FETÖ wanted to take over Iran’s money. Ekrem Dumanlı made Hürriyet publish those headlines

We have no opportunity to test how true Reza Zarrab’s testimony in court is, how much of what he said was said under pressure and how much is was a confession. Ultimately, he reached an agreement with the U.S.; he is speaking in accordance with U.S.-Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) theories; he is part of a new operation aimed at Turkey and this operation is being carried out within Turkey through main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.

The court in the U.S. has the same aims as the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25, 2013 coup attempt. They are now doing in the U.S. what they failed to achieve in Turkey. This is no bribe case, it is a political intervention case; it is linked to the July 15, 2016 coup 2016 attempt. An “economic coup” plan is in the works. They are trying to prepare the infrastructure of a thuggery aimed at forcing Turkey to make a payment.

Those who say this is a bribe case should know that an issue in Turkey is not and cannot be the subject of a U.S. court. Just as the Turkish court does not try the cases in the world’s biggest country of bribery and corruption, they cannot take on one of Turkey’s internal issues.

However, those who carefully read the statements will see another connection in the Zarrab case. That connection is:

 FETÖ and CIA’s plan to take over Iran’s money

FETÖ has become involved in money relations with Iran. Following the embargo imposed on Iran, the CIA and FETÖ apparently went around the back door to do business with the cornered Iran. Tehran’s oil money was included in the international system via the CIA-FETÖ operation, through which they started to make a considerable amount of money.

The matter of how and from where they did this, FETÖ’s money and connection traffic here is the business of this country’s security, intelligence circles.

There is a connection between the embargo decision and FETÖ’s plans to take over Iran’s money; this has been implemented as a U.S. project. FETÖ’s business with Iran back in that period, the means and people it used, who received how much commission or bribe within the organization, how the money traffic was managed, the role of Dubai in all this must be investigated.

After FETÖ’s Iran door was closed, that’s when the attacks started

It is likely that Iran saw the plan the CIA connection behind FETÖ, the plan that was made with the embargo plan that it did not continue the relationship with them or cut it at a certain point.

That is when FETÖ turned into a terrifying enemy against Iran. It started to publish anti-Iran books, hold a “mut’ah symposium” (mut’ah refers to pleasure marriages based on a temporary marriage contract and is practiced in Shiite Islam), prepare a “Salam-Tawhid investigation” file, voice the “Persian servants” discourse and the “5,000 spy nurses” lie.

They were almost going to wage war on Iran. They were almost going to imprison everybody who traded with Iran. The Dec. 17-25 file is such a file. That is when the economic coup started. FETÖ, who acts with horrendous fury and animosity, together with U.S. intelligence – which acts with the same animosity and hatred – set about to topple the Turkish government. The issue was the money it couldn’t gain, it couldn’t take over.

The first to violate the sanctions on Iran were the U.S. and FETÖ

In other words, FETÖ secretly did business with Iran, it violated the sanctions with its U.S. bosses and, when this door closed, they waged war on both Iran and the government in Turkey. Their issue wasn’t corruption but Iran’s oil money.

I personally think there was a connection between this campaign by FETÖ and the Doğan Group, which has recently again started to strike Turkey through Zarrab. Those who evaluate the news published by Hürriyet newspaper back then along with those published today, will see that the same anger, FETÖ’s anger is continued today through Hürriyet.

 Which journalists demanded bribes from Reza Zarrab?

Let us recall again: Back then, how many FETÖ members received how much money or commission from the Iran business? How much money went to the organization from the dollar business between FETÖ and Iran?

Allow me to share one of my memories related to those days: The “journalist who demanded $1 million from Zarrab” discussion. Kamil Maman from Bugün daily, who is currently a FETÖ fugitive, demanded money from Zarrab. Yeni Şafak did an interview with Zarrab. (We shared the audio recordings of that interview.) FETÖ started to make a fuss saying, “Yeni Şafak demanded a bribe.” Yet, they themselves are the ones that demanded a bribe. They are trying to hide, camouflage something.

Ekrem Dumanlı gave the order, Berberoğlu wrote that headline. And now that fight…

As if it was not enough, in this article, Ekrem Dumanlı has the same headline published in Hürriyet newspaper. Upon hearing about this, I called then Hürriyet Editor-in-Chief Enis Berberoğlu and said, “Don’t do this, this is wrong, they were the ones who asked for the bribe. Now they are attacking us through you. Do not allow Hürriyet to be used for this dirty business. If you do, you will have started a big fight.”

Berberoğlu said, “We believe it is true and we are going to go ahead with it.” I told him, “Ekrem Dumanlı is making you do this,” and warned him again against it.

They did it. Berberoğlu sent Hürriyet’s front page to me before its rural print was sent off for distribution. Whatever Dumanlı had ordered was done. I reacted again. In the night print, they slightly softened the tone.

What do Hürriyet’s headlines have to do with Iran’s money?

Think about it, Dumanlı has Hürriyet daily publish headlines and that newspaper is used in FETÖ’s financial coup plans as a front.

That day, I figured out how Hürriyet was used by FETÖ. Of course, I do not know whether the Hürriyet Group taking joint action with FETÖ has a financial dimension, a dimension of doing business with Iran. But that is not to say the question is not echoing in my mind stronger now.

Could the Doğan Group returning to its factory settings these days, continuing publications the same way through Hürriyet, be with the intention to avenge those times? Or otherwise, is the Doğan Group retaking position in the economic coup attempt started again this time, but in New York? This question needs to be answered by those who gave a “surprising” image of rapport with the Doğan Group after the July 15 coup attempt.

The Doğan Group again, Kılıçdaroğlu again

Similarly, the internal operational force of the current operation is CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu. The role undertaken by Doğan Group and Kılıçdaroğlu, the mission given to them in the anti-Turkey axis, is seriously in need of an explanation.

Nobody has an issue of bribery, corruption or anything else. They have all taken position in line to avenge the fury of the money FETÖ couldn’t take over. In the CIA-FETÖ operation, in the operation to corner Turkey, they are after a tender. They are standing in same position they always have in every multinational intervention.

US embargo is not our concern, Turkey did the right thing

The U.S.’s decision to impose sanctions on Iran does not concern us. That binds their own companies and citizens. Because there is no embargo decision through the U.N. Turkey has done the right thing. It must continue to do so. While the U.S.’s internal attacks on Turkey through Syria, through terrorist organizations on July 15 are out in the open, nobody cares about the case in New York.

They set up a game and they are staging it. The front is the same again. The U.S., FETÖ, the CHP and Doğan Group. After this point, they can’t do anything anymore. That time has long passed.

From now on, we are going to take action. We are going to be the ones preparing the criminal records against Brett McGurk’s terrorism and war crimes cases, the role of U.S. military circles, intelligence and diplomatic missions, among many other crimes against humanity. What’s worse is, Kılıçdaroğlu, who is used as a convenient device in this, is going to be thrown under the bus.

I think, those who are following the matter will clearly see FETÖ and the CIA’s plans to take over Iran’s money, and their plans aimed at taking revenge on Turkey when they fail.