Fearing coronavirus or fearful for the future of the human race? COVID-19 is an ‘engineered’ virus. Is it a biological weapon trial? China under quarantine, not Coronavirus. Iran succumbed to the virus. Circumambulation of Kaaba halted, millions under lock-down in Italy. What’s going on? Is all of this a drill? 21st century: Age of excess, madness. Humans forcing their own doomsday? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Fearing coronavirus or fearful for the future of the human race? COVID-19 is an ‘engineered’ virus. Is it a biological weapon trial? China under quarantine, not Coronavirus. Iran succumbed to the virus. Circumambulation of Kaaba halted, millions under lock-down in Italy. What’s going on? Is all of this a drill? 21st century: Age of excess, madness. Humans forcing their own doomsday?

COVID-19 is not only a virus, a health problem or an epidemic we are facing today. It is a fear of the future.

It is a warning that has shattered humanity’s entire established order and is capable of collapsing it.

First it was SARS, then the avian flu, followed by the H1N1 virus, and now coronavirus. But what’s next?

What will be the next epidemic? What kind of damage will it bring with it?

What sort of fears will it feed and breed? What sort of panic awaits us?

Coronavirus an ‘engineered’ virus. A biological weapon trial?

Yes, the human race has overcome much greater disasters. It will defeat coronavirus as well, there is no doubt about it.

Personally, I’m more and more convinced everyday that the novel coronavirus is not a natural virus but one that has been “engineered.”

This presents to us the obligation of a broad, effective, inquisitive and result-oriented discussion and awareness with respect to the “next step.”

We know that plans have been in the making for years to control human population, to produce biological weapons in relation to this, to take advantage of the virus, “to form an elite race,” and endow the earth’s sources to these “elite” people.

Are those films, series works of fiction only?

Such stories, claims regarding the “negative effects” of humans have been everywhere for years. Films and series are being produced in this direction and they are watched by millions.

Are these films only a figment of the imagination? Is it simply a sort of business method aimed at the cinema industry earning money?

Or is it preparation for something else?

21st century is ‘age of excess, madness.’ Human race pushing what’s ‘impossible.’

The 21st century is the “age of excessiveness. It is an age in which “humankind” pushed the “most extreme points” and has set its mind on taking the shortest path.

It is the age in which interest in power building methods through evil sees and will see the greatest interest, despite the internal urge to spread good.

It is an age in which the human mind and soul will “force the impossible.”

These efforts to push the impossible may collapse the entire existing system. It can finish and collapse the economy. It can destroy the social domain.

The individual, society, state and organized structures’ craziness, efforts to “force the impossible” may turn the 21st century into the century of the greatest changes in human history.

A new Noah’s ark? We were never quite tested like this…

This can be both good and bad. Yet, regardless of what happens, it will change the course of history and extremely radical shockwaves will take place. The 21st century may witness changes at the level of a new “Noah’s ark.”

This is not a nightmare scenario. If we think a little about what a simple virus, artificial intelligence can lead to, we can see it.

Humanity was never before put to such a large-scale test, such a radical change. The outcome of this test can change everything that we learned until now.

This is the future ahead of us. Hence, we need to develop defense lines, defense connections, solidarity, values in order to strengthen what it good and protect the human race from new waves of evil.

Coronavirus tells us of future, not present.

Corona has shown us how intervention on the human gene structure, on the animal gene structure, on nature’s entire established order can threaten the human race, our fears with respect to what might be the next step after depleting all aspects of our planet, and what we should fear.

Corona tells us about out future, not the present.

It shows the picture of how crazy humanity, the earth and experiences can get.

It shows where welfare, urbanization, the technology craze, power and ambition, greed and ruthlessness can lead us, that our beliefs, social connections, social orders can collapse.

China under quarantine, not coronavirus!

Cities in China are being shut down. Millions of people are being placed under quarantine. Economy is coming to a halt, as is trade and tourism. The simplest human relations are coming to a halt; people are being imprisoned in their homes.

The indications in China also signal that countries with powerless state authority and weak social sensitivity can never overcome such a threat.

We are watching China, which was in competition with the U.S., a power that is opening out to the world face defeat by a virus, withdraw and get hurt in all areas of competition.

It is not Corona patients that are place under isolation but China.

Even this alone is enough to show us that the world order of the future may take shape based on factors other than our preparations and political opinions, that unexpected fluctuations, outbursts can turn upside down all power structures of humanity.

Virus brings Iran to its knees!

In Iran, the virus has reached all the way to the state’s highest figures; the country’s health system is collapsing. Schools are being closed, the disease is taking control over cities. Mosques, mausoleums, state offices are being shut down, meetings are being cancelled, with all activities stopped.

Saying it is the “will of God,” leaving everything to itself without doing anything has dragged the entire country to disaster. Yet, God’s will teaches to struggle, to take measures. Even here we encounter a “belief problem.”

If you say, “our enemies are plotting a conspiracy against Iran” and do nothing but yell and shout, you will be the one dragging both your country and people to disaster. We saw this in Iran.

Iran has become the country to spread the epidemic to the whole of Middle East.

Circumambulation in Kaaba stopped!

Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, the Umra, or lesser pilgrimage, has been suspended. Circumambulation of the Kaaba is being stopped. There may even be no pilgrimage this year.

According to hearsay, the country’s land borders are being closed off due to either political concerns or coronavirus.

Preventing people from being allowed in the Kaaba within the scope of health measures bring to mind all the examples in religious terminology and the stories in the Holy Quran.

Even here it is enough to present to us interesting topics concerning religion. Coronavirus evokes this memory at this stage alone.

Italy: Millions under threat, Europe surrenders…

Millions of people are under quarantine in Italy. The virus has reached all of Europe, the U.S., Japan and Korea. Nobody knows what is happening in a country with a massive population like India.

This shows that the epidemic does not distinguish between developed and underdeveloped, and aims to destroy humankind’s way of living.

COVID-19 itself it not the threat but its results are. It is a health problem epidemic and it will be overcome. However, its results are destroying established orders and all that has been achieved.

This destruction is actually more our fear of ourselves than of Coronavirus. We are afraid of our own maliciousness, our ambitions, greed, ruthlessness, our future and each other.

Is this a drill? Panic, preparations more than disease.

We are the ones who are destructive, not the virus. Because we know what we are capable of, what we can imagine, that there are those among us who are pursuing such plans.

There is a concern, an alarm, a preparation much beyond the disease’s mortality rate.

Is this a drill? Is it preparation for the worst that’s yet to come?

Is humanity forcing its own doomsday?

Humanity is afraid of itself and the future. It is afraid of its own doom.

True, ideologies have collapsed. Yet, there is no mechanism, practice or value left to restrict states and their power spheres.

A horrific domination, plundering period has started.

Nations have seen this danger and are withdrawing; they are preparing to defend their fortresses. Because there is no top structure and common discourse left to control nations. Areas of joint struggle have been closed off.

However, the real defense should be against those preparing humanity’s own doom. Perhaps the 21st century’s political polarization and mobilization will be in this area.

It might seem fantastical to some, but aren’t there those among us humans, whose entire history since Adam has been one of war, that dream of these dystopias and even orchestrate them?

This is why our fear is so great!

Especially in this day and age where advanced technology has become so accessible, limitless, unsupervised and individualized, company profits and human ambitions have superseded all else.

If COVID-19 is an “engineered” virus, and I believe it is so, it means another one will follow. The destructive effects of the epidemic, efforts to prevent it, fear and panic are all thus measuring what humanity can endure.

Coronavirus is not the threat but we are. This is why our fear is so great.


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