Erdoğan’s People's Alliance warning: Turkey has returned to its historical ‘promise’ They're going to attack domestically and from abroad, but what they fear will come to pass

We had said that the People's Alliance is the "Turkey axis." It is the sole firm ground we have set foot upon on this land for a millennium. It is the history-making will and mind. A regional and homeland axis-based battle is our style, our essence.

On his return from Venezuela, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan warned: "Our union with Mr. Bahçeli is inevitable. We must unite. Because, as you know, some will not sit still and constantly be in efforts to stir chaos. We need to keep the People's Alliance very strong to not give them this opportunity."

This is a critical warning. Looking at Turkey’s and the region's state, the increasingly strengthening winds around the world, the new defense positions of Turkey and other countries, we can understand what the warning means.

Turkey has returned to its own basin, its historical promise

This is why rebuilding the "Turkey axis" in this period, in which we are currently going through another breaking point in history, is inevitable, is a fight for existence. Because on the global scale, the axis of all countries have shifted, the regional power equilibrium has been destroyed, and projects aimed at the destruction of states have been launched.

Based on this reality, Turkey has returned to its own defense position, its local basin, and its historical promise. The return in question, the "settlement," this fight to get back up on our feet again, is our most determining 21st century showdown.

If we are going to keep ourselves, our country, our homeland and region alive, we need to further strengthen this axis. We need to expand it among a more expansive social base, and further increase its impact on the masses. We hence need to build awareness in this context.

Who is on which front? This is the disintegration of the past and future

This is where we face the question, "Who is on which front and what is their identity?" The disintegration between what is local, what is native, what belongs to us and what is on the multinational front, is not a social disintegration alone; it is the disintegration of the past and future.

Those conducting this disintegration are foreigners; the local parties of the disintegration are those who take place on the multinational intervention front against the "Turkey axis." We saw numerous examples of this in the last decade, in the last 15 years, and we will continue to see it again tomorrow. We see these signs once more from the pre-election movements on the inside of the country.

They are the architects of the disintegration, this is a new founding agreement

Those who do this and say, "There is social disintegration in Turkey," are the true architects of this disintegration. This is why the People's Alliance is an institute much beyond an electoral alliance and the goals of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) - it is an agreement of rising again.

This should not be reduced to an ethnic matter. This should not be perceived as a defense against the "multinational umbrella projects" formed by the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) and the others. Yes, it is an effort to build a defense shield. But there is more to it than this: It is Turkey's efforts to build not only the present but its future.

Pay attention to who is uniting against the local axis, who is cooperating with whom abroad, and who is weaving what sort of partnership networks against this country's return to its own basin for its perpetuity.

They will attack the People's Alliance: Their fears will come true

Their greatest target is not the elections or the its results. Their direct target is the People's Alliance. From now on, all domestic and foreign attacks will be on this structure. Because they know very well that unless they destroy that backbone, they cannot play out any scenario in or around Turkey. Their biggest nightmare is the axis in question gaining further strength and the further expansion of the social base. Their fears will come true. History has made a turn and reversing this history is much beyond their power.


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