Extraordinary events are rocking the US. What do we make of that? When countries decay, weaknesses poison them from within. The ‘American dream’ you say? What is left of that? The world is toying with the US’s political mind, burying it alive! The ANTIFA trained at a PKK camp, Mr. Trump! The guns you pointed at us are now protesting on your streets - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Extraordinary events are rocking the US. What do we make of that? When countries decay, weaknesses poison them from within. The ‘American dream’ you say? What is left of that? The world is toying with the US’s political mind, burying it alive! The ANTIFA trained at a PKK camp, Mr. Trump! The guns you pointed at us are now protesting on your streets

The conflict in the U.S. is not only an ethnic issue; it’s the beginning of disintegration.

It’s a sign of regression, weakening, inefficiency and internal collapse. It is an indicator that cracks in the system will be revealed one after the other.

Terror is now returning to the U.S. The economic crisis is returning to the U.S. Social division is returning to the U.S. Internal conflicts are returning to the U.S.

The collapse of institutions, the loss of faith in the state, common ideals vanishing, and economic fights are returning to the U.S.

Whatever they have done or tried in the Middle East, in Latin America, and in South Asia since World War II is coming back to bite them.

They’ll establish the same torture centers in their own country

They devastated nations with claims of bringing them freedom and democracy. They turned countries into ruins. They destroyed ancient cities. They slaughtered millions. They pillaged the earth’s resources. They condemned nations to starvation.

Now they are being tested with “freedom and democracy.” They are being tested with the values of justice and humanity.

The violence it sees its own people worthy of is one and the same as the mindset in Iraq, Afghanistan, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Bagram Airbase, the secret prisons they established in dozens of countries across the world, and the torture ships on seas.

Once the social uprising within the country exacerbates, they are going to build the same torture centers, concentration camps on their own territory.

The world is burying the US alive

White supremacy, which has wreaked havoc on the world, is shaking the U.S.; however this time around, it is segregating and dissolving.

It is true that this was always the tragic situation. But the world was not this way. When this disintegration is viewed by taking the new state of the world into consideration, with the new distribution of global power and impact, we are faced with an entirely different reality for the U.S.

That reality is:

From now on, every crisis is going to further increase the U.S.’s collapse. Every event, every development in the U.S. or the world is going to further weaken America.

From now on, every new global development is going to further force the U.S. to face its own internal problems. Every new power, every new structure fighting against the U.S. is going to seek ways to push it from within.

When countries decay, weaknesses take action, become internal enemies

Social areas of weakness take action when countries lose their strength. As a matter of fact, every country has almost the same problems. However, when power and welfare are at their peak, nobody dares any great action. Because it is in nobody’s interest; nobody will take risks.

However, when the state weakens, ethnic elements, political elements, and economic elements take action and become “internal enemies”; they each become an area of conflict.

Trust in the state dissipates; social solidarity ends; the common ideal vanishes; the glue holding a country together turns to putty.

How did the US lose its three core strengths? What does the “second stage of regression” mean?

This is nothing new for the U.S. There was already a gradual regression transpiring anyway. This had started with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The U.S., which immediately launched an attack on two Middle Eastern countries following this event, lost three of its core strengths.

These were: that it lacks the moral maturity to rule the world, the economic power to rule the world, and the military power to reign over it.

Attacking Iraq destroyed these three strengths that the U.S. previously had. This is how the regression started.

Nowadays, it is reaping the bitter fruits of the destruction it had sown. It is no longer able to stage coups. It is no longer able to attack countries alone. It is unable to cause internal uprisings. It is unable to control nations through terrorist organizations. It is unable to control ethnic and sectarian conflicts. This is how the second stage of the regression started.

The ‘American dream’? What is that? The world is toying with the US political mind!

A white racist police officer suffocating George Floyd, the conflicts that followed, the harsh military and police response, looting, vandalism, destruction is being presented as “the end of the American dream.” Yet, the American dream was a concept of the Cold War era and is long gone.

Yesterday, a U.S. officer handcuffed someone simply because they are black. It was later revealed that the man was an FBI agent.

This witch-hunt can no longer be stated using those concepts. The extreme far-right in the U.S. in conflict with the blacks today will soon start to clash with the Hispanics. Its own internal security problems and foreign threats are going to push the U.S. political mind to do crazy things. This is then going to make it open to interventions from every direction.

ANTIFA trained in PKK camps, Mr. Trump!

The COVID-19 scandal destroyed the U.S. image. They presented the image of a third world country. The fury of the African-Americans on the other hand has even made the concept of freedom taboo for the U.S.

U.S. President Trump announced that they will declare ANTIFA, which is playing an effective role in the protests, as a terrorist organization. Yet, that organization is being trained at the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)/People’s Protection Units (YPG) camps in Syria. That is the organization to which the U.S. sent thousands of truckloads of weapons to fight against Turkey. ANTIFA is being trained here, under the direct supervision of U.S. troops.

So where is the U.S. state mind? A mind that feeds its enemies with its own hands is bound to bring about its own end.

The Atlantic is no longer the center of world

The U.S., which established and trained terrorist groups in every country of the world, which attacked countries through these organizations, is now becoming targeted by these very groups.

This is how empires have collapsed. So many powers have emerged to restrict the U.S. Now after 400 years, the Atlantic axis is no longer the center of the world.

It appears that we are going to see many more events that will make a spectacle of the U.S., render it helpless, and open to intervention.


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