Fear of Turkey - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Fear of Turkey

A hundred years ago, they tried to push us out of Anatolia. This didn''t happen, they couldn''t succeed, we did not leave, and we fought back. For this reason, they have confined us to Anatolia and have broken our connections to the region throughout the 20th century.

This has been the biggest global project, oriented for Turkey, throughout the history of the Republic. They thought they succeeded this time. They thought we would not be able to stand up again. At the end of the 20th century, Anatolia recovered again and survived by resisting for a century.

We looked around again, recalled geography and history again. Noticed how familiar the spiritual world of people was; we lived many centuries together. We realized that we could live in solidarity in the same geography in the future, as we lived with them in the past.

At that time, we learned to look further to cross borders. We realized that we could walk together, stand up together, and free ourselves from the history of chaos. Again, we discovered that from East Africa to the Pacific region, how familiar were our words, our looks, our way of perception of our countries and world.

We thrusted out our hand. Opened our feelings. Refreshened our memories. Mobilized our complete resources while Somalia was squirming with hunger. We were there to assist with our complete resources when Pakistan collapsed from an earthquake. We established villages, opened orphans'' homes, went down to the most remote towns of Africa to fulfill the peoples" demands. We established hospitals, opened courses, constructed schools.

We were not imperialists. Our struggle was not for imperialism. It was for this reason they found it hard to understand. They couldn''t comprehend. Later, they realized that this was a challenge, a move that could alter the destiny of countries for many centuries and shake their own games from the roots.

They have stood up against us whichever country we have gone to. They made both us and those countries targets and commenced attacking by all means. They began to generate different scenarios to discourage and cut the hand of Turkey. So, ''the mood of fear of Turkey'' has become an epidemic.

Imperialist Powers of the past have embarked on a new period of coups, because they were worrying these countries would get out of their control. They silenced calls for democracy. Launched a war against those who have taken to the streets for freedom and prosperity. Dictators have been put forward in the region while ethnical conflicts have been reinitiated. A big campaign was launched for the region to lose one more century by engaging in sectarian conflict in the immediate vicinity of Turkey. While we have tried to recover it, they have strived to give an extensive damage to the whole geography.

Due to this reason, big projects are considered inside and outside, to push Turkey out of this geography, break its hands and arms, beat it up and be unpretentious.

They imprisoned people who have asked for freedom of the country, and carried a dictator to power in Egypt, and broke ties with Turkey. In Libya, the new puppet brigadier general, Halife Hafter, asked ''Turkish citizens to leave the country within 48 hours''.

In Iraq, they forced armed groups, linked with Sunni tribes, to take Turkish citizens as hostages although they have had no interrelation with Turkey. They forced to move countries and organizations in a zone from the Iran border to the Mediterranean Sea, against Turkey. In East Africa, primarily in Somalia, they have carried out terrorist attacks against Turkish missionaries.

We did not go there due to petrol. We did not go there to have accounts with those countries. We went there feeling an enthusiasm of rebirth after a descent of a hundred years. We went there to share our rejoicing and let them have the same joy, and tell them the liberation of the region will be possible only if we act together.

This is what scared the past imperialists. It could have been understood if it had been petrol. We could have negotiated if it were related to the colony. Instead, we inspired them to revolt, recover, be free, be a nation; thus, we spoiled somebody''s game and order, which has been controlled for centuries. This is the reason why they have felt anger to us. This is the reason why they have laid plots, traps and launched terrorist attacks on us.

They want to weaken our hands, they want to disable us. They want to break our resistance, drown us again with domestic problems, leave us weak and drain our strength.

Better, understand ''Fear of Turkey''. Understand so that you can notice what a big game has been played. By looking at imprudents, do not confuse your minds as wished by generators of a new game. The echo of the European capital''s fear comes from Egypt. Comes from Libya. Nowadays, comes from Iraq.

Do not forget: Everything in this geography is indexed to Petrol. There is freedom as much as petrol, prosperity as much as petrol, justice as much as petrol.

Petrol states are established. Existing ones allow them to live. If they are not of use, not cooperative with orders, then are knocked down.

Organizations are established. Both ethnical and sectarian identifications are somehow relative to petrol.

Countries are burned, divided, with bloodshed of thousands for one barrel of petrol. States take charge according to petrol negotiations. Organizations are strengthened according to petrol negotiations and then discharged.

This geography is the only region where imperialism has still continued in different modes. Democracy, coups, violence, they take different modes according to energy fights. Those living in this geography have no living rights and no humanitarian value when compared to a barrel of petrol. They are just goods, materials and conglomerates. They could be easily manipulated, directed to intended targets.

Those who invaded Anatolia are the same as those trying today to throw us out of this geography and constrict us in this land. They make plans over petrol, while we occupy ourselves with freedom and honor. Now, again they want to dishonor us. Again, take countries as hostages. Establish organizations of all kind and decide on the destiny of those countries. They want to silence us and play with horses freely as they did in the past.

European capitals are planning a new game to damage Turkey. The mood of this fear has been so powerful that they have taken dangerous steps, which would even damage them in the future. They know very well that if we exist then they will not exist, if the region has freedom then they will be imprisoned in their countries.

Turkey has marked an era and spread a rhetoric, which can change history, to the entire region. For this reason, the confrontation will continue. They will constantly design hostile strategies against Turkey.

However, do not let them forget that we will not retreat back again. We will not lose again. We will not live in Anatolia as if we were in prison. In order to rouse people in the region to stand up, we shall strengthen Anatolia in an unprecedented way. We shall accomplish this through social mobilization.

Let them not forget; we shall never ever return to the 20th Century.


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