Full partnership with Shanghai and BRICS: Why are all threats from the West? Turkey is not a country but a region

The hundreds of articles I wrote in the last two decades on the U.S., Israel, Neocons, Evangelists, the rising wave of fascism on both sides of the Atlantic, the collapse of our region, that great plan being applied step-by-step since the 1991 Gulf War to date, the 21st-century power struggles in our region, our centuries-long march to the West as Muslim Turks - along with our brothers and sisters who are with us - our reckonings with the West that continued throughout the Ottoman centuries, our new struggle to rise today a century after the fall of an empire, why the West sees us as a threat today and attempts attacks like the July 15 coup, in addition to hundreds more titles were generally shallowly and intentionally labeled as "anti-U.S. sentiment."

‘Blind ideological obsession’ and character assassination

My first article in Yeni Şafak daily was on the rise of Asia. I wrote hundreds of articles on global power shifts and their geopolitical outcomes. I started to discuss the 2008 crisis in 2006 and wrote that this was not an economic crisis, but that a geopolitical power shift started, that an extraordinary covert war was being fought and that this war was going to lead to destruction in certain regions.

I was one of those who was the first to write, first to bring up and draw attention to many discussions, covert global scale developments. I can give dozens of examples of this. The articles in question were accused of being "a blind ideological obsession" and I was faced with a character assassination through internal and external "operational" interventions. None of what I wrote was personal and I was one of those who were most careful in this country to avoid writing anything "personal."

This is not arrogance, I wasn't wrong… Speaking early is dangerous

I now see that all the politicians and journalists who opposed me in all this are talking and writing about the same things. These include those who tried to condemn and defame me back then are also. I saw very famous and very powerful people comment and analyze the change in Turkey and the world, but they were all forgotten in a few months’ time. However, those people occupied serious positions in decision-making institutions with their wrong and inappropriate interpretations.

They also knew how to make it seem like they were never wrong. The quick pro-U.S. and quick pro-EU figures have now become quick opposition. Because the majority of them determined their positions based on clichés instead of measuring the world and Turkey's general trends and spoke accordingly. Now they see that their conventions are of no use and that history is headed in a different direction. I hope they are able to see it clearly.

It is not arrogance that I say it openly. I was never wrong on these topics for the last 15 years at least. I only had "timing" problems; I am at the same place now as I was a decade ago, because a decade ago was still writing about what is happening today. Sometimes saying something early can cause serious problems.

Those unable to follow the silence cannot perceive on time

Those who drown in the conjuncture will become blind. Those who are unable to follow the silence cannot see anything in advance. It is not fame and relations that tell the truth but the style of observing and interpreting. Those who are able to look with a free view can make suggestions for the future, not those who look through the interests of their party, organization or religious group. Those who are able to interpret the future will learn how to walk on the right path, not those who are stuck in the present.

Surely I did not write all this to talk about myself. I want to emphasize Turkey's current state, its struggle, the path it is marching on, how the future will shape, the kinds of power shifts happening in the world, how the Atlantic circle lost world dominance after four centuries, how the rise in Asia will shape the world, why it has become an obligation for this nation to focus on the East too now after its centuries-long march to the West, and that we need strong claims with respect to the kind of statements, discourses, stance and march we need to determine after the deep systemic internal transformation and the breakup of power around the world.

Sly 'opposition' and grounds for 'intervention'

This is possible only by setting aside our prejudices and presumptions, and preventing our personal interests from blinding us. As the state is transforming, the nation is transforming, as the world is going through a deep tremor, as a new region and new world power map is taking shape, we are unable to see this "production" well enough.

While some are slyly forming the infrastructure for a new "opposition" and "intervention," while some are pursuing fame and fortune, while some are putting their personal interests above this great march, it seems as though there is not much room left for strong claims, strong statements and strong ideals.

But whether we like it or not, whether we neglect it or not, the direction Turkey and the world are headed is pretty obvious. Those who failed to produce these claims today will be mistaken again tomorrow. Turkey will reach those places despite their neglect. It is going to provide a new power rise; it is going to break the unilateral dependency on the West and join the power accumulation in the rest of the world; it is going to focus on the East as much as it does on the West.

At the same table with rising powers..Why are all the threats from the West?

Today, all the threats toward our country are from the West. Security threats, economic threats, technological embargoes, the covert attacks through terrorist organizations, overt attacks like the July 15 coup attempt are all from the West. It is again the West that identifies our country's power accumulation as an blatant threat for themselves. These are the U.S., Europe, Israel - which is in our region - and the Muslim countries under their control.

It was only last week that the U.S. threatened us with "sanctions." While the U.S., which threatens half of the world with sanctions, was doing this to Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was at the same table with the great rising powers of the world in South Africa. He was discussing global trade, the economy and power relations with BRICS countries. He was examining the center of the East-West showdown and trying to open the doors of a new world for Turkey.

Full partnership with Shanghai and BRICS: Turkey is not a country but a region

He was laying the foundations for partnership with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS. He was trying to steer Turkey to a massive economic and political sphere other than the U.S. and Europe - as a matter of fact, one that will soon leave even them behind - and show that the world does not consist of the Atlantic alone, regardless of how much the West shuts its doors. In his speeches, he reflected steps that put pressure on the global system, such as the joint market, new economic superstructures, the local exchange rate and credit institutions.

Turkey must become a full partner with both Shanghai and BRICS. Observe, those who stand against this are using the West's words; they want to limit Turkey on their behalf and are generally following a hidden agenda. BRICS countries, Shanghai partners and the Atlantic circle all very well know that Turkey is not limited to Turkey alone, that it is a region. Regardless of what anyone says, regardless of all the outdated statements that are repeated, it is impossible to stop a Turkey that is going to expand to all climates of the world.

An age that will produce geniuses in politics, economy, security and culture

Therefore, we need to raise our heads, clear our minds and hold on to strong statements, and great claims. Great struggles produce great political, economic and military geniuses. They produce great writers and intellectuals. They produce great poets and great artists. If the world is going through a period of chaos, if Turkey has started an extraordinary rising period, then it is time to mobilize for these great goals.

Make sure you set out on this path without any expectations. Do not expect to hear praise. Take your place among the founding generation of the new rise in history. Don't pay attention to what is happening around you, act on the homeland axis and focus on the past and the future. A new page is opening in the millennium-old history of Anatolia; make sure you take your place there.


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