Gather at the thousand-year-old front for Islam, for patriotism… This is the power shift of four centuries!

What kind of Turkey should there be after June 24? Or, what kind of Turkey must there be? What kind of Turkey becomes obligatory due to the form both the region and the world are about to take? What will the results of the June 24 election signify for us?

Where is the world going to, what kind of preparations are countries making, what shape is Europe taking, where will the U.S.’s excessiveness drag the world and what kind of state will the economic war between the rising powers in the East and the U.S. and its axis take?

While security strategies have become the sole priority of countries, while every country is strengthening their defense shields, while a new front opens weekly in our region, while war is grabbling at our coasts step by step, while the Eastern Mediterranean is being dragged into being the world’s hottest combat zone, while we are making an extraordinary effort to defend ourselves a little beyond our borders after the cut-throat domestic struggle and while a storm that will surround the whole world is activating the earth’s fault lines, what kind of Turkey will we build?

Do not believe these men who are incapable of evaluating the world!

What kind of Turkey should we prepare for? How will we escape that storm, what’s more, how will we use that storm to our advantage and how will we grow, strengthen and prepare Turkey for the future during this great transformation?

Whether you believe it or not, whether you accept it or not, or whether you think of it as a product of the imagination; the world is drifting toward worse places than pre-World War II. There is an extraordinary accumulation of stress and it is difficult to predict where this will erupt. Do not let the clashes, the regional war investments in the Middle East limit you.

East Europe, inside Europe itself, South Asia, the Pacific region and Central Africa are going to experience very serious fractures; a conflict line that spans the East and the far ends of the West is going to take shape. Some think this is fear paranoia, they think it is an attempt to influence the masses by spreading fear. Those same people are incapable of evaluating the world, they cannot go beyond discussing what exists and are unable to see the next step.

Those who want a Syria war knew the target is Turkey…

What is difficult is to be able to predict what will come toward us. None of what we experienced in the last five years could be predicted five years ago. Those who spoke of such matters were accused of imagining things. It was normal for those who are unable to grasp that the world is going through an extraordinary state to think as such. We experienced grave traumas and paid a heavy price because we could not know this, because we thought everything run within the frame of their own rules.

July 15 could not be predicted a week in advance, but it happened. Our country being sieged from the north of Syria could not be predicted. It was only understood five years later that the Syria war was planned to establish a “Turkey front”. It could not be comprehended that those who cooperated with multinational invasion forces and destroyed Iraq and Syria were actually eyeing Turkey, that they planned to destroy Turkey in the third phase, that certain ethnic circles are working together with these forces under an “Islamist/conservative” appearance and that those circles are staunch advocates of the Syria war.

Toppling Erdoğan, stopping Turkey: The treachery continues

Unfortunately, some of those who should be part of the backbone that needs to protect this country became the leaders of the multinational invasion in the entire region. These groups are continuing today as the secret partners of multinational projects such as “Destroying Turkey” and “Toppling President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.” If we had said all this a few years ago, we would have been accused of treachery and our homes and workplaces would have been raided. Today, the same danger still exists.

But we will continue to discuss beyond what is memorized. We will take risks, we will push our minds, we will anger some and we will free the way we read the world from those memorizations and try to see it in its reality. We will continue to look at Turkey and the world from Anatolia, from the cities of this region, from the millennium-old tradition, to interpret the changes in the map of powers from here, to see the next step ahead like this and to form resistance lines for our country.

Be ready to discuss Mecca and Medina

It won’t be long, in a couple of years, dozens of fronts will open all from Europe to the Middle East, all the way to the far corners of Africa to Asia. Know this, be ready for this. We are all responsible for preparing Turkey for this in a state of mobilization. Economic, geopolitical and identity wars are going to hit cities. Crises will grow one after the other from the central cities of Europe to the borders of the Muslim world, and as a matter of fact, all the way to its heart.

We who are discussing Jerusalem today will in a few years discuss all of Islam’s sacred values, the Kaaba, Medina and Mecca because of a couple of dimwits in the region – take note of this. We are going to be the ones left to defend these cities, these centers, never forget.

