G20: This is not a summit of reconciliation but of reckoning. We are in a disorderly world, whose axis has shifted. A ‘Turkey stance’ in our region and in the global domain… Erdoğan’s call is a challenge… The ‘Atlantic centuries’ have come to an end

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is in Argentina for the G20 summit. This summit, attended by global powers, the leaders of center countries that control the world, offers extraordinary signs to follow the power structurings and switches and the course of showdowns in the world, to observe the changes in countries’ positions, and follow bilateral and multilateral alliance relations.

The G20, in other words, the summit of the world’s bosses, is currently the highest decision-making or negotiation platform. We are in a disorderly, vulgar world, whose axis has shifted, where the international agreements of the UN and other supranational institutions and multilateral agreements are collapsing, where no solution or reconciliation attempt tried to date has succeeded, where even international practices have been reset, in which power showdowns alone are determining.

The most ruthless war is taking place here

We are living in a time when countries invest entirely in power, in the economic, political and military fields, in a time when values other than power are made insignificant, when showdowns among center countries impact the farthest coast/corner of the world. We are living in a time when countries equip themselves by going back to their own historical depths instead of supranational structures, carry their claims and theories to the present, and try to build a future from this.

The biggest war, the severest struggle is not the Syria war, the incidents in Iraq, terrorism, the crisis in Yemen or any other local crisis, but what is happening between those who determine the power domain of this global crisis. All the other local crises form the parts of this war that reflect on us, the parts that are promoted to us, and the parts that reflect abroad.

The only thing missing is power: This is where Turkey’s struggle is

In this context, no local crisis or terrorist attack is independent of this war. Our weaknesses, our incompetence or lack of know-how as the Muslim world is not the sole reason behind new invasion attempts, which are as destructive as the world war a century ago, that are concentrated in our region. We, who live in the heart, the central region of humanity, pay the price of every showdown in the central power domain with our blood, life, our countries turning into ruins, and our values being insulted.

The only thing we are missing is power. Our resistance against all this is low, because we have not been able to gain strength. This is the path Turkey has taken, this is what it is fighting for. It is striving to uphold humanitarian values, while seeking power at the same time.

Turkey is right in the middle of this showdown

This is why it is striving at G20 summits or other “tables” is not only Turkey’s struggle but also the region’s. This is why it faces the heaviest attacks, and in addition to the Atlantic-based attacks, counter-fronts are being built in its own region as well.

As a country that has negated all multinational scenarios to date, Turkey has developed its own regional and global power mentality. Its claims, goals and struggles are great. Since these are great, Turkey is right in the middle of the global power showdown.

The trade wars are a geopolitical fight

The summit in Argentina is being held at a time when trade wars are being blatantly played out. A new package is being put into effect every week in the hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth trade war between the U.S. and China. It is happening at a time when we are setting sail for new pursuits due to the economic attacks targeting Turkey.

There is an extraordinary trade war between "circles" or "power basins" such as EU countries, Latin America, the U.S., and Southeast Asia, and this is going to further escalate. Trade wars are not just economic issues. They are not just issues of resources and markets.

Trade wars are geopolitical fights, they are power showdowns.

This is a major challenge: 'Atlantic centuries' have come to an end

The next step, God forbid, is being dragged into a doomsday war. Surely such a situation will be a lot more destructive than the previous examples.

Because the world has never demonstrated such division; there were never so many new regional blocs; new countries were never added to central powers so quickly before, and there were never so many opponents, perhaps for the last four centuries, able to challenge the global domination of the Atlantic circle’s rise in power.

President Erdoğan's efforts to pave the way for trade with "national currency" by mentioning the "shackles of imperialism," his reiteration of these calls on several platforms, encouraging this in bilateral trade with certain countries, is the sign of being right in the middle of such a showdown, and this is a major challenge.

A 'Turkey stance' in our region and in the global domain

This political language is a revolutionary discourse that includes the change of the global power structure - it is a historic outburst. Just as we built a "Turkey stance" in our region, similarly, a "Turkey stance" has been built globally as well. From now on, this is how we will continue on our path. Hence, both domestic attacks and foreign ones will continue.

Saudi crown prince is in Argentina: Our country is the dirty axis' biggest target

There is no doubt that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will be the most discussed party of the summit in Argentina. We are face-to-face with a dire situation; the U.S. and Israel brought Salman to power in Riyadh and released him on the ground together with the United Arab Emirates's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, and made plans aimed at destroying the region through this duo.

The biggest aim of this dirty axis, which revealed itself through the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, is to limit Turkey. Thus, the Saudi crown prince is one of the representatives of all sorts of covert operations against our country, including the support of terrorism, including the funding the formation of opposition in the country.

Despite becoming a monument of hatred because of the Khashoggi murder, bin Salman still came to the G20 summit. Thus, an intense crown prince discussion awaits us at the Argentina summit.

The G20 summit is no longer a summit of reconciliation but of reckoning. It is not a summit to seek solutions for the global economic crisis, but to further ignite the global trade wars. It is a platform to further reveal the fight between powers, rather than produce a solution for the deadlock the world is in. This is not the aim, but this is the point reached, this is the destination.

We will be watching, just like you.


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