G7 crisis, West’s civil war: Turkey is going to surprise the world after June 24

Those who have been turning our region into a bloodbath for 40 years, saying, “Islam is going to battle in its own home,” are about to break into a fight in their own homes. When we say, “The West is going to battle among itself,” it is seen as rambling, but when they drag a large portion of the Muslim world, which forms the main axis of the earth, in to crises and then prepare to strike the final blow on Islam and Muslims’ sacred values, it is seen as normal!

The West can do it, the U.S. is powerful, they are right, the countries and people who are suffering are guilty, the countries of our region are guilty, we don’t have enough strength to stand up against them, we will bow down… Is that so!

No, that is not how it works... That is not the case at all. There is an extraordinary difference between reality and the picture shown to us. If this is how we perceive everything, we must first free our minds and remove the veil from our eyes.

It is impossible to liberate Turkey and the region before ensuring mental liberation. We can build a strong, assertive future only to the extent that we can understand Turkey’s great struggle, even the June 24 elections with a real picture that has become clear on the global scale.

The fight is among central powers: They are making deadly moves!

If you carefully observe what has been occurring in even the last few months from the U.S. to Korea, Germany to Italy, the U.K. to India, and from Russia to China, you can be informed about the world of the future. This is the only way you can decide on the economy, politics and social trends.

The world’s big problem is not the Middle East. This geography is the central region, hence all forces carry out their showdowns on these fronts. When doing this, they are trying to silence the strong voices of the Muslim world that raise their objections. But the real fight is among the central powers themselves. This is now a truth which reflects in the economy and geopolitical showdowns and can no longer be hidden.

Let us pay attention to the struggle between the U.K. and Russia. Let us pay attention to U.S.-Russia conflicts. Let us pay attention to the developments provoking Europe to clash with Russia. Let us pay attention to U.S. efforts to protect its power around China, and the power race in the Pacific taking on a fatal state. Let us pay attention to the China-Russia axis, the U.S. becoming lonely and perceived as a stray, dangerous force throughout the world, and the European Union’s central power domain now having collapsed…

The theory “The West is going to battle among itself” is not just an assertion

Let us pay attention to the U.S. and Europe being dragged into a democracy crisis now after the 2008 economic crisis, knowingly pushing human rights and democracy to the background, pushing aside all post-World War II gains, giving prominence to states’ historical claims, efforts to strengthen the central power domain, and making the strengthening of defense shields in the economic and security fields their sole aim.

Both the 2008 economic crisis and the current democracy and freedom crises are the West’s own dead end and problem. It is the central countries’ crisis, not the surrounding or rising powers. Let us pay attention to this.

“The West will battle among itself” is not a simple statement. The two great world wars that destroyed humanity broke out as the West’s internal wars. Those who prepared the project where Islam battles among itself will not have a chance to prevent the West from being dragged into yet another internal war.

How should we evaluate the G7 crisis? Is the Atlantic “center” collapsing?

Very critical conclusions should be drawn from the crisis at the G7 Summit in Canada. The U.S., which has drawn anger and hatred from across the globe, is this time, perhaps for the very first time, being rejected by Europe, which is under its tutelage. There are major objections.

The Washington administrations loutish actions have alarmed both Europe and the world. France’s suggestion of “a G6 without the U.S.” is not in vain. Germany’s obligation to lead efforts as Europe’s boss to escape from U.S. patronage is not a simple change or breaking point.

But the issue is beyond an internal Western crisis. Asian powers are rising with gigantic steps, gigantic objections. And they are all acting with the same fundamental idea regarding refusing the West’s global dominance. The West’s centuries-old theories of domination are collapsing one by one. The West is losing the world’s center, it is straying away from being the center, and it is being dragged into its own internal showdowns.

This is the biggest shift in power after Europe’s rise

This is not the biggest breaking point after World War I; it might conclude with the biggest breaking point since Europe’s rise took control of the world. If we consider it on the scale of civilizations, we may even say that history has reversed.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s efforts to increase dominance in the Pacific through “Korea peace” is desperation. The U.S., which previously sabotaged the union of the two Koreas, is now trying to unite them to build a stronger front against China. But regardless of what happens, the U.S. has long lost the support of the center of the world. Perhaps the U.S. will encounter major tremors during the Trump administration’s term.

Because when dong this, Trump will not have the strength to prevent some of Europe’s powerful countries under U.S. patronage from cooperating with Russia and China or to protect its backyard. While the U.S. builds new fronts around China and Russia, these countries are surprisingly increasing their powers with Europe and, sometimes they make serious interventions on problems in Europe.

After June 24, Turkey is going to be the country of great claims

We see a greater version of the polarization in Syria across all of the Middle East. We see the polarization in our region spread on a global scale, all the way from the Pacific to Atlantic shores. Now, this polarization stands out as a deep crack that will bury the Atlantic alliance. This is the meaning of the crisis at the G7 Summit.

After the June 24 election, Turkey is going to be one of the main actors of major showdowns, claims, and the struggle of powers. It is going to be the main determining country of our region. Due to its position in the East-West showdown, it is going to be the country that can change the center of gravity. We have no choice but to become a powerful country.

The moment we miss out on this possibility, that great showdown will divide this country into small pieces. We are on the most obvious fault line of the showdown of powers. In a region like this, we do not have the chance to remain standing by seeking refuge in or begging others.

Surprising country: We call this the turn of history

On the contrary, Turkey has drawn the right path and has accumulated extraordinary power for 15 years. This must continue. It has to. Turkey standing on its feet and accounts to build the region will bring the whole region to its senses. This has always been the case throughout history. This is why we must overcome June 24 in a sound manner. Because this election is not an internal policy issue, it is an election that is as important as the great struggle mentioned above. We had already spoke about this in the July 15 multinational attack.

“The West is going to battle among itself” is the world’s most important issue today. It is a signal of the “third great Western internal war.” What kind of future is humanity headed toward, which powers will be wiped from the history stage, which countries will rise, and how will the world’s center of gravity change? How will this affect you, what kind of preparations should Turkey make and how much more should it strengthen itself? These are the questions we need to seek answers to.

I am talking about great projects, great claims, great statements, and great struggles. After the election, Turkey is going to become one of the world’s most surprising, most fascinating countries. This is what we call the turn of history.


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