‘Fear of Turkey’ is spreading like wildfire If Turkey is back, others will go! Anti-Erdoğan sentiment has nothing to do with internal policy. The East Mediterranean belongs to Turkey! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

‘Fear of Turkey’ is spreading like wildfire If Turkey is back, others will go! Anti-Erdoğan sentiment has nothing to do with internal policy. The East Mediterranean belongs to Turkey!

The major power shifts we had not seen for centuries caused massive power gaps in our region. Who were these gaps to be filled by?

The U.S.? France? European Union countries? Israel? Or the Arab regimes under the U.S. and Israel’s control?

None of them. In an era which Western civilization is regressing, the centuries-old power monopoly has been broken, and the new powers that confront them are taking to the stage, none of them.

If Turkey is back, others will go.

Because Turkey is back. It has returned with all its might, intellect, memory, and claims.

If Turkey is back, then this means others will go. Whenever we returned, whenever we achieved a rise, others regressed and weakened. This is because both our existence and struggle has been with the most powerful.

Today we can see who will go, who will have to leave the Mediterranean, which powers will leave our region. This withdrawal is going to become much more dramatic.

You will see how all the countries you think are very powerful will become ineffective, one by one. Europe is going to become weaker, the artificial states in the region will become even more useless. You will see.

That ‘front’ was going to keep Turkey on US, EU, Israel axis.

As all this was being calculated, as the power equation was being re-established, they kept Turkey outside of every plan. This is because they always feared it. They were afraid of it waking up, taking action, and resetting all these games.

Hence, they set up in advance within Turkey the structures that would control the political mind and social tendencies. They gathered these parties and terrorist organizations on a common front.

Their aim was to have this new front control the local public in accordance with the U.S., Europe, and Israel’s plans, and they would then re-plan that power gap while succeeding to keep Turkey outside. The game against our country was set both across the region and within.

Those who abandoned Turkey, those cooperating with West are going to face great disappointment.

All of those who abandoned Turkey on all the fronts where it is putting up a fight are part of the West’s new power map plan. We call this betrayal. Political history says the same. We are witnessing another of the tragic events we have been witnessing in this region for centuries.

Their abandonment, their opposition against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has nothing at all to do with internal politics. Their political language, their position, their form of opposition is in complete harmony with the U.S., Europe, and Israel’s new structuring in our region. Everyone who looks carefully will see this fact.

This is the reason behind their fear, panic.

But it did not at all turn out as they expected. Nor will it ever. Despite all their efforts outside and within, despite all their threats, Turkey is going to be the only country to fill the power vacuum in this region. Turkey, as a country that has taken action after a century-long hiatus, is going to make their worst fears come true.

This is the reason behind France’s panic. This is the reason behind Greece’s panic. This is the reason underlying the United Arab Emirates (UAE)-Saudi Arabia front’s hostility. This is why Israel established the Arab front against Turkey. This is the reason why they are bringing all their undertakers in the region are against Turkey.

You will be applauded in line with your hostility towards Erdoğan

Erdoğan and Turkey are the internal policy matter of all countries in Europe. The matter of the competition in the U.S. between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is also Erdoğan and Turkey. This is also the case in Israel.

Some Arab regimes are applauded by the West to the extent of their opposition to Erdoğan and Turkey. This is how they reinforce their power domains.

The more those within are against Erdoğan, the more they think they will be favored by the West. Those among us take their positions based on “stopping Turkey.”

This fact alone is an overt proclamation of the sort of power Turkey has become.

They were not expecting this much. The last weapon in their hands has been taken. They are stunned.

The West is witnessing the rise of a power at a magnitude it never guessed or expected. They always feared “Turkey’s awakening.” But they never thought that this would be so quick, so sudden and determined, that it would be so effective, that Turkey would act so boldly. They are stunned.

Turkey closed off in a matter of a few years only all the areas the West could possibly intervene. The weakest field was economy, and that too was overcome with the natural gas find, and those that are further going to be discovered and announced. Their strongest weapon has been taken from their hands. It will very soon be understood that the front they established within will also be of no use.

This is because the power momentum is on Turkey’s side. All world-scale developments are supporting and strengthening Turkey. Meanwhile, Turkey is bolstering this field with its millennia of wealth of political history in the region.

Just look at these guinea pigs, hitmen they’re unleashing on us!

From the West, they unleashed on Turkey Greece as a guinea pig. From the East, they are unleashing on Turkey Armenia as another pawn.

In the south, they unleashed against Turkey the UAE, the Egyptian regime, and Saudi Arabian administration. They built an Israel-Arab front led by UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

They unleashed organizations such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh against Turkey. The Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front (DHKP-C) and other organizations are also on the same front with these two organizations. Those who designed all this and those who established the “Stop Turkey Front” within are one and the same powers.

This is Turkey’s biggest showdown.

They started the greatest Mediterranean-based showdown. This is the biggest siege, attack operation after World War I. However, this is also Turkey’s biggest showdown a century later.

Just wait and see the real fight if a gas reserve is announced soon in the Mediterranean. They will come to plunder it with all their despicableness. That is when they will see more clearly “what Turkey is made of.”

Turkey currently has a single fight against all Western countries and their partners in our region and within our country.

Even if Turkey is indeed harboring fantasies of an empire, what can you do about it!

We achieved in the last four years what they said we “cannot accomplish in four decades.” Just think what more will change and how they will change with such speed and such concentration of power.

We are watching the West collapse. We are witnessing Turkey rise. This is the summary of it all. Every new development and change will be along this axis.

French President Emmanuel Macron apparently accused Turkey of harboring “fantasies of an empire”!

Even if this is the case…

What can you do about it…

The colonial era is over. That order is collapsing. We are soon going to see collapses happen one after another. This must be what they say is “the end of history” for the West.


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