February 28, July 15 are the same front: Yesterday the target was Erbakan, today it’s Erdoğan

The February 28 intervention was the most fundamental change in the chain of multinational interventions aimed at Turkey. Because there is a connection, a chain, a unity of method that stretches from February 28 to July 15. Because February 28 was an operation, beyond stopping a nation, to confuse the nation’s mind, play with their genetics and reset their values.

Hence, the method applied in Turkey after the September 11 attacks, was changed a little and applied in the entire Muslim geography. The enemy in Turkey became “reaction,” and the reason in other countries was “terror.” Now we look, those who have been implementing that project, are acting in partnership with both terror and the political circles they identify as “reaction.”

We were harmed when some pashas reported to Israeli officers

The two-pole world was over and traditional coup methods had also changed. Because the world is changing, Turkey is changing, the power domains on the inside are changing, the people of Anatolia are gaining authority on the state power, the masses held on the side are rapidly flowing to the center, the Republic was normalizing and a major wave of localization was approaching.

It was not possible to stop the masses and change with just military coups. It was also not possible to stop the people with just military coups. Hence, a project was implemented in every military, civilian, economic, political and cultural area. The project’s bosses were Israel’s far-right and the U.S.’s neo-con racists.

While some pashas of this country report to Israeli officers, while all resources of this country are made available to the U.S. and Israelis, while those representing this state were trying to destroy our people by throwing them in front of them, while the great Turkey was given hostage to Israel’s regional policies, while all people who are local are placed on the target board, while the neo-con racist wave took Turkey in the palm of its hand, many of us identified February 28 as an internal fight for power alone.

They had wanted to drown Turkey’s current rise

But it was not like that. This was a great change. It was a change in the method of intervention. A road map was being formed to prevent the Muslim world from coming to its senses in the 21st century. That is when Turkey’s security elements were joining in covert operations with the U.S. and Israel, all over our region, against the Muslim religious movements and circles around our region that were considered as threats for the Western world. We were turned into a weapon – both against our own region and ourselves.

Hence, February 28 was directly planned and applied by the U.S. and Israel. The fundamental aim was to suffocate Turkey before it started its great change. Because if Turkey was standing on its feet, it was going to be impossible to stop, suppress and manage the region. If it could not be prevented from coming to its senses, the region would be lost.

If we want to understand these days, the Dec. 17-25 intervention, the July 15 multinational attack, the Gezi terror, we need to understand what the February 28 project was, the kind of global plan it was, the kind of tradition it started, the kind of Turkey design and the kind of foreign intervention it was.

They waged war against everything Islamic and local. Just like today

Those who know which political mind and path the late Necmettin Erbakan chose and interpreted the direction Turkey’s future would take wanted to stop our nation’s new rise in the late 20th century even before it started. They thought they could stop this nation. They waged war against everything Islamic and local. In return for the intervention, they made our nation’s accumulations available to their bosses.

They not only wanted to stop Erbakan but also President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. They wanted to destroy Turkey’s present by stopping Erbakan. They tried to stop Turkey’s major change, revolution of today all the way back in the 1997s. They thought that by stopping Erbakan, they would prevent the existence of the current Turkey. They thought they could negate the great march.

Twenty years later, our borders are being hit by NATO forces

They thought they could divide Turkey. As they were dividing our region into city states, they thought they could also apply their new Turkey maps. It was obvious all the way back then that the intervention was backed by NATO. It was obvious that NATO’s Atlantic Alliance was planning to destroy this country. Twenty years later, today, our borders are being weakened by NATO forces. The U.S. is trying to open a “Turkey front” in the Middle East.

July 15 is the continuation of February 28. It is a part of that chain. It is perhaps the last big attack of those trying to take Turkey under control, trying to take it hostage. Just as we are discussing today's struggle with World War One in mind, or how we lean back on our political DNA passed down to us since the time of the Seljuks, we also have to understand the July 15 attacks in the context of the February 28 intervention. Because their bosses are the same. Their partners, hitmen on the inside are all the same.

If we didn’t enter Afrin, they would want Hatay: February 28 and July 15 were division plans

Those who cast a role for Turkey under the name of the fight against terrorism, those who divided our neighbors, country by country, those who insult all the values of the Muslim world, those who turned our cities into ruins, those who killed millions of our people, are now attacking in partnership with terrorist organizations.

We are facing such vile threats. They are establishing the most disgusting alliances and conducting the dirtiest and bloodiest attacks. They are fighting against human honor. And we are putting up a fight of honor against such great threats. We are in a fight for history; we are defending the homeland.

They are the ones who set all the terrorist organizations on Turkey, including the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Daesh and the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C). They are the ones who bombed our Parliament, drove tanks over our people together with the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). They are the ones trying to siege us from Syria.

If we had not entered Afrin, soon after they would want Hatay. They were going to attempt to invade the entire zone from Van to Mersin. Have no doubt that if we do not go to Manbij tomorrow, if we do not intervene in the map operations in the east of the Euphrates, they are going to try the same thing,

They sold out Turkey, our nation

They sold out Turkey on February 28; they sold the country, the nation, history and honor. Just as they did on July 15. When they said, “It is going to last a millennium,” they were saying that this nation would be exploited for another millennium. They were saying this on behalf of the U.S. and Israel. Their other native partner, FETÖ, also sold off this country, our nation to the same forces on July 15. Take note, the common characteristic of the PKK, FETÖ and the pro-February 28 group is that they want the U.S.-Israel hegemony and that they are all linked to Israel. If you notice, their relations with each other are quite good because they have the same bosses.

It was Erbakan yesterday, Erdoğan today: Out historic leaders are always on the target board

The fight put up in Afrin today is the fight that started on February 28. This is the spirit they wanted to kill. They failed and they will never succeed. They will not succeed, regardless of all the multinational support they find. Those who stopped Erbakan that day want to stop Erdoğan today and they are trying all the methods that come to mind. Because they targeted all the historic leaders of this nation; they tried to destroy them.

Today is February 28: We bow down with respect in front of late Necmettin Erbakan’s dear memory. He opened a page in history for our people. He reminded us of our political gene from the Seljuks. Today, the same fight is continuing under Erdoğan’s leadership. It is from that period in history that we started to rise; and we will continue by increasing our power and further expanding our path.

Because, after the shock we faced on July 15 and the fight we put up, we will never turn back.


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