From 'torture centers' and 'CIA jets', to Salman and Zayed's murder of Jamal Khashoggi... Stop these two evil men!

Immediately after the invasion of Iraq, CIA-affiliated "torture centers" were established in dozens of countries across the world. These were slave camps that were formed with secret agreements and spread from South Asia to Africa and the deserts of the Middle East. Action was taken in the name of fighting terrorism and hundreds of people from around the world were abducted and brought to these camps. Then, no news could be received from any of these people. None of them were able to leave those centers alive.

This traffic was being run by the "CIA's torture jets." Maybe hundreds of people were transported somewhere on these jets, and then no news could be received from any of them ever again. "Slave trade" was being conducted and perhaps great amounts of money were being circulated in this trade.

We informed and encountered very heavy threats

I believe I am the first person who disclosed the "torture centers" and discussed them. As a matter of fact, when the tankers in the Pacific were being smuggled by "pirates," I was the first person to write, "No, it is the CIA smuggling them, these ships are being used as prisons, they roam in open seas, where there is no international law, as torture centers and prisons." I was also one of the few who provided the most information to the world about the "CIA's torture jets." I remember, I had encountered very heavy attacks and threats for writing and discussing these matters.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Israel partnership murder planes

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi's "disappearance" or "murder" at Saudi Arabia's Istanbul consulate, or his being taken from there dead or alive is like a part of this traffic. The way it was done, the mastermind behind it, the jets used, the methods applied are so similar that it seems like someone is restarting the "torture jets" traffic again.

Gulfstream planes were being used then too. As a matter of fact, we even published their tail numbers. Now I see that a similar incident is taking place, done again with Gulfstream planes, and we are once again publishing tail numbers and flight maps.

The jets going to Riyadh, Cairo and Dubai after leaving Turkey shows us that a joint operation was carried out in Istanbul, that Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are involved, that CIA jets and Israeli intelligence methods are being used and that the Israeli intelligence likely leads the intelligence of the three countries.

Instructions were directly from Salman and Zayed

However, these countries, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE, messed it up. They could not do the job as well as their boss. They gave themselves away in the implementation of the plan. The planes, the names of the passengers onboard, the black vehicles coming to the consulate, the boxes loaded on to a black pick-up truck actually reveals everything.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, these two out-of-control men who have assumed the role of spreading anti-Turkey sentiment across the region, are directly responsible for the Jamal Khashoggi incident. Orders, instructions, decisions were given by them both, and the abduction or murder took place in accordance with their instructions. It is likely that Israeli and Egyptian intelligence were paid a hefty amount of money for this job.

Both leaders have become 'terror barons' throughout the region: Their target is Turkey and Erdoğan

It is a known fact that Salman and Zayed are under the control of U.S.-Israeli intelligence, that a destruction project targeting the entire region is being applied through them, that civil war scenarios are being planned, that terrorist organizations are being funded through these two, that an anti-Turkey and anti-Erdoğan axis is established through them both, that this axis is the greatest supporter of the terror corridor in northern Syria, that they are involved in the July 15, 2016 coup attempt in Turkey, that afterward they accelerated the new "opposition" and "intervention" scenarios in Turkey, that they use covert operation and assassination methods, that they have undertaken the regional responsibility of Western plots aimed at toppling President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and that they use very dirty methods to achieve these aims.

Expect other developments that will make the 'picture' clear

I do not think the Khashoggi operation is limited to Saudi Arabia's internal matters, the opposition matter alone. It is probably the first and most concrete attempt of the goal aimed at directly building thick walls between Turkey and the Arab world. Then, there will be similar attempts after this. Before long, we will witness other developments that will show us the real picture, which will merge with the picture in the Khashoggi incident.

These two figures, who made agreements with the U.S. and Israel and sold out Jerusalem, the Palestinians, who made secret agreements for Mecca and Medina, who have undertaken all kinds of provocations for regional war, and whose enmity toward Turkey and Erdoğan has turned into a disease, must be charged with and tried for supporting terrorism, covert operations, murder, kidnapping and committing a war crime.

That 'axis' was planned against Turkey. Someone stop Salman and Zayed

The UAE-Saudi Arabia, Israel-Egypt axis that appears to be planned against Iran, but is actually planned against Turkey will, from now on, be behind every kind of evil in Turkey. The entire region has been taken hostage through Salman and Zayed. Our region must stop these two men. Because stopping them means stopping the U.S. and Israel.

While planning the Khashoggi murder, they designed the Arab media too. A superb outcry. Those who committed the murder are conducting a massive blackout. Interestingly, certain social media accounts in Turkey are also acting together with them. These circles are also responsible for murder, for that covert operation, and they must be carefully investigated. It is likely that they too have been financed.

The big trap was set against Saudi Arabia

But Salman and Zayed dropped the ball this time. All of their dirty works are going to be exposed. Some groups tried to present them as the new Arab leaders, and wanted to build a new wave of Arab nationalism. They wanted to transform the Arab/Muslim world through them. They wanted to take the heart of Islam hostage through them. Yet, the trap was set against the Arab nation, and it was set against Saudi Arabia. You will see in a year or two what this means.

Salman and Zayed's caprice, madness, their foolish idea that "we can do anything with money" is actually going to turn back and strike them. They are not going to have a good end. Regardless of how much they strive, how much they provoke people in the country, how much they commit murders and attempt assassinations, there is nothing they can do to Turkey.

The bid to topple Erdoğan is going to cost them big time

The "bid to topple Erdoğan" is going to cost them big time. They will see that their money can’t open every door.

The Khashoggi incident revealed the shortcomings of these two mad, spoiled men. They can no longer conceal themselves; the chance of "doing good things" no longer exists. Salman and Zayed are the region’s monuments of evil, and from now on, they will be the targets in every evil scenario.


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