Go to the ballot box and cast your votes for the ‘Turkey axis’… This is the call of the country, the century!

Today is our last day to decide about Turkey. The decision we make, our choice, is not, in the strict sense, an election decision, and it is not limited to which party we are going to vote for. We are going to decide for a country, a homeland, a region, a future; we are going to make a choice for a resurgence.

We are going to decide about the struggles we put up throughout the century, about the kind of country we are going to build from now on, about what Anatolia has experienced for the last two centuries, about the scenarios to shrink our country, about civil war scenarios such as the July 15 coup attempt.

We are going to decide about how we are going to continue the tradition of the Seljuks, Ottomans and Turkish Republic, the continuity of states for another century and the centuries to come, how we are going to reflect that political gene onto the entire region, and how we are going to confront the threats heaped up on our border like in Çanakkale.

Never forget, this is the last stage of the march of the century

In spite of those who tell us, “Turkey is too big, it must be shrunk,” those who attack for this purpose, those who mobilize the world to “stop Turkey” because they are afraid of us, those who pass around drafts of maps from table to table, those who confuse our people’s minds through their internal partners, this is going to be our last opportunity for the defiance that will make Turkey grow even bigger, that will place our own maps on the table, that will build a new geography. We are in the last stage of the march of the century that we have been sustaining for 15 years. We are tasked with moving this country forward, preparing the pledges that were left for us for the next step. This historical debt is on our shoulders. We are in the final stage of realizing the promise we shouldered like the oaths of our martyrs and future generations.

Do not give those who want to shrink this country an opportunity, we are going to rise

The greatest revolution in the history of the Turkish Republic, the leap of history, the dreams of those who established this country are coming true with all the goals and dreams of the future. The cry in the notebook of a Turkish soldier, who was martyred in the 1917 Gaza wars, “Do not pray for us, revenge, oh revenge,” is perhaps heard and felt so strongly for the first time.

The biggest rising period is starting after a century. We are witnessing the ill-fated winds that have been blowing for the last three centuries blow in the opposite direction. We now see them regress as we rise. We see that right at this point, all projects aimed at destroying our confidence, shaking our faith, dimming our future, stopping us, shrinking this country with their internal partners are being implemented one after the other.

Our minds alive, our fists clenched, we are going to blow their minds

They struck us with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), they struck us with the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ); they tried to attack directly, break out a civil war and made numerous coup attempts. They activated all their partners on the inside, they used all of them to stop Turkey. They knew that toppling President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan meant stopping Turkey. Thus, including assassination, they established multinational fronts to overthrow him. But they could not topple him. They weren’t able to stop this country.

We didn’t fear, we didn’t worry, we showed no concern, we didn’t stumble or go weak at the knees, and our voices did not shake. We made stronger statements, we made greater challenges, we became more united, we hung on to bigger claims, and we kept our minds alive and fists tight.

We have won so far. Our people always supported this great march, this rise with the millennium-old foresight of these lands and, from time to time, they stood out more than all of us, they changed the world’s political history on the night of July 15, shook the power map, blew the West’s mind and drove the knife in the betrayal networks on the inside of the country.

No stepping back, we are going to continue, we are the ones going to strike

The internal interventions were all foreign interventions; the front built in Syria’s north was a preparation to break out a Turkey war. Those who failed on July 15 were getting ready for war, they were preparing for a siege from Syria and Iraq. The U.S. was there, Israel was there, Europe was there, the PKK and FETÖ were there, and a few confused fools were also there.

We saw, we understood, we comprehended. We did not shift to defense, we did not withdraw. We struck with the Euphrates Shield Operation, we hit with the Afrin operation, and recently, we are striking again with the multinational intervention front with the Qandil operation. We are going to continue after the June 24 elections. The entire anti-Turkey front between Iran and the Mediterranean is going to be collapsed; the multinational scenario positioned in those areas is going to blow up in their faces.

Strong state, strong nation, strong memory, strong future

After June 24, Turkey is going to be discussed globally, not locally. The world is going to witness a surprising rise of power. Following June 24, it is no longer going to be possible to defeat this country. We are going to be ones writing the scenarios, not them. We are going to build the geography, not them. While they are at each other’s throats, we are going to build the power of centuries. We are going to show the entire world a country that shines with the vision of a strong state, strong nation, strong memory.

Do not fall for petty words, petty plans, minor resentments, small tantrums, political discourses and leaders that lack vision, clowns and project factions. Do not give credit to secret FETÖ members, crypto PKK members, and the disinformation of U.S.-Europe intelligence tools. Think along the lines of the homeland axis, decide along the lines of the history axis and the axis of Turkey’s future. Let us successfully pass this country’s biggest test of the 21st century and let our paths be cleared.

They are waiting hopefully thinking, ‘If Erdoğan falls, Turkey will fall’

If Erdoğan falls, the country will fall. This truly is how it is. The U.S. knows this, Israel knows this, the forces behind the July 15 coup attempt know this, those who sent assassins to Marmaris know this, and those who are trying to completely siege Turkey know this. Why shouldn’t we know it?

Why should we forget, why should we be so blind?

We are the children of a great empire spread across three continents. We have been forced to live in pain, without a homeland, under oppression, left in need and without protection for two centuries. We managed to overcome the 21st century by seeking refuge in an Anatolian state. But we have never resigned—and never will--to the fate assigned to us.

We are no longer going to remain standing by begging, or by seeking refuge in other powers.

We are now the Seljuks, the Ottomans, the Turkish Republic, we are all of these

We are not going to spend the 21st century seeking their approval. We carried that strong political gene to this century, we are now going to march with that. We are now the Seljuks, the Ottomans, the Turkish Republic, we are all of these. This is how the world will know us, this is how it has to accept us. We are the continuation of these three states, these three legacies; we are the founding generation of that future.

June 24 is not an election, it is the final stage of this great change. This is a homeland axis. It is beyond all political identities. It is much beyond party identities. It is much beyond personal plans. We are on the eve of a great decision to avoid sacrificing the future, the destiny of this country.

Go to the ballot box and cast your vote for the ‘Turkey axis’

If we lose, we will lose the century. If we lose, we will shrink Turkey. If we lose, we will miss history, we will miss this big opportunity.

Thus, take a stand for Turkey tomorrow, line up, and take your place on the homeland axis. Act with your rationality, your conscience, your foresight. Go to the ballots, vote for Turkey’s future, vote for the ‘Turkey axis.’ There is no other “local” plan greater than this.


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