Germany now a ‘breeding country’ for far-right terrorism, Islamophobia Is there a shift from ‘arson’ to an era of massacres? Its intelligence services carries them out, covers them up through racists! Was the far-right controlled by Germany’s John Bass? Federal Prosecution will close this case too. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Germany now a ‘breeding country’ for far-right terrorism, Islamophobia Is there a shift from ‘arson’ to an era of massacres? Its intelligence services carries them out, covers them up through racists! Was the far-right controlled by Germany’s John Bass? Federal Prosecution will close this case too.

Far-right terrorism in Germany – now the center of Islamophobia – that has been quiet for some time broke out again. This time, they are back with massacres rather than arson. In Hanau, Turks and Muslims were targeted by terrorism once more. As many as 10 people were killed, five of them Turks.

Strangely enough, this attack occurred straight after German intelligence collapsed a far-right cell, the escalation of mosque attacks, and calls for greater security to religious institutions.

Interesting timing: Is the far-right controlled by Germany’s John Bass!

Strangely enough, this attack occurred simultaneous with the appointment of U.S. Ambassador to Berlin Richard Grenell, who is said to have control over Germany’s far-right, as U.S. intelligence chief.

This reminded me of John Bass, who was appointed from Ankara to Afghanistan, and who made a horrific statement just before he left, saying: “If Daesh is not attacking Turkey it is thanks to us.” Because Bass was one of the critical names behind Daesh attacks and the July 15, 2016 invasion attempt.

Merkel: This is a poison…But not this much

This also reminded me of how the start of the Ergenekon operations in Turkey and the start of the systemic attacks on Turks in Germany coincided on the same date. Should we think that, in the event these attacks continue, something will happen in Turkey as well?

Unfortunately, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement, “Racism is poison; hatred is a poison; this poison is present in our society,” is right. It is not only present in Germany but Europe is the homeland of racism and anti-Semitism, and this poison exists in most EU countries. “Islamophobia,” which is an invention of the 21st century, was produced in Israel and the U.S. and has chosen Europe as its homeland.

Germany turned into ‘breeding country’ for far-right, Islamophobia

However, Merkel must also know that this issue is not that simple. Islamophobia was produced by the Israeli far-right and, first spread through the U.S., then throughout all of Europe. Due to its weakness owing to its Nazi history, Germany was chosen as the most suitable “breeding country” for this doctrine.

They are the ones implementing the “anti-Islamist terrorism” doctrine as the global-scale war against Islam policy. Countries have been invaded in this context, open and covert wars have been started against Muslims all across the globe – and they are still ongoing. Its own weaknesses exploited, Germany has become one of the most serious security bases in this war.

Strengthening far-right, Islamophobia is a state policy

The far-right and Islamophobia are being strengthened in Europe as a state policy. The far-right is set to accumulate power, Islamophobia is being carried out within the context of the war against Islam policy.

Building power, strengthening the central power domains, empowering defense shields, are the most powerful inclination at the global scale, and all countries are under the impact of this influence. Because every country is seeking ways to safely escape the great storm that is approaching.

Some countries achieve this with powerful leaders, like Turkey, Russia, the U.S. (U.S. President Donald Trump is still attempting this), China and India. However, countries that are unable to bring forth powerful strong leaders, which is most apparent especially in Europe, are seeking to transform social power to state power by means of breeding the far-right.

The principle in all of these is to exclude “the other,” to remove them from the country. Because “the other” is considered an area of weakness. Europe no longer has concerns such as democracy, human rights, freedoms. Europe no longer prioritizes “coexistence.” They were post-World War II values and have been long abandoned.

More than 100 arson cases: ‘burning to death’ is synonymous with Germany

Let us go back to Germany and repeat some notes from the past:

An apartment in Backnang, located near Stuttgart. In the fire that broke out that night, mother Nazlı Özkan (40), Hatice Oruç (17), Yılmaz Soykan (14), Abdülkadir Soykan (8), İzzet Soykan (7), Yasin Soykan (6), Ahmet Soykan (3), and 6-month-old Murat Soykan lost their lives.

Feb. 2, 2008: A tragedy that surpassed the Solingen disaster took place in Ludwigshafen. Fifty experts worked for four weeks with respect to the incident in which nine people, five of them children, died. They could reach one conclusion only: it was arson.

From Solingen to Ludwigshafen, Germany has a history of burning to death. “Burning” seems to stick with Germany like a “label.”

German Federal Prosecution closed cases one by one. Apparently, there’s no evidence!

Strange fires start in apartments that are generally resided by Turks, children die, their corpses are brought to Turkey, both countries make calming statements, the media and civil society organizations do not question the fires in the true sense, German police’s efforts always remain inconclusive, while German prosecution closes the cases one by one.

This is the way it has always been until now. Hundreds of homes were set on fire or burned down. We never saw any conclusion that surprised us, relieved us or eliminated the question marks in our heads. None of the thousands of street cameras had recorded footage of hundreds of homes being set on fire!

Later, German authorities bypassed even the likelihood of “arsony” As they failed to solve the attack in Ludwigshafen, similarly, they could not solve any of the serial attacks that followed it.

German deep state perpetrates, Camouflages with far-right

Arson incidents further boomed after Feb. 2. It went beyond German borders, extending to Austria, to Vienna. In a fire that started on Feb. 4, in a building resided by Turks, 16 people were wounded. In another fire that started elsewhere on the same night, five people were wounded. A fire started in a Turkish family’s home in Baden-Württemberg.

In a fire that started Feb. 16 in Gelsenkirchen city of North Rhine Westphalia, seven Turkish citizens were wounded. A six-level building was set to fire in Pforzheim. In 24 days, fires started in 17 different regions resided by Turks. The attacks continue. In 2008, the rate of arson incidents increased almost 100 percent.

A deep state organization, a systemic force, is carrying out covert operations on the German internal and outside policy axis; it was camouflaging these operations with far-right gangs. That was my opinion. It still is.

Arson replaced by massacre. Seems like they’re changing methods

My opinion is further solidified upon the German Federation Prosecution’s failure to find an eyewitness, or camera footage during its “deep” investigations regarding the incident. Eventually, the prosecutor organized a press conference and said, “evidence could not be found,” and the cases were closed.

The fires were not suspicious, ordinary incidents. Neither the investigations carried out to date nor their outcomes have been convincing. Doner kebab-seller murders, the German intelligence connections in the murders were not ordinary.

In the past, racist attacks would happen in the streets. Then, the words and actions of state officials started to provoke the streets in this way. Now, the fires are being replaced by massacres. It is claimed that if German security units do not conduct an operation in advance, a massacre similar to that which took place in New Zealand will be carried out. The last attack was made by a member of the cell they failed to detain.

This case will be closed too.


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