From the ‘Turkey axis’ to Middle Zone Project. Turkey could change the world’s axis - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

From the ‘Turkey axis’ to Middle Zone Project. Turkey could change the world’s axis

The world’s biggest free trade deal, bringing together Asia-Pacific countries, was signed on Nov. 15. East and Southeast Asian countries, covering a population of more than 2 billion, established a major partnership.

Asia-Pacific countries, by filling the void that emerged with the regression of the U.S. and the West, left the U.S. and Europe out in the cold. Power had already been shifting towards the East. We have been watching this unfold for the last three decades. This deal led the East to identify and declare its existing power to the West.

Last nail hammered in the coffin of the West’s world order

Rising economic power, capital power, technological power, human resources, and inevitable dynamism rapidly placed the East, Asia at the center of the world. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to drag the West into incredible ambiguity, Asia hammered the last nail into the coffin of the West’s unilateral world order dreams.

This was inevitable. For the West, this situation is the greatest change, biggest power shift after the start of geographical discoveries and colonialism. Thus, it will completely overturn all of the world’s power maps.

Every global project the West presented and imposed on the world under U.S. leadership failed. It will not be able to succeed in any way from now on.

President Erdoğan is striving with all his might

Whenever President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan emphasizes in almost every speech, “A new world is being established, and we are going to be at the center of this world,” he is conveying this great change, and the fight Turkey is putting up in this area.

Following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the West planned for Turkey to be a front country alone – first against the Soviets, against communism; then later, after the Cold War, against the rise of the Muslim world, under the name of “anti-terrorism.” All statements, discourses to the effect of, “Turkey is Western,” were developed to better adopt this role.

However, Turkey realized and interpreted the power shift happening in the world, and would never again consent to the models molded for it, such as being a “bridge”, “path,” “gateway,” “front country” or “garrison.”

It did not consent to these. Instead, it launched a great awakening, rising period. As a matter of fact, it returned once again to the stage of history, to the region, and to itself. The July 15 coup attempt in 2016 was the West’s last incursion in a bid to keep Turkey eating out of its hand.

From the ‘Turkey’s Axis’ to Middle Zone Project

There is the “Turkey’s Axis” now. From now on, we are going to identify our strategic value. We are not concerned with what value we present for the U.S. or Europe. We are going to decide what value we present for Turkey, for our region, and our claims.

There is a “middle zone” spanning the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. This zone is predominantly Muslim. This zone is the cradle of civilizations, cultures, and empires.

This is the homeland of humanity. This axis is the world’s oldest economic basin, the map of millennia-old cities, the homeland of strong nations.

World’s great wealth, power is on this axis. This zone determines the world order

A glance at the world map alone tells us all we need to know. Almost all land trade routes, as well as maritime trade routes, are in this zone. The majority of the earth’s energy resources, almost all energy corridors, and the overwhelming majority of mining resources are located in this zone.

Those who have objections to the Western world order, the masses that produce political discourses, dissident discourses, and those that go into showdowns with that global order are in this zone.

This zone is where all the central powers, the rising powers of the West and the East fight for space. The world order takes shape based on those who have dominance over this zone. Hence, the severest conflicts and power struggles occur in this zone.

Turkey is right at center of this axis. No other country holds this power

Whoever achieves greater power and authority on the earth’s main axis rises. The world’s economic and political order takes shape in accordance with the power map on this axis.

Turkey is right at the center of this axis. There is no other country which possesses such a vast area of influence, as well as political and cultural heritage partnership from the Atlantic coasts to the Pacific coasts, from Central Africa to Central Asia.

Turkey is the representative of a political legacy that built great empires. Thus, it has the experience and capacity to activate the earth’s main axis, to lead a power rise. It is capable of impacting the whole region, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts. A powerful political discourse that questions the West’s global order will have great influence in these regions.

We are between the West’s regression and the East’s rise

Turkey may launch an in-depth operation on the “Middle Zone Project.” It may lay the foundations of supranational economic partnerships. In time, it may turn this into a joint political power. It may become the destination, the hub of a new power surge between the West’s regression and the East’s rise. It may build a “middle zone” presence between the East and the West.

Though this term is not used, the new awareness, identity, and power we refer to as “Turkey’s Axis” is already realizing a portion of this.

Now, security, foreign policy, economy, culture, and political tone may be deepened as a more systematic quest to serve this purpose. The foundations of comprehensive operations may be laid in this area.

If this is achieved, Turkey will change world’s axis

If this is achieved, Turkey may change the world’s axis. It can be done. Comprehensive, in-depth operations can be carried out within this context, and institutional foundations can be laid.

Turkey is a country that is capable of doing the impossible. It is a rising power. It may leave such a mark on the 21st century.

If we can awaken and activate this region, this zone, not only the region’s but the world’s power map will change.

We did it many times in history and we can do it again. We will do it again.


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