Gaza, ISIL, Ekmel and the British scent… - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Gaza, ISIL, Ekmel and the British scent…

Every night, in the time between iftar(the evening meal during Ramadan) and sahur(meal before dawn during Ramadan), systematic airstrikes are carried out on Gaza. This is the continuation of Israel''s attacks, which we are acquainted with and have been witnessing for years, which feed hatred, and in which every kind of ugliness is tried. Airstrikes are the messengers of ground attacks. Received signals are pointing towards preparations made in this manner. Yesterday a vehicle had been blown up by a missile attack and one of the commanders of Izzeddin El Kassam had lost his life.

This was one of the examples of the assassinations previously directed at leaders of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmet Yasin and Abdülaziz Rantisi. We are witnessing a new Israel operation, which is covered with air, ground, water attacks and assassinations.

Once again, these attacks are moving parallel with racist attacks. A Palestinian youngster becomes kidnapped, drinks gasoline by force and is set on fire to burn alive. This is called a settler attack. The question marks on the death of three Israeli youths prior to this incident should be evaluated with care.

Actually, there is no such thing as a settler attack. The Israeli state had fermented a racist generation in these accommodation units. Now they are surfacing and carrying out attacks like Neo-Nazis. This is a generation that chants, ''Killing and burning an Arab is an honor'' and receives applause. I''m afraid this generation will have an expanding impact on the Israeli society and we will be encountering more dire situations.

Gaza attacks are just a screening.

Let''s take a wider glance at these recent incidents. Why did Israel start an attack on Gaza out of the blue? Why are they preparing for a ground attack? What''s behind the Gaza attacks?

On the surface, there are no reasons for Israel''s attack. At least there are none that can be taken seriously. This is a surprising situation and even Israel authorities are unable to present a reason. Then what''s happening in this region?

1- Gaza attacks are a screening. There might be a worry of slacking off on regional plans, such as Gaza, as Syria-Iraq''s joint operations are attracting most of Turkey''s and the region''s attention.

2- There might be two sides to the incident: The Egyptian-Israeli joint operation aiming to interrupt Palestine''s union, and in the new regional equation, Israel''s taking a position with the traditional authoritative regimes.

3- Egypt had gone back to the Mubarak era. They had become an intelligence state once again. Egypt and Israel intelligence agencies had directed the civil war in Palestine together. Hamas-El Fatih wars were the joint operation of Egypt''s intelligence and Mossad. They might restart the civil war in Palestine, might want to sabotage the unity and the same scenario might be repeated.

4- Gaza had been blockaded by Egypt also. Israel is also involved in this. Borders are inspected together. In order to choke Hamas, we will witness that Egypt will do its part in Israel''s Gaza attacks after a short while.

5- Personally, I wasn''t surprised with the attacks on Gaza. I was thinking that this might happen in the new regional conjuncture that is trying to be established. Because, Gaza and Southern Lebanon are test fields, conflict zones, a position. When Iran beats on the drums, the sound comes from Lebanon. Israel will answer from there and touch Gaza''s pains in order to adjust the Arabs.

6- Gaza and Southern Lebanon are the fault lines of this region. Wherever mobility happens in the region, the results will show up in these two regions. Someone always has a hand on this: This hand is either Iran''s or Israel''s or Saudi-Gulf''s.

7- The multicultural coup that chokes democracy in Egypt, the isolation of the opposing side in Syria, ISIL''s advance in Iraq towards being a regional power and getting rid of Syrian-Iraqi borders had created an amazing operation field for Israel. Israel knows that no matter what they do in this environment, they won''t face any reactions.

After centuries, maps are being redrawn.

8- Saudi Arabia''s and Israel''s theses on the division of Iraq are overlapping. On the other hand, on the topic of starting a sectarian war, Iran''s, Saudi Arabia''s and Israel''s theses are coinciding.

9- Shattered Iraq and Syria is equal to an outstanding movement field for Israel. Especially, a regional war fictionalized on sect identities means Israel reaching a power easily, which they cannot get even through years of struggle, via this sectarian clash, they organized through Iranian and Saudi Arabian organizations.

10- I don''t know if there is any need to mention that the will power, which tied up Turkey with the Embassy raid, is involved in these calculations. However, if a game is being played, then it is being played throughout the region. If one of the fronts of this scenario is Iraq, then the others are Syria and Gaza.

11- The Arab spring in Egypt had come to an end with dictatorship. In Syria and Iraq, micro state formulas are being dwelled on. Iran and Saudi Arabia are locked on the historical Persian-Arabian rivalry. States are shattering. New states are coming to surface. Maps are being redrawn after centuries.

12- We, as Turkey, being a nation that had lost an empire to this scenario, cannot put up with this shattering, dispersion once again.

13- We know this; whoever had divided this geography a hundred years ago, now he/she is doing it for the second time and this time is dividing the geography into tinier bits. All identities, all colors are transformed into differentiation theses. However, after a century, we don''t have the intention of losing. We shouldn''t have.

Gaza is being bombarded. Aleppo is being bombarded. Every part of Iraq is being bombarded. Some people have been trying to bomb Ankara for the last year. In your opinion, aren''t these all works of the same will power?

Where do you think this man, who had said, ''Opening doors to Syrians was a mistake'', ''We should stay neutral on the Palestine issue'' and sent smiles to Sisi, stands in this game?

Some people are trying to deceive us with British imperialist projects once again.

Gaza, ISIL, new political calculations in Turkey…

They all have the British scent…


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