Conservative intelligentsia have said nothing about the last three decades

The great strategy, the plan, the project that has been targeting us and our region since 1991 could not be fully comprehended. They were always perceived as various problems. Some know-it-all men, writers, leaders deceived the people with their shallow, narrow paradigms, writings and words. They dragged the whole nation behind their own mistakes, their own lack of comprehension.

The project became Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria or Libya. It became terrorism and radical Islam. The intelligentsia of this country has been discussing these alone for the last three decades, they could not open a single area of discussion other than the agenda placed in front of them. They tried to produce “ideas” about whatever was presented.

Yet, these were not ideas, they were the promotion of that great invasion project in this region. Until today, it was always the Western intelligentsia who were blamed. But the Islamist, conservative intelligentsia have been unable to form a single sane sentence about the last three decades, determine a stance or produce a language that will shake the region.

Intelligentsia who don’t know how to fight cannot tell us anything

Yet, they were the ones who should have spoken the most, stood out the most and started a great showdown. Pardon me, but the majority of them snuck away and some thought it was a favor or sign of enlightenment to receive a project. Intelligentsia who do not know how to fight cannot say anything for this region or Turkey. Let it be known.

It could not be comprehended that what we experienced piece by piece, country by country were the elements of a single plan. Many politicians, statesmen and prime ministers fell into this trap. Our country’s intelligentsia, writers and opinion leaders fell into this trap.

Today, some political parties, leaders and cadres preparing for the election are falling into the same trap as people who should be held subject to a very serious patriotism test. Some are unable to see the big plan, some are seeking power as part of that big plan.

This is a shift of power never seen for centuries, be careful!

But the issue is very big… We are experiencing one of the greatest breaking points of political history. These are fractures in the world war periods. These are like the times in which history took a turn. The political cadres that understand the big change and the fracture today are going to build the future. They are going to be the ones to shape the future, not those who speak from memory and reiterate remnants of the old world.

In today’s world, agreements, practices and supranational structures are all destroyed. The global power has been annihilated. The West is in the final stages of its centuries-old sovereignty. The East is putting an end to the silence of centuries and is amid a great rising.

The world’s equilibrium is about to change as if north and south are changing place. This world, which has experienced two big world wars in the 20th century alone, is experiencing a power shift like we have not seen for centuries.

June 24 is the last election in which those memorizations will be used up

Therefore, we need to radically change our words, claims, stance, our view of ourselves and the world. We have to change everything we know and memorized and discover new things. We will exist as much as we can see the world of the future.

The statements we make in the streets today before the election will not take us anywhere. We see that some of our political parties are far from knowing this, that they do not feel the need for such a search and responsibility and that they are candidates for Turkey with truths memorized within the frame of multinational scenarios.

There is no longer such a world. Perhaps June 24 will be the last election in which such memorizations will be used up. After that date, you will see everyone use a different language, distance themselves as much as possible from their current position, face the painful results of the world’s realities and political theories and languages become history.

This is today’s Islam, today’s patriotism! Gather at the thousand-year-old front

We are talking about the total attacks of the West on the Muslim world. An intervention aimed at destroying the religion itself rather than Muslims has started. This is a destruction operation. It is an attempt to destroy the region, countries, their values and history. Those who have not yet understood this and are still establishing partnerships with them are betraying centuries of history and the entire region.

Human rights agreements and democratic values no longer signify anything against the terrifying truths of the new world. All the areas of conflict of the past are reopening, bringing all the claims to the present and updating all enmities. Everybody is taking defense from their own position.

This is the way of Alpaslan, Kılıçarslan and Saladin

It is our duty to strengthen the defense shields in Alpaslan, Kılıçarslan, Saladin, Fatih, Yavuz, Kanuni and Abdülhamid II’s position. This is today’s biggest cause. This is what patriotism, Islam and humanity is today.

June 24 is a turn in history for Turkey. It is one of the most imperative intersections of a nation’s centuries-old march. Regardless of who you are or what party you belong to, this great truth is in front of us. There is nothing beyond this.


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