are the ones behind the plan. The puppets they used to date are behind the plan. The covert, secret intervention ahead of the elections is being carried out as a mental operation through the same groups after the election as well.

Who undertook what role in making İmamoğlu run as a candidate and where the FETÖ organization is in all this are very serious questions.

I repeat, this is a situation beyond electoral corruption, beyond the issue of mayorship. The matter should be taken into hand independently of the elections, with the sensitivity of natural security.

Even if İmamoğlu comes to office, his legitimacy will always be questioned. Soon, this situation will reveal itself anyway.


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